Sunday, October 28, 2012

Arts & Crafts For Blooming Rembrandts 2012-2013

Does your mini diva worry constantly over a sketchbook, trying to perfect her fashion ideas? Or is she more enamored with the thought of creating the perfect landscape? If your daughter can tell the difference between Van Gogh or Rembrandt, or if she’s adept at reading and quoting trendy fashion magazines, the following toys are creative outlets you might want to consider. Ranked in a scale of the top 10 toys for 9 year old girls, these imaginative devices teach patience and concentration while enhancing your child’s adamant artistic abilities.


Fashion Angels Monster High Artist Tote Compact Portfolio Set

Monster High Artist Set @ Amazon
Monster High is one of the most popular webisodes amongst growing girls today! These trendy and morbidly amazing teens are the daughters and sons of some of the most well-known monsters in history. With this set, your little lady can display her love for all things Monster High with a shoulder tote to carry all of her artsy treasures. A spiral bound sketch portfolio is equipped with a plastic cover for protection and drawing security, while 40 high-quality pages offer the perfect surface for a variety of creative mediums. Markers are guaranteed to never bleed through and are actually included in the set! There are also 4 plastic fashion-related stencil sheets with 110 stencil shapes. It’s a fashion-friendly, monstrously good time!


Crayola Light Designer @ Amazon
Crayola Light Designer

Tried and true, Crayola has done it again with a product that takes drawing to a new level of surreal. The 3D surface is shaped like a cone with a backlight to make your child’s creations appear alive. A set of touch-point plastic brushes allows for “painting” directly on the surface as pictures take on a life of their own. There’s no mess and no clean-up for later, making this the perfect present in the eyes of parents!


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