Friday, October 31, 2008

Kids Preferred Amazing Baby Musical Instrument Set - Where to Buy and More

Kids Preferred Amazing Baby Musical Instrument SetAbout Kids Preferred Amazing Baby Musical Instrument Set - by Lamaze

(*Listed #1 in the Top Baby Toys for the Holidays 2008 and into 2009.)

OK, let's talk baby toys. We (parents) all want toys for our babies that have a number of important features:
  • Safety (#1)
  • Fun
  • Developmental - so that baby is reaching out into the world and doing his/her first learning with sounds and fun colors that are interesting.
The Kids Preferred Amazing Baby Musical Instrument set by Lamaze has all of those very important features and quite a few more - It comes with 4 instruments - a tambourine (soft-sided for safety), a musical snail (plays "You are My Sunshine"!), fish maraca and a kitty castanet.

All of the instruments are specially sized for little babies' hands, are easy to play with and are quite entertaining!

The Kids Preferred Amazing Baby Musical Instrument Set is for babies 1-24 months, and is (from what I've seen) one of the best choices for baby gifts - if you're looking for a present for a baby shower, Christmas, or a "just because" gift for a very little one, this is an excellent choice - I recommend it highly. :)

Retail price: Around $25.00 online

Where to Buy the Kids Preferred Amazing Baby Musical Instrument Set: My first choice is - usually there is a markdown on the price, and shopping is always secure with good service.

Shopping for babies is fun! - I hope that this information helps make it easier too!

All for now -

Tonya B.

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Bakugan Battle Brawlers Arena

Bakugan Battle Arena
The Bakugan Battle Brawlers Arena - as of late - has become one of the hottest toys not only in the Bakugan Battle Brawlers lineup, but is one of the very hottest toys for 2008 and will be into 2009. For the 2008 Holiday season, it's listed on the Top 5 Toys 5-7 Years, as well as the Top Toys for 8-11 Year Olds.

The Bakugan Battle Brawlers Arena allows kids to bring together their own collections of Bakugan toys and cards and use them in a challenging strategy game that is fun and exciting.

Kids everywhere are loving this game, and it's popularity looks like it won't be lessening for some time to come!

If you're looking for a "sure fire hit" for a great toy for a boy in the age ranges listed above, you pretty much can't miss with this one.

Where to Get it Online:

If you or someone you know is a Bakugan Battle Brawlers fan, I hope that this information on the Arena has been helpful to you!

All for now -

Tonya B.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Guitar Hero Handheld Game from Basic Fun, Inc.

Guitar Hero Handheld Game from Basic Fun, Inc.Guitar Hero "Carabiner" - the Guitar Hero Hand-held Game from Basic Fun, Inc.

The Guitar Hero "Carabiner" handheld game is listed as the #1 top bestselling toy for kids 12-15 years of age for 2008/2009.

The popularity factor is likely due to the price - it's quite inexpensive, coming in at about $15.00 retail, and less when you buy Guitar Hero Handheld Game from The popularity also likely has to do with the original popularity of the Guitar Hero game.

This toy has gotten a negative review regarding the speed of the beats (too slow) and that it can't compare to the actual TV game. That's kind of a bummer, but as a note, it's not really meant to be just like the TV game.

For those who are going to be purchasing it, just be aware of that fact - what you're getting is a small version of the Guitar Hero game, but don't count on it being the same thing. There are less songs to choose from, and it's probably not as challenging and fun as the original.

But - if you're looking for a great stocking stuffer for a "Guitar Hero" lover between the ages of 12-15 (or older, perhaps), the Guitar Hero Handheld Game from Basic Fun, Inc. is a fun handheld game, and can also work great as a travel toy for kids.

All for now -

Tonya B.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

2008/2009: Top 10 Toys for Kids

Top 10 Toys LogoTop 10 Toys for Kids 2008 & 2009 (All Ages)

I recently finished researching a number of different resources for the Top 10 Toys for Kids 2008 & 2009. The resources include "Toy Wishes" magazine Hot Dozen, as well as various online resources where some very special and highly-rated toys are selling like hotcakes, and very likely will continue to do so.

As a note, as I write this I am thinking that this is a good time (Oct/Nov) to start the toy shopping, due to the fact that the closer to Christmas it gets, the harder specific toys are to find, and their prices go up too! (Ugh!)

At any rate, after all of that looking and studying, I have come up with a stellar list for the Top 10 Toys for Kids 2008 & 2009 - the best of the best for kids of all ages.

Rather than list them all out, here is a link to all of them, complete with lots of product info, pictures and even a video of the #1 toy:
You can also catch a glimpse of them below using the carousel below - just scroll through them to have a quick look-see, or hover over them or click for more information on any of these toys:

The Top 10 Toys for Kids this year (2008) are really a nice variety of high-technology, creativity, and lots and lots of fun.

Happy holidays to all - and have a great 2009!

All for now -

Tonya B.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Top Toys for Kids by Age - 2008 & 2009

Santa with Kids PresentsTop Toys for Kids by Age for 2008 & 2009

Wow - is it really almost that time of year again?! If you're looking for toys for kids for the holidays 2008 (or into 2009) it's a good idea to have some resources lined up to help you find just the right toys - either for kids of all ages, or by age group. Guess what - I have 'em! Here are several resources to point you in the right direction - the Top Toys for Kids by Age for 2008 & 2009:
I researched all kinds of toys to create this info and the results are based on "Toy Wishes" predictions for 2008/2009 favoriteLittle boy with wrapped present picks as well as very highly rated toys, and the best-sellers that I predict will hang in there for some time!

If you're at all wondering what toys to buy for any ages of child, this info - the Top Toys for Kids by Age 2008 & 2009 - will show you what not only the kids will love, but the parents too! These are truly the "best of the best" and will bring smiles and plenty of enjoyment for some time to come. (And - as always, I keep toy budgets in mind! :D )

I will be posting about these toys in much more detail (and by age group) in the very near future - so stay tuned! (And above all - happy shopping! :-D )


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Monday, October 20, 2008

Top Wii Games for Kids 2008 - Wii Mario Kart with Wii Wheel

Nintendo Wii LogoTop Wii Games for Kids 2008: Wii Mario Kart with Wii Wheel

I recently researched the Top 10 Wii Games for 2008/2009, and was happy to find some pretty cool Wii games that some younger kids could play among them.

I had some real fun looking these over (I am a real lover of video games myself), and have gathered together some info for you parents (or kids) who are wanting to buy Wii games but are not sure what to buy - or where.

Not only the top Wii game for kids, but the top Wii game for 2008 period is the Wii Mario Kart (with Wii Wheel). Nintendo Wii Mario games are rarely lacking in creativity and fun, and this is no exception by a long shot.

Extremely intuitive gameplay is available with the Wii Wheel (other controls can be used as well). New race tracks, new activities that kids (and adults for that matter) will love!

Having kids in mind, I especially like the Wii wheel because it can simplify playing the game quite a bit, making it easier for our younger group to enjoy the Wii play too.

Here is a video preview of Wii Mario Kart, if you'd like to check it out for yourself:

OK, where to buy it? If you haven't already purchased it from an offline source, I strongly recommend buying it online because you can get it for a far better deal. Where I recommend:

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Darth Vader Transformers

Darth Vader PhotoDarth Vader Transformers

OK - for those of us who are Star Wars and Transformers fans, Star Wars Transformers are pretty much a must to own. Which of the Star Wars Transformers are the most popular? Darth Vader Transformers of course! And - the most popular of those is the Darth Vader Death Star Transformer toy from Hasbro.

There are actually a few very popular Darth Vader Transformers to choose from, including Darth Vader/Death Star, Darth Vader/TIE fighter, Darth Vader/Sith Starfighter. Here is some info on each:
  • Darth Vader/Death Star Transformer - As the nameDarth Vader Death Star Transformer implies, this Transformer toy changes from Darth Vader to the evil Death Star and back again. The special features include sounds (including Darth Vader talking), it includes cape, 3 weapons, 3 TIE fighters, 3 miniature figures and 3 AAA batteries. (Hey, batteries are included!)

    Note: The recommended age for the Darth Vader/Death Star Transformer is kids ages 5 and up, but there were some comments from parents of smaller children complaining that with rough play the toy didn't hold up well. So - use your best judgement for this, but I would actually recommend more like ages 8 and up.

    Pricing info for the Darth Vader/Death Star Transformer: I've seen this particular Darth Vader Transformer can vary in price more than a little, from place to place. (Some resources are charging as much as $100!) The best price that I found for this Darth Vader Transformer was on - final cost was around $40, based on prices of completed auctions (that includes shipping costs). If you need an alternate resource for this Darth Vader Transformer, try
  • Darth Vader/TIE fighter: This Darth Vader TransformerDarth Vader TIE Fighter Transformer Toy morphs from the evil Darth to TIE fighter, which he uses to look high and low for Luke Skywalker in order to bring him before the evil Emporer. The toy comes with 2 projectile lightsabers.

    Note: Although the price tag on this particular Darth Vader Transformer is less, I wouldn't necessarily recommend it. There are multiple reports of it not holding up under play at all, and some pretty disappointed kids - parents too.

    Pricing Info: The cost for it generally runs between $30 and $35 retail, but I found Darth Vader/TIE Fighter on eBay for between $10 and $15 - including shipping.
  • Darth Vader/Sith Starfighter - This Darth VaderDarth Vader Sith Starfighter Transformer toy Transformer gets more "stars" that the TIE Fighter Darth Vader - with this toy, Darth Vader Transforms into the Sith Starfighter powerful war machine to battle all resistance to the evil Emporer - then he transforms back again. It includes 2 projectile lightsabers and a Darth Vader pilot (1 1/2" tall) for Sith Starfighter mode. Recommended age - 10 years and up.

    Pricing Info: Retail price for this toys runs around $45.00 - you can get it on, or try your luck getting Darth Vader/Sith Starfighter on eBay auctions for less.
I hope I've been of some help to you in making the right selection and getting a great price on these Darth Vader Transformers. Overall, they are very fun toys and I recommend them highly - I know from "mom" experience. :-)

All for now -

Tonya B.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Where to Buy Webkinz Whimsy Dragon

Webkinz Whimsy DragonWhere to Buy Webkinz Whimsy Dragon

Wow, there sure has been a lot of hullaballoo in the world of Webkinz fans on the Webkinz Whimsy Dragon! This cute little Webkinz has become one of the most cherished and wanted Webkinz ever, and certainly for the year of 2008. If you are wanting to buy Webkinz Whimsy Dragon, but have been frustrated about the price tag, I can help. :)

I've done a bit of looking into various resources who carry and have Webkinz Whimsy Dragon for sale, and some of the prices are a bit - how do you say - "over the top!" But some resources are actually more in line with the actual current demand for them, and far more reasonable.

Here are my suggestions on where to buy Webkinz Whimsy Dragon online:
  1. - In the last few days I've actually seen the price to buy Webkinz Whimsy Dragon fluctuate quite a bit on Amazon. Currently (as of this writing) the price is around $13.00. (Sigh) - that's better than $50, eh? A couple of days ago it was $18. Just check it out and see what the price is at. If it's $15 or less, that's a great deal! - Buy Webkinz Whimsy Dragon on

  2. - Some advice when buying Webkinz Whimsy Dragon on eBay - first, make sure to check the seller's ratings to ensure that you are buying from a resource that is dependable and will ship quickly with the product being in good condition. My second piece of advice when shopping on eBay - don't let your desire to buy lure you into an auction that is getting out of hand. You can actually buy Webkinz Whimsy Dragon for a lower price on eBay than anywhere else if you "play your cards" right. If you see an auction going to $20, $30 or more, just back out of it. You simply don't have to pay that much for it - Buy Webkinz Whimsy Dragon on eBay
For the sake of convenience, I am including the 10 most current eBay auctions for Webkinz Whimsy Dragon right here on this page - check them out below:

If you're going to buy Webkinz Whimsy Dragon - I hope this post helps you out!

All For Now -

Tonya B.


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