Sunday, October 14, 2012

NERF For Boys - The Small Shooters

Have you ever gone to battle in the backyard with your kids, only to find they had much bigger NERF shooters than you? Were you quickly attacked and eliminated by their barrage of foam darts? Is your younger son always first to get put out in a NERF war with his older siblings and friends? A line of new NERF for boys ensures that is a problem you can put in the past. With the rebooted small shooters, you can plan a sneak attack direct from your behind your back.

Some of this year’s smaller (but powerful) shooters are:


NERF N-Strike Compact Stealth Blaster

This blaster has been released a few times before, but in 2012, there are supposed to be new colors to choose from. Plus, it’s equipped with extra-quiet whistler darts that won’t give away your position to the opponent. Pocket-sized and forceful, this blaster shoots a dart at a time with 2 spares for quick reload. It’s the shooter you can literally spring on your competitor when they absolutely least expect it.


NERF N-Strike Jolt Ex-1 Blaster

Another shooter that deserves a reboot, this blaster is a 2-shot powerhouse. The whistler darts are bright orange, so you’ll be able to find them later after the commotion has died down. Ultra sneaky and a quick fan favorite, it’s a gun for those who want to get off their shot and then run away giggling. Little brothers will appreciate this one!


NERF N-Strike Maverick

A blaster that varies in color, this gun has been re-released several times; each time with better range and fire power. While it’s not a pocket-sized surprise, it’s still a quiet alternative for your inner ninja. Blasting up to 6 darts per clip, it still maintains the flip-action of tried and true Nerf guns from years past.


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