Sunday, October 14, 2012

Toys For Adventurous Boys - 4 Years and Up

Fisher-Price Imaginext Eagle Talon Castle
Little boys these days are in touch with their adventurous side. They crave new worlds where uncovering buried treasure, fending off a fortress from an angry dragon, or rescuing distressing damsels is an everyday occurrence. The four year old boys toys 2012 reflect this desire for all things life-changing and amazing, offering children the opportunity to let their imaginations run free. What could be better? How about the Fisher-Price Imaginext Eagle Talon Castle! This set is bold and expansive; the perfect setting for a royal endeavor or a lengthy battle between noble knights. If an adult is coming up with just these scenarios, imagine what a kid could do.

What’s included with this set?

The castle unfolds to be 3 feet wide and almost as tall with a functional drawbridge and several hidden modes of defense against attack. There are tons of cool actions that can actually be activated by the figurines that come with the set. The castle recognizes which figurine is approaching and acts accordingly. If an Ogre is among the townspeople, the castle sounds an alarm, indicating the need for defense against the impending monster.


Unfortunately, some of the figurines are sold separately. This includes the aforementioned Ogre, but also a Dragon and few other “monsters” and knights who seek to invade the fortress. There’s also the issue with price. An option of a warranty is given upon check out, but it comes at a cost of almost $15 extra – putting this set at almost $70. It’s a little too steep in the opinion of most parents.

Overall, this set is ideal for kids who want to experience adventure from a bird’s eye view. Masters over their buildable domain, little boys will love using their deepest voices to command the armies and save their castle from destruction.

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