Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Teddy Bear Time - A Mother’s Review

Jumbo Brown Teddy Bear @ Amazon
I’ve never been much for teddy bears, as I had baby dolls instead when I was a kid. However, my 5 year old twins (boy and girl) love stuffed animals and have developed a specific fondness for teddy bears that are much bigger than my children are. These are jumbo sized – as if the teddy bears 2012 have had a growth spurt over the last decade. A week ago, I purchased two huge teddies for the kids’ birthday party, and I’ve never seen them so elated.

For the boy…

Melissa & Doug Jumbo Brown Teddy Bear

He’s only had this bear for 7 days and he’s already cuddled the stuffing out of it… literally! Although the material is soft and durable, I think the seam on this one was loose before I bought it because we haven’t had the stuffing problem with my daughter’s jumbo teddy bear. It only took a few stitches and “Mr. Brown” was good as new and ready for more snuggles. My son’s favorite thing to do with this huge stuffed animal is watch television. He positions his teddy bear in front of the T.V. and sits back on it like a recliner. I’ve found him asleep in this position more than once, and he actually prefers sleeping on the bear rather than pillows.

Jumbo Pink Teddy Bear @ Amazon
For the girl…

Melissa & Doug Jumbo Pink Teddy Bear

Of course, my daughter absolutely had to have pink. She’s been the same with her teddy bear as my son has been with his. Although, there’s one difference! This teddy bear is subjected to tea parties and has a new alias at least twice a day. Right now, it’s “Rosy,” but who know what name tonight will have in store. She also loves how this teddy bear doesn’t feel stiff with cotton or wool on it’s belly. It’s surprisingly plush and very soft to lay on.


If you or your children are teddy bear lovers, here is a good place to check out and find the best for the current year:


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