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Teddy Bears Galore - Teddies For Tots

Pillow Pets Pee Wee Panda @ Amazon
What makes the best teddy bears? Aside from the obvious answer of “manufacturers,” I’d imagine the best would be snuggly, cuddly, soft, and transportable. They’d be large enough to keep a child warm and secure during a thunderstorm or a frightening nightmare. Although, they’d be small enough to fit into a backpack for a trip to school on a show-and-tell day or lengthy car ride to grandma’s house. Below, you’ll find 2 real parents with 2 real reviews about 2 of their children’s favorite teddy bears who have truly been dubbed “the best.”

Pillow Pet Pee Wees – Panda Bear

“I’m an indulgent momma, and as you can see, I’ll also be the first to admit it. So when my little girl begged for a panda bear, I found the pee wee pillow pet to be the perfect size for a 3 year old. What do I love about it? It lays flat and doesn’t bunch up in the washing machine. It’s also easy to dry and stains don’t stay stuck in the panda’s fur. What does my daughter like about it? Everything else! She absolutely adores the way “Chu’s” fur is soft and his face is plushy. She totes him around the house and attempts to feed him cereal, as well as bathe him in the bathtub. I’m beginning to believe she’ll never want for a traditional baby doll while she has “Chu.”


Corduroy 13” Teddy @ Amazon
Corduroy 13” Teddy Bear

“I remember reading about Corduroy when I was a kid, so I was really impressed and excited when my son asked me for a teddy bear in Corduroy’s likeness. Since then, the bear sits cozily by at bedtime as we read the book he’s named after. Plus, my son hasn’t had a single nightmare in the whole 2 months that we’ve had this teddy bear. I’d rank that ‘the best’ in my book!”


Here is a video - more info on the Pillow Pets Pee-Wees stuffed animals:

Teddy Bear Time - A Mother’s Review

Jumbo Brown Teddy Bear @ Amazon
I’ve never been much for teddy bears, as I had baby dolls instead when I was a kid. However, my 5 year old twins (boy and girl) love stuffed animals and have developed a specific fondness for teddy bears that are much bigger than my children are. These are jumbo sized – as if the teddy bears 2012 have had a growth spurt over the last decade. A week ago, I purchased two huge teddies for the kids’ birthday party, and I’ve never seen them so elated.

For the boy…

Melissa & Doug Jumbo Brown Teddy Bear

He’s only had this bear for 7 days and he’s already cuddled the stuffing out of it… literally! Although the material is soft and durable, I think the seam on this one was loose before I bought it because we haven’t had the stuffing problem with my daughter’s jumbo teddy bear. It only took a few stitches and “Mr. Brown” was good as new and ready for more snuggles. My son’s favorite thing to do with this huge stuffed animal is watch television. He positions his teddy bear in front of the T.V. and sits back on it like a recliner. I’ve found him asleep in this position more than once, and he actually prefers sleeping on the bear rather than pillows.

Jumbo Pink Teddy Bear @ Amazon
For the girl…

Melissa & Doug Jumbo Pink Teddy Bear

Of course, my daughter absolutely had to have pink. She’s been the same with her teddy bear as my son has been with his. Although, there’s one difference! This teddy bear is subjected to tea parties and has a new alias at least twice a day. Right now, it’s “Rosy,” but who know what name tonight will have in store. She also loves how this teddy bear doesn’t feel stiff with cotton or wool on it’s belly. It’s surprisingly plush and very soft to lay on.


If you or your children are teddy bear lovers, here is a good place to check out and find the best for the current year:


Stuffed Animals For Kids - The Very Best 2012-2013

Love to Play Puppy @ Amazon Toys
The best stuffed animals are usually cuddly, super-soft, and interactive. This is especially true in 2012, with new electronic devices popping up in the most unlikely of places. Interactive usually means educational and these types of stuffed animals are ideal for little girls and boys who are just starting to realize and learn from the world around them. From infants to toddlers, the following stuffed animals have made the biggest educational and interactive impact in the lives of families everywhere.
Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Love to Play Puppy

Perfect for kids from 6 months to 3 years of age, this playful puppy has a smiling expression and bright eyes to accent floppy blue ears. His big red nose is a slobbering favorite for kids who are teething and the rest of his body is super soft for bedtime cuddles. His hand, tummy, and foot are labeled, while squeezing certain parts of his body will teach kids how to say their ABCs, 123s, and 10 kid-friendly sing-along songs. He also makes kids laugh with his “ACHOO” sneezing sounds when they press his nose.
My Pal Violet @ Amazon Toys
LeapFrog My Pal Violet

Violet is the epitome of electronic puppy cuteness! You’ll need internet connection for this one in order to download your child’s name into Violet’s database, along with your child’s favorite songs, words, and phrases. She’s completely personalized and customizable for your learning lads and lasses! When her paws are pressed, she’ll sing a lullaby and her tummy makes he emit an educational barrage of songs and activities that involve number, letters, animals, shapes, and sounds. For straight out of the box play, she’s already pre-loaded with 5 lullabies, 4 learning songs, and a couple stories. Don’t let all she can do fool you though – she’s also super cuddly and soft for bedtime cuddling.


Here is a video for more info on one of the stuffed animals above - Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Love to Play Puppy:

Melissa & Doug Jumbos - Gigantic Jungle

Melissa & Dough Plush Orangutan @ Amazon
Melissa & Doug toys are a staple in my household. I’m always impressed with their new line of toys every year; therefore, I was really excited to see that they are putting out giant stuffed animals. These seemed like the perfect addition for my little girl’s room, as she loves everything animal-related and lives for jungle themes.

What did we wind up getting?

Melissa & Dough Plush Orangutan

This stuffed animal looked so real that I expected it to start moving as soon as we took it out of the shipping box. It’s a good 2 feet in height and at least 18” in width with bright orange fur, a pleasant expression, and bright eyes. His fur is very soft and his body is plush, as if stuffed with micro-fiber or feathers. It says for ages 3 and up, which is a good estimate considering my youngest is 18 months old and terrified of it. But the one I bought it for is 5 years old and loves his expressive eyes and the way his fur feels when she hugs him.


Melissa & Doug Panda @ Amazon
Melissa & Doug Plush Panda

This one has been more popular with my 18 month old because she adores Panda Bears! He’s the same size as the Orangutan with shorter fur and bigger eyes. He’s also a little rounder (as Pandas are) and silkier. His arms are long enough to encircle both my daughters at the same time, and they love falling asleep on him while watching television. His expression is pure innocence, and I imagine he’d be a very loveable and sweet pet.

Overall, our experience with the new gigantic stuffed animals has been a good one. We hope to add a lion, tiger, and elephant to the collection in a few weeks, turning my kid’s playroom into a little jungle. 


To find the top-selling selection of giant stuffed animals this year, visit:


Electric Kids Cars - The Toy Tips

Most children are forced to wait until they’re at least 3 years of age to get their first electric kids cars. This means younger kids are stuck with pedaling trikes until they’re old enough to handle the 2-4 mph drive of a push-button motor. However, manufacturers have begun adding tips to their instruction manuals, suggesting to parents to let younger children try their hand at driving their older siblings electric car. Some of the tips are…

It’s important to assess a child’s abilities and then choose the car accordingly

If your 18 month old wants to hop on his 4 year old brother’s Power Wheels Disney/Pixar Toy Story 3 Lil’ Quad, be prepared to supervise. The battery-powered 4-wheeler has enough “get up and go” to send your tot tumbling, which is why it’s meant for children with a stronger grip. This doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with age; therefore, if your 18 month old feels ready to take on a motorized tyke trike, see how he does and go from there.

Battery powered is the way to go

Younger children will likely play on their electric cars more than older children will because the interest won’t fade so fast. They’ll still feel excited about going for a ride down the driveway with Dad after dinner. This also means they’ll not only be riding after dinner, but before and in-between snacks and after preschool. Battery life is very important and parents should feel obligated to get a kid-friendly car that can be charged for a few hours every night to re-energize for the big day tomorrow.

Safety First

For younger drivers of electric cars, safety is a huge concern for parents (or it should be). Equip your tiny tot with a helmet and pads in case of a minor collision with a counter, table, or tree.

To get info on the top electric kids' cars this year (for tots and older kids too), visit:


For more helpful info on safety for children's toys of all kinds, visit:


As Seen On TV - Bedtime Toys 2012-2013

My Pillow Pets @ Amazon Toys
Advertising in 2012 is very unique and toys have to stand up to a list of criterion to even be considered for a commercial. Most stuffed animals these days have other functions and these are the ones that are featured in the “As Seen On TV” boxes in retail outlets. They’re the snuggliest, cuddliest, softest, and cutest in the batch of new commercial toys, and they’re coming to you in the following list:

My Pillow Pets

By now, everyone has seen these advertisements as they’ve moved from late night infomercials to legit after-school specials. Perfect for ages 3 and up, these machine washable fur balls are stuffed animals AND pillows. They’re made for snuggling, as well as a good place to kids to lay their heads during naptime. Super-plush and great for travel, there are a multitude of different animals represented – from pandas, to puppies, and penguins.


Dream Lites @ Amazon Toys
Dream Lites Pillow Pets

On the hills of the original Pillow Pets are those that light up and provide a trifecta of cuddling, sleeping, and soothing for tired kids. Plush and pretty, each dream lite is actually a battery-powered wheel of multi-colored lenses in the pet’s back. The panel on top is soft for easy cuddling, but stenciled with star shapes to make a galactic light show on your child’s ceiling for 20 minutes before bedtime. Your tyke can also press the button again and again to get the same dazzling effects if it takes longer for them to go to sleep.


CuddleUppets @ Amazon

Great for bedtime or anything, these stuffed animals are both blankets and puppets. During playtime, kids can give life to their pink poodles or purple monkies (and many more!) with imagination. When energy has run down and the sun has set for the evening, the cuddling can begin under their puppet that doubles as a plush, lengthy blankie.


Find more adorable stuffed animal toys for kids - the best this year:


Here is a video to get more information on one of the toys above - Dream Lites Pillow Pets:

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Sunny Day Devices - Outdoors Toys for Girls 2012-2013

Razor A Kick Scooter @ Amazon
While we’ve covered the few indoor toys for kids, we’ve yet to delve deep into what little ladies love when they’re living it up outside. Outdoor toys have to meet a huge criterion of awesome to be considered for most families – which is why the following 2 have made the grade when it comes to the top toys for girls age 10 and up.

Razor A Kick Scooter

Available in a wide range of colors, this scooter is great on most surfaces with gravel and carpet being the 2 exceptions. An original kick scooter made from aircraft grade aluminum, this contraption has a patented rear fender brake for quick, efficient stopping power. Plus, it only weighs 6 pounds and has a 6-month warranty plan – just in case there are any defects associated with the scooter. Dubbed “the handy little ride,” this quick trip is the best for getting your girl from point A to point B without walking or riding the bus. Short trips become fun again! This scooter also has a weight capacity of 143 pounds, so your gal is good to go for years to come. Some parents might even find this fun to ride when work is right around the corner and there’s traffic forever in sight.
360 Flash Rider @ Amazon
Razor 360 Flash Rider

Great for those little drifts and whirls on asphalt, this rider is a pink spinning big-wheel trike with a pneumatic front wheel and inclined rear-casters for resistance-free spinning. Your little lady can put the proverbial pedal to the metal as she twirls around the block on a rider built for one. This would make a great Christmas gift when combined with knee pads, elbow pads, and a helmet – all the things that make a scooter-like rider safe for kids. Your daring darling won’t be disappointed!

Find out more about outdoor toys for those adventurous types - for both boys and girls:


Rainy Days for Girls - Indoors Toys 2012-2013

Live Butterfly Garden @ Amazon
Surprisingly, the top toys for girls age 10 and up aren’t something they can play with outside; they’re meant for a mostly indoor environment. Dubbed rainy day devices, these toys bring the joys of being outside to inside when weather has grown cold, damp, and dreary. What are these miraculous indoor activities?

Insect Lore Live Butterfly Garden

Bringing the magic of butterflies inside when April has one too many showers, this set includes a waterproof PVC fabric shell. It’s 100% reusable and collapses after use for easy storage. Especially great for homeschooled children, this kit would provide the perfect science experiment in the comfort of your own home. Included is a mail-in voucher ($5.00 fee) for 5 butterfly larvae and the special food to sustain them. Your kids will watch as the larvae go through the stages until a butterfly is reborn from a cocoon. Afterwards, your tykes can let the butterflies go out into the wild, storing the collapsible “garden” until next Spring when a new coupon can be mailed for more larvae and new experiences.
Olivia House Set @ Amazon
LEGO Friend’s Olivia House

Comprised of almost 700 pieces, this LEGO set is the best for little girls who like to spend hours building, rebuilding, and decorating. 3 mini-figurine dolls (Olivia, Mom, and Dad) and a sweet cat named Kitty accompany this pack with tons of fun accessories (hairbrush, cherries, milk carton – everything your kids needs to build a comfortable living space for dolls). There’s no specific order for these LEGO blocks, as the manufacturers wanted to give kids as much creative freedom as possible -- although, there is a small instruction manual to get them started. As soon as the rooms are built, the decorations and furniture can be arranged to offer Olivia’s miniature family a cozy place to be.

For some other great options in toys for girls age 10 this year, visit:



Enjoy this video on the LEGO Friends sets for girls:

Movement For Mini Misses - Dance Til’ You Drop

Twister Dance @ Amazon
Finding the perfect toys for girls age 8 and up isn’t just a simple afternoon to-do; it’s a quest that many parents may not feel up to conquering alone. The age range is a difficult one to pinpoint and little girls are flourishing fast into tittering teens. However, toys that combine physical movement with musical favorites are always a winner in the book of the hard to buy for. What are the latest and greatest for your growing gal this Christmas?

Twister Dance

Pre-loaded with 5 cool tunes (including Britney Spears, Ke$ha, Willow, and Cupid), this is a battery-powered device reminiscent of the 90’s Bop it! Game. While original Twister has people down in all kinds of crazy positions, this toy combines movement and music to make gaming great. An extra bonus is that some of the dance moves have actually been featured in the videos of today’s hottest and brightest stars (such as the one who have lent their music to this game). How do you play? There are 8 moveable spots that adhere to any floor surface and a small manual of instructions. Your groovin’ preteen presses the play button and launches into a series of dance moves to keep up with the flashing lights and thumping beats of the Twister. Not only is this a great way to get your little ladies up and moving, it’s also something fun for the family to do together.


Furby @ Amazon

Maybe your tot has grown out of dolls and stuffed animals, but they’ve never met a Furby quite like this one. Whole new lineups of these fast-talking, gibberish-adoring fur-balls have hit stores just in time for the holiday season. Available in a wider range of colors, these Furbies will dance and toddle with your mini-misses to the tune of her favorite iPod beats.

Monstrous & Amazing - Dolls for 2012

“Dot Dead Gorgeous” Dolls @ Amazon
When shopping for dolls for girls, it’s important to keep the selection modern, amusing, and interactive. Very few little girls of 2012 would settle for a Raggedy Ann doll or any Barbie made before the 1990’s. Which is why manufacturers these days have taken steps towards making their dolls fashionable and trendy with attitudes and personalities to match. The following 3 examples are the most talked about dolls this season and the ones that are sure to be at the top of Christmas lists.

Monster High “Dot Dead Gorgeous” Dolls

Featuring ghastly ghouls and beastly boys, these modern-day monsters are anything but mean. They’re funny, wicked, and just regular everyday teenagers who want to dance, date, and have fun. Fan favorites like Spectra Vondergeist and Abbey Bominable make this batch with their super-chic costumes and outrageous hairstyles. Fully articulated, these girls and guys are poseable and excellent!


Hairmonies Dolls @ Amazon
Hairmonies Dolls

Little ladies are drawn to dolls with big “ga-ga” eyes with full lashes, pouty lips, and a look of pure innocence. However, this expression has to be coupled with trendy fashion sense, awesome hair, and a to-die-for mix of fun accessories to spice up every doll’s nightlife. Beautiful as additions to a toy box or naptime snuggle buddies, these dolls are collectable, durable, and built to last through the usual gum-in-hair, tantrum-throwing moments of most tiny tykes.


1D Collector Dolls @ Amazon
1D Collector Dolls

If your preteen goes crazy over the boys in the band, these dolls are perfect! Based on the likenesses of each individual member in One Direction, there are 5 dolls to choose from; all wearing similar clothes to fit the unique personality of the real guys on stage. Your little girl will get a private toy box performance with imitated imaginary vocals, singing songs like “What Makes You Beautiful” and “Only Girl (in the world).

For a good look at an entire list of hot selling dolls for girls this year, visit:



Here is a cool video on the 1D collector dolls:

Fashion For Friends - Creating Beauty!

Fashion Design Portfolio @ Amazon
Is your little girl hip to the new trends in the fashion world? Does she adore the latest in designer jeans and beg for materials to sew her own cool designs? Encourage her to fulfill her fashion-based daydreams with creative kits – also deemed some of the best toys for 8 year old girls in 2012.

Fashion Angels Fashion Design Portfolio

If your little lady spends hours brooding over a sketchbook, this kit will give her fashionista work all new meaning. This pad comes with plastic designer stencils that are shaped like some of the most popular attire today. It also contains over 100 accessory shapes so your pretty princess can adorn her drawn models, as if they’re dripping in designer diamonds. The notebook portion is spiral bound and conveniently sized to fit in most totes, large purses, or backpacks. It’s also easy flip with durable, thick pages that won’t rip at the sight of a sturdy eraser. The models have non-chalant expressions, complete with pursed lips, long eyelashes, and perfect hair. Each model is also poised to pose in a hand-on-hip position to display all your budding artist’s beautiful fashion designs.


Owls Sew and Stuff Kit @ Amazon
American Girl Crafts Owls Sew and Stuff Kit

Some young ladies might be more concerned with décor of a room, rather than décor of a body. Fashion for floor-space is as important as designer duds, which is why your creative kid will love making these owls to place on her bed or the living room sofa. Great as throw pillows or additions to a baby’s crib, these cutesy owls are easy to sew and come with an extensive instruction manual. After the design is followed, your child can make up her own imaginative designs to decorate the owls’ wings. It’s a great way for her to learn interesting sewing patterns and techniques!


For more great choices in creative and fun toys for girls 8 years of age this year, visit:


Designing Toys For Moms and Daughters - Bonding Creations

All Duct Out @ Amazon
Parents are often overwhelmed by the thought of coloring or drawing with their kids because a child’s toys are so advanced and complicated these days. Even coloring books seem to be in 3D with plastic touch-screen. For old-school parents who long for artistic bonding time with their daughters, the following toys have been deemed the best toys for girls age 9 and up.

Alex Toys All Duct Out

Dads will appreciate the awesomeness of this toy, as each creation is made entirely from duct tape! Little ladies are given several duct tape colors (no dull silver or grey) to make a belt, some jewelry, and a pair of funky sunglasses. From there, they can let their creativity fly free with leftover duct tape for shoe designs, interesting clothing accessories, or a piece of hanging art that really “pops.” The duct tape in this kit is thinner and more durable than traditional duct tape, meaning your gals will have an easier time getting creative with the typical hardware accessory. This set also comes with shape templates, a hole-punch, non-stick sticker tape, and 7 (narrow to wide) rolls of multi-colored tape. There’s also pre-cut fabric for fashionable creations!


Design Station @ Amazon
Color Splasherz Design Station

For moms who want to teach their daughters how to accessorize, this design station offers a bonding experience over a slew of multi-colored beads and strings. A handy booklet allows girls to gain ideas of what they can create from 4 colorful pendants, 135 non-changing beads, 15 changing beads, and several sheets of awesome decals and stickers. What is the difference between changing and non-changing beads? The changing beads will transform from one color to another in hot or cold water, while the non-changing beads are stuck in one hue. It’s a unique way to always have something new to accessorize with.

Creative Creations - DIY Toys 2012-2013

Friends Forever Bracelet Making Kit @ Amazon
Pre-teens are at a difficult age where creative outlets are needed, but parents might not be 100% sure where to find toys that fit the bill. Is your little girl a budding artist with a blooming adoration of Van Gogh and Monet? Or is she more content with finding clay to mold into her better dreams and ideas? If your home has become her area for expression, consider one of these top 10 toys for 8 year old girls.

Alex Toys Friends Forever Bracelet Making Kit

Teach your little girl that best friends come in colors of silver and gold, encouraging her to cherish them all. This set gives her the opportunity to pick, choose, and adore her group of gal pals with something she makes all on her own. Creative and imaginative, this kit is capable of producing 22 friendship bracelets with 22 different colors of floss, a multitude of colored beads, and 8 suggestion patterns in a small, easy-to-follow instruction manual. 4 looms are hidden inside a convenient carrying case, while a booklet explains how to work the weaving wheel. It’s a process of concentration as she creates beautiful accessories for her nearest and dearest buddies.

Jewelry Design Set @ Amazon

Fashion Angels Jewelry Design Super Set

Let your princess bedeck herself in multi-colored jewelry with a kit that lets her make her own. With over 200 pieces of beaded bracelets, necklaces, rings, and anklets to be made, this is one creative craft that will take some time and effort. Also a great friendship bracelet creator, the set comes with a colorful carrying case for bead storage. Plus, it teaches patience, as your little lady will be sitting for hours creating accessories to go with every outfit in her wardrobe. It’s a kit that she’ll never lose interest in. Moms -- feel free to help!


For a current look at other choices in top toys for 8 year old girls this year, visit:



Our favorite toy maker this year - and one of the most creative toy companies in history:


Baby Dolls For Your Doll - Gaga Over Babies in 2012

Every little girl has baby dolls, but there’s always that one that is deemed the favorite. She’s often beautiful with curly ringlets and big rosy cheeks. Or she cries on cue, pees allover her coveralls, and demands more attention than a real baby love. However, that motherly instinct in all of us will have us nurturing and loving every minute of owning that baby doll. With that said, this is a new generation of little ladies with high expectations for their dolls. Below are 2 of the most popular baby dolls in 2012 


Sleepy Dreams Dora @ Amazon
Fisher-Price Dora The Explorer Sleepy Dreams Dora Baby Doll

This baby doll is super cute and “awe” inspiring. One because it’s Dora The Explorer! Two she’s been taken back to when she was just a little crib-dweller. Her hair is tied into pigtails with a fringe of bangs over full eyelashes and a cherubic face. She’s wearing her all-pink night-gown in preparation for naptime, and her entire body is made of squishy plush material for awesome cuddling. As she lays down with your little girl, her eyes will close and light presses on her tummy will make her snore softly. Or if she’s standing up, she says memorable phrases – some of which she’s said on her television show.


Baby Alive Beautiful Now @ Amazon
Baby Alive Beautiful Now Baby Doll

Reminiscent of beauty queens and pageant contestants, this baby doll wants to be as pretty as her mommy. With soft shaded pajamas and her hair in cutesy curls, this dazzling darling sits still for her make over, and looks even prettier when she’s washed up. Your little girl can be the barber of beauty as she styles and gels this baby doll’s hair into a mass of springy curls. Available in blonde and brunette, she’s all ready for her close up!


Here is a cute video for the "Beautiful Now" baby doll, now available in 2012:


Baby Dolls For Little Ladies - Cuties & Sweethearts

Does your little girl carry around her assortment of Barbie dolls, pretending their crying babies who need the nourishment of their loving mother? Are you planning on getting her a special toy for Christmas – one that she’ll be proud to nurture and adore in favor of her too-small action figurines? Below you’ll find a couple of the best baby dolls for girls to get you started in the right direction.


Stella Baby Doll @ Amazon
Manhattan Toy Stella Baby Doll

This is a simple designed baby doll that is easy to nurture. Made from a soft, plush material, this doll is one of the most detailed that your little girl could own. With a life-like belly button and definition of her toes and fingers, she’s the equivalent of a well-behaved quiet child who has been well taken care of by her adoring momma. Included are a removable diaper, two-piece sleeper outfit, and a pacifier that attaches with a magnet. Your toddler will love mimicking her own mother as she rocks, cradles, and nurses this baby to sleep. It’s a great teaching device as well – offering little girls the chance to be great big sisters while waiting for the arrival of their real baby sibling.


Hug ‘n Giggle Doll @ Amazon
Fisher Price Hug ‘n Giggle Baby Doll

Simple and well designed, this baby doll giggles and coos as her tummy is squeezed. She’s the perfect size for cuddling and loves taking afternoon naps with her new mommy. Machine-washable, she’s decked out in a cute jumper with a sing-song symbol on the belly. Her sleeper cap hides a ringlet blonde curl and her blue eyes are vibrant, lighting up as she stares with love at her nurturer. She also does great in a walker, and as a training doll for little girls with expectant mothers. This is a doll that can be passed down from one generation to the next!


To get a good look at more selection of fabulous baby dolls for girls this year, visit:


Arts & Crafts For Blooming Rembrandts 2012-2013

Does your mini diva worry constantly over a sketchbook, trying to perfect her fashion ideas? Or is she more enamored with the thought of creating the perfect landscape? If your daughter can tell the difference between Van Gogh or Rembrandt, or if she’s adept at reading and quoting trendy fashion magazines, the following toys are creative outlets you might want to consider. Ranked in a scale of the top 10 toys for 9 year old girls, these imaginative devices teach patience and concentration while enhancing your child’s adamant artistic abilities.


Fashion Angels Monster High Artist Tote Compact Portfolio Set

Monster High Artist Set @ Amazon
Monster High is one of the most popular webisodes amongst growing girls today! These trendy and morbidly amazing teens are the daughters and sons of some of the most well-known monsters in history. With this set, your little lady can display her love for all things Monster High with a shoulder tote to carry all of her artsy treasures. A spiral bound sketch portfolio is equipped with a plastic cover for protection and drawing security, while 40 high-quality pages offer the perfect surface for a variety of creative mediums. Markers are guaranteed to never bleed through and are actually included in the set! There are also 4 plastic fashion-related stencil sheets with 110 stencil shapes. It’s a fashion-friendly, monstrously good time!


Crayola Light Designer @ Amazon
Crayola Light Designer

Tried and true, Crayola has done it again with a product that takes drawing to a new level of surreal. The 3D surface is shaped like a cone with a backlight to make your child’s creations appear alive. A set of touch-point plastic brushes allows for “painting” directly on the surface as pictures take on a life of their own. There’s no mess and no clean-up for later, making this the perfect present in the eyes of parents!


For more choices in creative and fun toys for ladies nine years of age, visit:



 Video - more info on the new Crayola Light Designer for kids:

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Toys for Girls 7 Years and Up 2012-2013

Finding the best toys for 7 year old girls can be a difficult feat; it’s an age where they’re flourishing as “tweens” -- the in-between that puts them right in the middle of being a teenager and a little kid. Their interests are ever changing with a focal point that’s split between creativity and music (mostly boy bands who are defined as “oh so hot!”). So, where does a parent begin? The following 2 toys have been ranked as some of the best, offering growing girls an artistic outlet with one, and a star-struck moment with the other.


Gelarti Designer Studio

This creative set has it all! Focusing on making colorful and vibrant stickers, your little lady is well equipped with 4 pens, a marbling tool, several sheets of pre-stuck stickers (minus the color), and 3D accessories. All it takes is a smooth, clean surface and a squeeze of the paint pen to bring out her personality. After they dry, she can give each sticker a unique twist with the marbling tool, mixing colors to match her favorites. From there, she just peels and sticks – anywhere! This is a great way for girls to decorate their notebooks, journals, laptop, bedroom furniture, and so much more.


1D Collector Dolls

Featuring all 5 members (sold separately), these One Direction dolls represent one of the most popular boy bands of the year. Straight from Britain, these boys have wooed the world and your daughter is sure to swoon over their realistic likeness. Each doll is fully articulated and able to pop debonair poses. Plus, each doll is decked out in signature fashion accessories, reflecting the personality of the boys in the band – from Liam’s button-down shirt, khaki pants, and high-tops to Harry’s sophisticated sweater and hiking-style boots. Your princess will feel like the “Only Girl(in the world)” with these dolls.


For some more variety in choices of toys for girls 7 years of age, visit:


Maniacal for Monster High - 6 Years and Up

Some of the best toys for 6 year old girls are cutting edge, trendy, and ultra modern; all things that represent the flourishing toy industry in 2012. With that said, it is no surprise that Monster High dolls and accessories are among the top trinkets listed on Christmas lists this year. The little girls of today are giving Santa something ghoulish to think about with playthings like…  


Monster High – High School - A foldaway version (for easier storage) of the MHHS from the popular webisodes, this play set is a multi-level school environment fit for the tiny terror in your life. Hidden away behind an ancient entrance, with gargoyles keeping a watchful eye on the doors, are the mad science classroom, creepateria, and casketball court. There are also rows of lockers for all the teen-scream kings and queens. Two stories of classrooms rife with accessories will set the mood for a terror-ific play time! As a bonus, there are stickers and a DJ booth to turn the creepateria into a jiving hot spot of groovin’ ghouls and their too-cool guys. You’ll never know what kind of new beastie lurks in the school hallways!

Monster High Venus McFlytrap Doll - Daughter to the snappy plant monster who squealed, “Feed me, Seymour,” this new addition is branching to Monster High in search of new gal pals. Venus is green-tinged with super-funky and fashionable clothes, complete with long hair to die for. Colorful and hard to miss, this plant-based beauty has brought along her pet, Chewlian, and a number of other accessories – such as a diary, hairbrush, doll stand, and a “Go-Green” tote bag. This eco-friendly, vegetarian sweetie is decked out in vines, giving a whole new meaning to the term “twisted.” She’s a must-have for any little girl’s blooming Monster High collection.

LEGOs for Little Ladies - Seasonal Goodies 2012

LEGO Friends Advent Calendar
The toys for girls age 6 2012 has produced a line-up of new and unique playthings, giving kids the opportunity to ask Santa for something different this Christmas. However, parents are a different story, as some toys were designed to be given before Christmas in anticipation of the coming holidays. For example…

The LEGO Friends Advent Calendar

This is a really cool idea for little girls who are used to getting those dollar-store advent activities. Those are all cheap chocolate and little imagination, but LEGO takes the concept to a whole new and amazing level. The countdown to Christmas in Heartlake City begins on December 1st and right on until Christmas morning. Everyday your little girl will open a new flapped gift, leading to the big reveal of 24 mini-presents in 24 days. These might include mini-dolls (people and pets), building blocks, snowmen, and much more!

Are there any cons to buying this set?

Some parents have mentioned the price, which does seem a little steep at almost $60 without shipping. However, kids are getting one LEGO surprise per day for 24 days, making them smile happily for almost the entire month of December. This fact is priceless!

What are other parents saying?

“My 6 year old was very happy with this set, but I was disappointed that there’s a horse on the cover and none in the box. It says that accessories will vary; therefore, I don’t call false advertising, but I have yet to hear of anyone else getting a mini-doll pony in their version of this play set. I realize it’s not Christmas yet (only October), but I couldn’t say no to my daughter’s little pleas. I definitely think this set helps gain an interest in LEGOs from young ladies – especially since before it was considered (in my household, at least) a boy’s toy.”

To check out more great picks for 6 year old girls this year, visit:


Here is a commercial for the LEGO Friends - this is not for the Advent Calendar set, but can give you a good idea of what this lineup of LEGOs is all about:

Gadgets For Girls 2012-2013 - Technology & Knick-Knacks

To decide the top 10 toys for girls age 7 and up, I found myself examining the ever-changing world of modern technology for children. These days, interaction is key for holding a youngster’s interest and there is no shortage of electronic gadgets to choose from. However, not all parents want to gift their little girl with a $300 iPad meant for adults – which is why manufacturers have been working hard in 2012 to bring kids electronics designed specifically for them. For example…

iTikes Map
iTikes Map Explorer

Entertaining and educational, this geography-based tablet features 6 maps on a variety of subjects. Kids can explore all 50 states in America, followed by a trip outer space with the Solar System map, and a groove through music in cultures from around the world. They’ll also be able to travel back in time to a land of dinosaurs and Neanderthals with the Prehistoric North America map, before plummeting into the world of cats and dogs as these maps take them to see pets that they may have never seen before. On their journey, kids will be given an opportunity to prove their knowledge with fun quizzes at the end of each map.

Tabeo Tablet

Tabeo 7" Kids Tablet

This tablet has been revered as one of the best for kids because after the $259.00 (without shipping) that’s spent to buy it, there’s barely anything else spent on upkeep. Pre-loaded with 50 kid-friendly apps (like Angry Birds and Cut the Rug), this tablet also offers over 7,000 other games and applications for free download. Plus, a built-in speaker, microphone, and front camera makes it possible for several games to be interactive, giving kids the opportunity to put their pictures in the apps. The multi-touch screen and Ice Cream Sandwich Andriod styling means this tablet is light, durable, travel-ready, and an instant hit in your home.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Toys On The Move - Kids 5 Years and Up 2012

Baby Wanna Walk Doll
When considering the best 5 year old girls toys, parents make a mental list of criteria that each toy has to meet. The list will vary depending on the interest of a child, but most little girls these days want something cute, interactive, and engaging. They want to become obsessed with a toy to the point where they’ll never leave a room without it. Reminiscent of baby dolls that most of us had growing up; the toys today represent a child’s personality and security. When they dub a toy their favorite, they’re really saying they feel protected and attached to aforementioned plaything. 2 recent examples of this kind of toy would be…

Baby Wanna Walk Baby Doll from Baby Alive

Baby needs a name and a loving mother to help her learn to toddle along. With over 40 phrases and sounds, this cutie giggles when you press her tummy and can sense when her hands are being held. She can also tell when she’s taken a tumble, but with help, she’ll be back on her feet and walking towards her new mama. Only 4 double AA batteries are required to get this little sweetheart up and moving. While she works best on smooth surfaces, like tile or hardwood floor, she can also make her way across low-pile carpeting. Your growing girl can experience the excitement of having taught a giddy toddler how to walk all on her own.
My Happy-to-See-Me Pup

Bouncy My Happy-to-See-Me Pup from FurReal Friends

It’s a special feeling when puppies are happy to see you! Indulge your pet-obsessed little girl with an electronic pup that acts just like a real dog. She jumps and spins as soon as someone shows her attention, yapping and bounding around on fluffy feet. Her fur is also super-soft, making it easy to comb and pleasant to pet.

Here is a helpful review of the new "Bouncy My Happy-to-See-Me Pup" -

Top 2 Tablets For Girls 2012 - 4 Years and Up

LeapPad2 Explorer Tablet - Pink
Some parents might be hesitant to get their little girl an iPad or an iPhone, especially with how expensive these can be. Plus, there’s little educational value immediately available to children. Anything informative has to be downloaded with a costly application. Wouldn’t it be easier to choose 2 tablets from a list of the top 10 toys for 4 year old girls? These tablets that are designed specifically for children, complete with educational games that teach as well as amuse.

LeapFrog LeapPad2 Explorer Tablet (shown left)

Available in 2 original colors of vibrant green or pretty pink, this tablet features 5 pre-loaded kid-friendly applications to start out with. Kids can play almost instantly; all it needs is a quick charge right out of the box. Every education level from 4 years old and up is represented with games and activities that increase a child’s cognitive, mental, motor, and informational skills. Kids will learn how to read from an amazing animation reader with different interactive levels; plus, parents are encouraged to track their little girl’s progress with emails sent directly from the LeapPad2 every week. Kids can also customize their device with totes and funky-colored covers, keeping their tablet protected while expressing unique personality.
Vtech Innotab 2S - Pink

Vtech Innotab 2S Tablet

This tablet is specific for children with trouble learning how to read. Reminiscent of a Nook or Kindle, this device focuses more on reading education through animated games and interactive stories. All of the pre-loaded applications feature e-books with realistic graphics, entertaining storylines, and silly sounds. There are even sing-along books that can be purchased separately! As your little girl advances in her reading level, the tablet will advance with her, offering the same stories with different words and new twists for her maturing comprehension. Built-in WiFi also means direct downloads of your child’s favorite books in a format she’ll understand and enjoy.

Loopsy For Lalaloopsy - Ages 4 and Beyond

Harmony B. Sharp
In the line-up of new toys for 4 year old girls 2012, there are unique dolls that have inspired a craze for fashion-savvy kids around the world. What is this wondrous creation? Lalaloopsy! Inspired by the popular television show featuring a gaggle of stylish, beautiful, unique, and inventive cartoon-ladies, these dolls have sky-rocketed to the top of Christmas and Birthday wish lists. Even parents are commenting on the cuteness and coolness of the individual dolls, as each has big personality and creative back-story. Some of the most talked about dolls from this line are…


Lalaloopsy Silly Hair Star Doll – Harmony B. Sharp (shown left)

Described as melodious and lyrical, Harmony was supposedly created from the cloth of a Broadway singer’s dress. This gave her an instant start as a high-quality performer, belting out pleasant tunes and serenading her audience from atop her pink pedestal. Not only is she a gifted songstress, but she prides herself on being fashionable – with six different ponytail hairpieces that twirl as she croons. Overseeing Harmony’s performance is her rattling cat, wearing a bowtie and an awe-inspired expression.

Lalaloopsy Silly Hair – Peanut

Lalaloopsy Silly Hair – Peanut

Peanut was cut from the cloth of a trapeze artist before she flew through the air in her for her circus finale’. A born performer, she’s accompanied by her pet Elephant -- an animal who coincidentally loves peanuts! With bendy hair, kids can straighten out her curls or decorate them with pretty barrettes, bearing in mind that she’s being prepared for her next big circus performance!


Bea Spells A Lot
Lalaloopsy Silly Hair – Bea Spells A Lot

This writer’s personal favorite, Bea is a bookworm with a passion for studying. Accompanied by her wise owl, Bea’s hair is a silly hoot of bendy curls and twisting pigtails. She comes with her own hair beads and clips, as well as a super-cool orange and pink hair brush for ultimate styling.


Here is a cute video for the hottest current toy from the Lalaloopsy Silly Hair lineup: