Sunday, October 14, 2012

Toys For 5 Year Old Boys - From Power Wheels

Power Wheels Dune Racer Ride On
The best toys for 5 year old boys will be something that strikes their creative and adventurous interests. It’d be something with power, speed, kick, and control – something like the Dune Racer Ride On from Power Wheels. Equipped with top of the line traction and thick tires for a bonded grip, this vehicle has the ability to reach speeds of 5 mph; a fast rider for rambunctious tykes. In reverse, the speed is reduced to 2.5 mph (safety first!) while a 12-volt battery and charger powers it all. The vibrant green and black design is appealing to the monster side of growing boys, while flashy chrome decals and designs cater to their inner racer.

A two-seater vehicle, the Dune Racer also features a roomy cockpit design with seat belts and an under the hood storage. It makes cleaning up the yard easy! Kids can help with outdoor chores by carrying off stray branches and small objects to designated piles elsewhere. He’ll feel proud and accomplished for helping, and you’ll have a clean outdoor space.

Here’s what other parents are saying:

“Overall, this took me and a helper about 45 minutes to put together and another hour or so to charge completely. I was satisfied with the design, as the racer is low enough to the ground to be both safe and comfortable for kids to climb in and out of. There are also seat belts for added protection, and I was pleasantly surprised by the excellent traction. This little dune-buggy can go over anything!”

“So far, this vehicle has been great, except for one minor con… it’s difficult for my 3 year old to reach both pedals at the same time. The problem was fixed with a few pillows behind his back, but I think the manufacturers should bring the seat up an inch or two for shorter kids.”


Short video - Power Wheels Dune Racer:


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