Sunday, November 23, 2008

Kids Games for Wii - Best for 2008

Mario from the Mario Brothers and GamesThis year (2008) the Best Wii Games for Kids are one heck of a lineup, and have some of the most enjoyable family entertainment I've ever seen!

(These Kids Games for Wii are ranked per popularity as well as ratings.) And without further adieu, here we goooooooooooo!
  1. Nintendo Mario Kart for Wii - This is a great addition to the Nintendo Wii Mario Games, due to the fact that it comes packed with a special steering wheel (called the Wii Wheel) that makes the driving much more realistic in the game, and also makes it simpler and easier for younger kids to participate in the game. There are new racetracks, great graphics, and of course you feel like you are driving - for real while you're playing it. Nice choice for #1 kids game for Wii.

  2. Lego Star Wars for Wii - The Complete Saga - This game is so hot that it was also ranking in the top of the charts last year (2007) as a great game for kids - but take note that it is rated E-10 for children 10 years and older for some violence in the game. But - what a great Wii game! Players can make their way through all 6 Star Wars movies ("epidodes"), all the while having their Legos characters conquer the evil Empire. If you love "funny" to go along with your games, this is a great choice.

  3. Super Mario Galaxy on Wii - Woo Hoo! I love this one myself - Mario shoots through the galaxy with zero gravity, making his travel more fun than ever before. He sure is a gallant guy that Mario - he's still collecting stars for the lovely Princess Peach and to conquer the evil Bowser. Love it.

  4. Nintendo Wii Play with Remote - As the name states, the game comes packed with a Wii Remote, and there are many games to choose from. The majority of them are pretty traditional (hockey, table tennis, etc.) but with a modern twist of extraordinary graphics and extremely accurate play. The games included with Nintendo Wii Play are so fun, they may never go out of style.

  5. Active Life Outdoor Challenge for Wii - This is a whole new type of game, and is exclusive to the Wii. It comes packaged with a special mat that is used to stand or sit on while playing all sorts of outdoor games and challenging activities. There's no getting lazy with this game! It really gets kids up and moving, and having great fun. (I expect that this one may increase even more in popularity as time goes on.)
There they are - those are the Top Kids Games for Wii - kids are bound to love these and stay entertained for hours at a time. They're great games for families to play together too!

All for now - gotta go play! :-)

Tonya B.
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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Wii Console and Accessories - Scarcity and Solution

Wii Console and RemoteWii Console and Accessories: A Guide to Buying Them Online

2008 is proving to be a sort of a "re-run" of last year, when the Wii Console and Accessories (especially the console) became in such high demand that they were very difficult to find online and offline - and when they're in stock in regular stores people stand in line for hours...


This year I became much more interested in researching the Wii console, accessories and games (especially for kids) and have figured something out - the shortage for the console can be solved by shopping online, and if you're going to be shopping for games and/or accessories separately the resource I am about to reveal will become especially handy - EBAY! Go figure, huh? (And you may have already figured that out.)

Note: Cost (retail) for the console is around $250-$300, at least as of this writing, and if you're in shopping mode keep that in mind for the price you pay - some merchants may take a bit of advantage of the shortage and charge you more for it.

Here are some quick links to eBay that will work for you, depending on what you are looking for - they may not be perfect, but they will filter out much of what you don't want to "wade through" while looking:
Many people are hunting high and low for the Wii Console and Accessories - in hopes of avoiding the (believed) unavoidable 1-2 hour line at the electronics store. I feel your pain! And I hope that this info helps you out. :-D

PS: I also created a special web page on Squidoo that might help you, if this post doesn't cut it:
All for now -

Tonya B.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

List of Retired Webkinz as of November, 2008

Retired Webkinz LogoI've been hearing more of a call recently to get an updated, complete List of Retired Webkinz - and being the Webkinz fan that I am, I will dutifully comply. :)

I've created the entire list here, along with estimated price information for each - the list is current as of November, 2008.

(Note: Prices are based on approximate average sales prices, from the links given below - it's also only for unopened, new Webkinz complete with tags - Sorry, Lil' Kinz not included in this list.)

Here is the November 2008 List of Retired Webkinz - given in alphabetical order:
Some tips -

First, if you are shopping right now for a Retired Webkinz I recommend that you use the list above - it will take you to eBay auctions that are exclusive to that particular Retired Webkinz - so you can find what you want quickly. (You can bookmark this post if you need to come back to it.)

Also - the prices given to the right of each Webkinz are intended as a a guideline and are an estimate given so you will know what to expect to pay - and you don't over-pay if bidding goes much above the estimated price.

I hope that this Retired Webkinz List is a helpful resource to you!!!

Ya just gotta love Webkinz. :-)


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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Lego Agents Toys: Mobile Command Center

Lego Agents Mobile Command CenterThe most popular toy in the is the Mobile Command Center for kids. It comes in at the #1 position of the best toys for 8-11 year olds, and is predicted to be one of the hottest selling toys of the Christmas Season 2008.

What Lego Agents Toys are about: The Lego Agents series of toys is a sort of a combination of building and action with a "secret agent" theme.

The main idea is to protect Secret Agent headquarters (the good guys) from the evil Dr. Inferno and his minions, and to ensure that Dr. Inferno remains captive.

Lego "Agents" toys (Mobile Command Center included) is far more than just a set of Lego toys - there is fun and interesting spy technology coupled with various missions and is just as much of a strategy game as it is a building set.

Much fun for kids - manufacturer recommended age is 8-14, as it is more complex than simpler Lego toys.

And - I hear that adults are having a lot of fun with it too -- it truly is a fun strategy game to keep kids (and "big kids") interested and having fun for hours and hours...

For 2008, I vote a big "thumbs up" for the Lego Agents Toys - Mobile Command Center, since it definitely evokes the imagination and creativity of older kids and early teens.

Where to Buy Lego Agents Toys - Mobile Command Center (and other Lego "Agents" toys) - the best price I've seen is at - it's price tag is around $70 in the "used and new available"part of the store and it's retail price is actually around $90 (which incidentally is about the price it's going for on eBay).

You'll definitely get a great deal here:
Happy building!

All for now -

Tonya B.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Ultimate Wall-E by Thinkway Toys: Where to Get it and More...

Ultimate Wall-E by Thinkway ToysWhere to Get Ultimate Wall-E by Thinkway Toys and More about the Cute Little Guy...

The Ultimate Wall-E Toy by Thinkway Toys is a perfect example of the kids toys technology evolution - it's one of the hottest-selling, Top 10 Toys for Kids 2008/2009, as well as in the Top 5 Toys for 8-11 year olds.

But - perhaps the most noticeable thing (for adults) about the Ultimate Wall-E by Thinkway Toys is the price - I'm going to just go ahead and "say" this out loud - $500 for a toy robot? (Long whistle...) Really?! Boy, for that price, it better be good.

Guess what? It is. :)

Let's take a look - here is a video of the Ultimate Wall-E by Thinkway - a demonstration, before he was released in November:

The Ultimate Wall-E by Thinkway has over 1000 combinations of movements and actions that can be programmed by remote control. 1000! OK, so what else, you might be asking - ?
  • He can sing and dance along with kids
  • Comes with his own MP3 pack, to become it's own MP3 sound system
  • He's powered by 10 motors and 2 microprocessors for accurate sensory motion and action
  • He has several different "modes" including Follow-U, explore, Dance, MP3 Music, Program (with interactive talk-back)
  • There's more too...
This is the closest thing to the real-thing, and is very much like having Wall-E come right out of the movie screen and into a kid's home.

Children absolutely love this toy - in fact, it's already low in stock in various places that are selling it online, and it was only released a few days ago!

Where to Buy Ultimate Wall-E by Thinkway: The best price that I've seen for the Ultimate Wall-E is on eBay. He's selling (as of this writing) for around $500 in online stores, and it's possible that you might end up paying about the same amount on eBay.

Here are the soonest-ending auctions happening right now on eBay for the Ultimate Wall-E from Thinkway:

Another place to check it out is Amazon:
Merry Christmas and a Happy 2009 to all Wall-E fans out there - the Ultimate Wall-E may just be THE most popular toy for kids in the next full year - I wouldn't at all be surprised. :-D

All for now -

Tonya B.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Learn and Groove Table from Leap Frog

Leap Frog Learn and Groove TableLeap Frog Learn and Groove Musical Table

The Learn and Groove Table from Leap Frog is one of the most loved and practical toys for babies and toddlers (ages 6 mos-3 years) and falls under the Top 5 Baby Toys for 2008/2009.

There are 15 learning activities for little ones with the Learn and Groove table, as well as over 40 songs and melodies to play with.

The learning level includes introduction of shapes, colors, numbers and children's first counting (1-10) in both English and Spanish. Also, there is learning about opposites for the older children who play with it.

The table can be adjusted with it's removable legs, so that crawlingLearn and Groove Table with cute little boy babies can access the tabletop just as easily as walking toddlers, making it easy for pushing buttons, playing songs and more.

The Learn and Groove Table is constructed from hard, colorful plastic and is sturdy to take plenty of playtime.

My favorite thing about the Learn and Groove Table: There are all kinds of things for little ones to play with, and as they grow, they will become more interested in learning about their "next level" - all with the same toy.

Where to get it for the best price: Retail price is around $40.00, and costs about the same on Amazon (as of this writing), but it is an item that qualifies for free shipping, making it nice to not have to go out and buy it, saving time and gas money.
There is another option - I have seen some auctions for this item on eBay, and there is a chance that you can get the Learn and Groove Table from Leap Frog for less there. FYI: The "Buy it Now" price has still been around $40, and keep in mind you may have to pay for shipping costs.

You can check out eBay too...
If you'd like a toy or a gift for a baby age 6 mos to 3 years, the Learn and Groove Table is a great choice - it offers fun, plenty of learning and helps little ones to increase their coordination and skills at a very young age.

All for now -

Tonya B.

Friday, November 7, 2008

U-Dance Game from Hasbro (and Chris Brown!)

U-Dance Game from HasbroThe U-Dance Game from Hasbro - Among the Top 10 Toys for Kids and the Top 5 Toys for 8-11 Year Olds for 2008/2009

If you are a fan of "Dance Revolution", you will absolutely love the new U-Dance game from Hasbro. It's taken on-screen dance games to a whole new level!

Why the U-Dance game from Hasbro is better than other dance games - there are very accurate motion sensors that get strapped onto the feet - then when you make your dance moves, the game and screen pick it up.

With this game you can dance without having to step in specific places on a game mat, or payU-Dance Game from Hasbro in Action much attention to the floor at all! You can do your own thing - this design really frees up the dancing in the game and doesn't limit the amount of space you can use or where you can step.

Chris Brown promoted this game recently on the Ellen Degeneres show, and he appears in the U-Dance Game from Hasbro commercial as well. And - there is some Chris Brown music that comes with the game!

Lots and lots and lots of fun - it's no wonder that this is already one of the top sellers for 2008, and is predicted to blow the socks off other on-screen dance games this year, and in 2009!

Age Info: The U-Dance Game from Hasbro is for kids (adults too) ages 5 and older (manufacturer recommended age is 5-12).

Pricing Info - Where to buy the U-Dance Game from Hasbro Online: There is currently a nice markdown on the price (as of this writing) - it retails for around $75.00, but you can get it for about $10.00 less, usually:
I think that many kids - adults too - will really get a kick out of the U-Dance Game from Hasbro this year - next year too, and the next...

All for now!

Tonya B.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Munchkin Mozart Cube - Musical Fun for Babies 2008

Munchkin Mozart Cube for BabiesMunchkin Mozart Cube - A "Musical Breakthrough" for Babies - Hot-Selling Baby Toy for 2008

One of the Top Baby Toys 0-2 years for latter 2008 and into 2009 is the Munchkin Mozart Cube for Babies.

This toy really is a full step above (plus some) from other musical baby toys - it has 5 instruments for baby to choose from, allowing single or combinations of musical Mozart melodies, so baby can get a feel for creating combinations of musical (and beautiful) sounds.

Nice idea!

Safety and other information on the Munchkin Mozart Cube: The toy has rounded edges for baby's safety, durable plastic - and is an award winner from the "Parents Choice Approved" and also has a seal of approval from National Parenting Center.

Looking for a great gift for almost any baby? The Munchkin Mozart Cube is an excellent choice, and is for babies of any age from infant on up to toddler.

Where to Buy Munchkin Mozart Cube: My best recommendation is - at this writing (early Nov 08), it is about 30% off retail, and is also eligible for free shipping - you pretty much can't beat that deal.

Munchkin Mozart Magic Cube is sure to bring delight to our very littlest people - and in my opinion is one of the best ideas in baby toys to come around ever. :D

All for now -

Tonya B.

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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Crayola Glow Station for Kids - Hot Seller for Christmas 2008

Crayola Glow Station for Kids
The Crayola Glow Station - Create With Light!

Another very hot seller in the toys lineup this year is the Crayola Glow Station - it falls in the Top 10 Toys for Kids, as well as the Top 5 toys 5-7 years of age.

This is one of my personal favorites of all the toys that are selling like hotcakes this year (and projected to sell more for the Christmas Season 2008) - it's an incredibly creative toy - leaving a lot to kids' imaginations!

Here's how it works - The Crayola Glow Station comes with a glow in the dark canvas and a special light pen - when the light pen comes in contact with the canvas it creates glow in the dark images, which is great fun for kids - especially kids who love glow in the dark toys, and when they can see their own creations in the dark, it's especially fun.

Crayola Glow station comes with stencils that kids can use, but kids can also draw freehand and see how far their individual creativity can take them!

Recommended for kids 6-15 years of age.

Where to Buy the Crayola Glow Station Online:

Find Crayola Glow Station @

(As a note, Amazon is my very favorite resource for kids' toys - you can almost always find exactly what you want, for the lowest prices possible - free shipping too a good amount of the time.)

If you're looking for a gift for a creative child this year, I highly recommend the Crayola Glow Station - it's on my personal "very best for kids" list. :)

All for now -

Tonya B.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Bratz Girlz Really Rock Dolls

Bratz Girlz Really Rock Movie PhotoJade, Sasha, Yasmin and Cloe - The Bratz Girlz Really Rock! Dolls 2008

The Bratz Girlz Really Rock! Dolls are a great follow-up to the movie and are officially one of the Top 10 Toys for Kids 2008/2009, and in the Top 5 Toys for Kids Ages 8-11 Years. (The Age recommended from the manufacturer is 6-10 years.)

There are 4 Bratz Girlz Really Rock Dolls - Jade, Sasha, Yasmin and Cloe - each has her own individual rock-star style and fashion, as well as her own musical instrument.

If you're looking for a toy for a girl age 6-10 years (or so) who loves the Bratz Girlz - which is many many girls in this age range by the way - these tend to be a big hit. Some girls like to collect them, while some have a single favorite.

Shopping tip for collectors: has a pretty good deal on these - when you purchase multiple dolls there is a discount, so you pay less for each one.

Shopping tip #2: I checked where to get the Bratz Girlz Really Rock! Dolls for the best price, and the lowest I could find at this point is Amazon - each individual doll is priced at $19.99, and is eligible for the Free Super Saver shipping, if you're not in a huge rush to get it. (eBay prices on these dolls are higher, and it's likely that you would have to pay shipping costs as well.):
About Bratz Girlz Really Rock! Dolls and Movie: For those who are not familiar with the movie and the dolls, the basic theme of the story is the Bratz Girlz band enter and win a band contest at summer camp - the result is many girls' dream - becoming a rock star. The movie follows this story, and the dolls follow up the movie so that girls can act out their favorite Bratz Girlz Really Rock doll's musical rock adventures.

If you would like to take a brief look for yourself, here is a short trailer for the movie, "Bratz Girlz Really Rock!" - Note: The video starts with a somewhat startling school alarm, so you might want to turn down the speaker volume a bit when you start it. :) -

Pretty fun stuff for the young ladies! :)

All for now -

Tonya B.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Kota the Triceratops from Playskool

Kota the Triceratops from Playskool with Little GirlKota the Triceratops from Playskool - One of the Hottest Selling Toys for Christmas 2008

Since I first saw Kota the Triceratops from Playskool I knew that little kids everywhere would want one. Sure enough, he is on a couple of the "hot sellers" lists this year - Top 10 Toys for Kids 2008 and Top Kids Toys 2-4 years - also for 2008. (Note: Manufacturer recommended age is 3-5 years.)

Kota the Triceratops from Playskool is one of the more advanced toys for smaller children on the market - he is quite animated, and responds to voices and touch with cute roaring and laughing sounds - he has other animated features as well.

Kota is also made specifically to be ridden by small children, allowing kids to climb aboard and have a great time!

If you haven't seen him in action yet, here is a short video for Kota the Triceratops from Playskool below:

This is one of the more high-end toys for 2008/2009, retailing for around $300. However Kota can be purchased from for about $60 less (as of this writing), for about $240.00 and is eligible for Amazon's free super-saver shipping too.
You can also check out eBay auctions for Kota the Triceratops from Playskool, but so far what I've seen is that the auction prices get higher than what he can be bought for at Amazon, so if you're wanting a good deal and you want to purchase and receive the toy fairly quickly I think your best bet to buy Kota the Triceratops from Playskool is definitely

(Note - the auctions may change so it's always worth giving eBay at least a check.)

All for now!

Tonya B.

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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Etch-A-Sketch 100th Anniversary - Still a Best-seller!

Etch-A-Sketch 100th Anniversary Collector TinAfter 100 Years, Etch-A-Sketch is Still Going Strong...

If you have kids - or if you are a kid, you most probably have an Etch-A-Sketch somewhere in your home. (Most people own one at one time or another.) For the Etch-A-Sketch 100th Anniversary, they have created a collector's version in a special tin to mark the occasion - AND it's become one of the top toys for kids age 5-7 coming into the holiday season for 2008!

When I saw the Etch-A-Sketch 100th Anniversary Collector's Edition in the "hottest toys" lineup I just had to smile.

The Etch-A-Sketch is one of the most creative toys ever created, and it's not a big surprise to me that it's still one of the top-selling toys for kids on the market - even after 100 years.

Kids and adults will love the Etch-A-Sketch 100th Anniversary tin - it's a very special toy representing a landmark for a very special toy company - Ohio Arts.

Cost info: The Etch-A-Sketch 100th Anniversary tin runs around $25.00 - I haven't been able to find it at a discounted price, but that's not a huge surprise, and in my opinion it's worth every penny.

Click Here to find the Etch-A-Sketch 100th Anniversary Collector's Edition @

This could make a nice Christmas gift for not only kids, but for adults who have fond memories of the Etch-A-Sketch and might have fun playing with it again! :-D

All for now -

Tonya B.

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