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Where to Buy Power Tour Electric Guitar for Kids

Kid Jumping with GuitarAbout Power Tour Electric Guitar

Attention Parents - is your kid an aspiring rock star?

Well, Hasbro and Gibson guitar have teamed up to create the "best invention since the wheel" as far as learning the electric guitar is concerned.

It's called "Power Tour Electric Guitar" and is kind of a mixture of a toy and the real thing. It's the best instrument I've ever seen for learning to play the guitar - which is not exactly an easy thing to learn.

Here's why I think this product is so great: If you've ever attempted to learn to play the guitar - whether successful at it or not - you probably know that there is quite a steep learning curve involved. There's a lot to figure out right from the start, including what the notes are and where they are compared to the other notes, where to press the strings to make the right tones, how the fingerboard works, how to strum with and without a pick - all at the same time, and that's really just the beginning.
Cartoon Kid With Guitar
What the guitar does is undercut the difficulty and simplify the learning process quite a bit, drilling the child where to put fingers to play the right notes and strumming and does this all with touch sensors. It also helps the child to slow down on the playing until he/she has it right before moving on. It's a gradual learning process, without throwing it all into the same "learning pot" at the same time. Pretty cool. For full info on what it is exactly and how it works you can go here:

Visit the Power Tour Electric Guitar for Kids Review

The Guitar was released in September of 2007 and - in my opinion - is the most exciting thing to happen in the music toy market for a long time. If you have a child between the ages of about 9 to 13 or so who is interested in the electric guitar, I think you might agree. :)

Where to buy it:

The best prices I've seen are and The guitar (as of this writing) runs between $60 and $70, and there is an amp you can buy as well, which sells for around $40. I have seen the prices fluctuating somewhat in both of these places and I expect that they will continue to change, at least some.

Price it at Power Tour Electric Guitar, Black

Price it at
Power Tour Guitars and Amp

As a note, I'm excited about the release of the power tour guitar, and quite impressed with the amount of thought and detail that went into it. It's truly a great idea, and I believe that it will be very popular once people catch wind of it!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Where to Buy Webkinz

Webkinz LogoThis is a fairly common question: "Where to buy Webkinz?"

There are a number of answers, but generally speaking they're
not very easy to find. You can't just drop by your neighborhood Wal-Mart or Target store and expect to find them -- at least I haven't been able to, and believe me I've looked.

There are local specialty stores that carry them, especially in larger cities, but the easiest and most cost-effective way to get them is on the web.

Webkinz, as of this writing, are THE most popular toys and are a collection item for many adults as well.

The best places to buy them that I have found are Amazon and eBay. In both of these places, you will likely find the best prices available, and the products are great. (Just make sure to check out the ratings and/or credentials of the sellers.)

Click here to view Webkinz on Ebay

Click Here to View Webkinz on Amazon

New! Webkinz Have Just Arrived at!

If you have trouble finding what you want there, or if you just don't like buying from those companies for some reason, you can try They have a great selection of Webkinz, and have decent prices as well:

Click Here! New Webkinz Shipment Just Arrived $9.99 & up.

Webkinz Cheeky Dog
Now for those of you who are aware of the fact that several of the Webkinz toys have been "retired" (gone out of production and have become collector's items) you might know about the popularity of an adorable creature called "Cheeky Dog". Of all the retired webkinz, this one is the most in demand. I've created a web page on the subject of where to find him, and you can view that here:

Webkinz Cheeky Dog Center

I will be writing more on the subject of Webkinz in other places, and as time goes on I will keep this post updated.

Happy Webkinz Hunting!

Tonya B.

September 2007 Update:

Here's a great place to find the entire Retired Webkinz line, with full pricing information and online shopping for the best prices available:

Retired Webkinz - Where Are They Now?


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