Sunday, October 28, 2012

Creative Creations - DIY Toys 2012-2013

Friends Forever Bracelet Making Kit @ Amazon
Pre-teens are at a difficult age where creative outlets are needed, but parents might not be 100% sure where to find toys that fit the bill. Is your little girl a budding artist with a blooming adoration of Van Gogh and Monet? Or is she more content with finding clay to mold into her better dreams and ideas? If your home has become her area for expression, consider one of these top 10 toys for 8 year old girls.

Alex Toys Friends Forever Bracelet Making Kit

Teach your little girl that best friends come in colors of silver and gold, encouraging her to cherish them all. This set gives her the opportunity to pick, choose, and adore her group of gal pals with something she makes all on her own. Creative and imaginative, this kit is capable of producing 22 friendship bracelets with 22 different colors of floss, a multitude of colored beads, and 8 suggestion patterns in a small, easy-to-follow instruction manual. 4 looms are hidden inside a convenient carrying case, while a booklet explains how to work the weaving wheel. It’s a process of concentration as she creates beautiful accessories for her nearest and dearest buddies.

Jewelry Design Set @ Amazon

Fashion Angels Jewelry Design Super Set

Let your princess bedeck herself in multi-colored jewelry with a kit that lets her make her own. With over 200 pieces of beaded bracelets, necklaces, rings, and anklets to be made, this is one creative craft that will take some time and effort. Also a great friendship bracelet creator, the set comes with a colorful carrying case for bead storage. Plus, it teaches patience, as your little lady will be sitting for hours creating accessories to go with every outfit in her wardrobe. It’s a kit that she’ll never lose interest in. Moms -- feel free to help!


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