Sunday, October 14, 2012

Transformers for Kre-O - The Robo Boys

Transformers have been a huge hit this year, prompting some companies to go all-out with their merchandising. However, where some companies have fallen flat with rip-off ideas, others have succeeded in catching the attention of families with small, adventurous children. This year’s new KRE-O toys feature Transformer action figures in ways very few companies have ever thought to portray them. They’re fully articulated, functional, and built with durable material, capable of withstanding the normal wear and tear that a little boy can inflict on his favorite play-things.

The toys that are expected to make the biggest splash this season are:


Transformers Street Showdown Set

This simple set consists of 2 mega Transformers (Wheel Jack and Knock Out), 2 mini-figurines for combat, 2 drive figurines, several weapons, and a piece of the ultimate Dark Energon. To gain the other pieces of the Dark Energon and complete the powerful weapon, other sets must be purchased, putting together a Transformers army of Kre-o proportions.


Transformers Optimus Prime Construction Set

Built to withstand hoards of the enemy bots and Kreon soldiers alike, this Optimus Prime action figure is probably one of the more detailed versions your son will ever own.  All of the things that make this Autobot great in the movies and books are present in the design, from his intimidating stance and determined glare to his balled fists of heavy fury and his transformation to a huge semi-hauler.


Transformers Construction Site Devastator

One of the most feared Decepticon weapons of all time, the Devastator shows no mercy! In this set of 560 buildable pieces, 4 smaller robots combine to make the monstrous destroyer, striking fear into the hearts’ of men and the engines of Autobots. All action figures are articulate and poseable, while all vehicles have functioning wheels and moveable attached weaponry.


For more info on this and other new toys from the KRE-O lineup, visit:


You can also get more info at the official Hasbro KRE-O site:

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