Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Interactive Pets For Girls - From Bow Wow To Furbish

Furby Toys
The best girls toys 2012 are interactive, combining a girl’s need to nurture with her desire to own something super cute. Instead of opting for a goldfish or a hamster, parents are finding their kids can have more fun (and less mess) with pets that are battery-powered. The following lists the most popular from a top 10 list.


They’re baaack! Young parents will remember these from their days of begging Santa for a pet. Fortunately, these Furbies are not the ones we all used to know as kids. 2012 marks the revamping of the classic toy with more interactive options and a built-in intelligence. Furbies can actually learn! And their overall attitude will depend on how well they’re taken care of. Neglected Furbies will become disrespectful, while loved Furbies will give that love right back. Available in a slew of new and beautiful colors, this “pet” is otherworldly and talkative.

Dream Lites Pillow Pets Rainbow Unicorn

Dream Lites Pillow Pets Rainbow Unicorn

Designed to snuggle, these “pets” ward away the boogeymen that hide in the dark recesses of a child’s tired mind. This vibrant Unicorn is equipped with a starry panel on its back where light shines through to cast glimmering designs allover the ceiling. Kids can drift to dreamland knowing that they’re well-lit and protected by their soft, cuddling pal.

Bouncy My Happy-to-See-Me Pup

Bouncy My Happy-to-See-Me Pup from FurReal Friends

Has your little girl been pleading for a puppy? One that will greet her at the door happily as she comes home from school? Give her the yapping ball of cuteness without the accidents! This electronic pup spins and jumps while making playful sounds of joy. She practically begs to be cuddled, and her fur feels like a real pup! It’s a great way for children to showcase their responsibility before adults make the decision to get them a real pet.


Here is a video for the much-loved-for-2012 Furby toys this year:


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