Friday, March 4, 2011

Webkinz Carrots Mazin Hamster

Where to buy the Webkinz Carrots Mazin Hamster Online

Latest arrival in the Webkinz lineup for 2011 is the Webkinz Carrots Mazin Hamster.  (He's a cute little guy isn't he?)  I expect that this will be quite a popular gift at Easter this year!  =)

This little guy is known for his love of searching mazes - and kids get to decorate the mazes too.

For those searching for the Mazin Hamster, here are some places online that I recommend to grab him up:
  • Find it @ - I see auctions for this new Webkinz hamster here - as time goes on, there will likely be even more auctions (which tends to drive the price down).  eBay is the place to go if you want to search out the possibility of discounts, or if you simply cannot find him anywhere else (which is likely once Easter gets closer and closer).
Additional options:  While at this writing, there are not many merchants that carry the Webkinz Carrots Mazin Hamster, here are some places that likely will in the near future.  (Note:  These are search links, so should bring you right to the page you are looking for.) --
  • Find it @ - ToysRUs is a great resource for looking for the Mazin Hamsters - the largest selection online that I have found from a single merchant site.  While they are not carrying him as of 4 March, 2011, they likely will have him in soon after - especially considering they have all the rest of them (or just about!).
  • Find it @ - This is another good place to search for the Mazin Hamsters - although you are not as likely to find it here as ToysRUs or eBay (above).
Like other Mazin Hamsters, the Webkinz Carrots Mazin Hamster comes with his (or her?) very own code to enter the Mazin Hamster World online.

Happy Easter!  =)

Tonya B.