Sunday, May 10, 2009

Educational Wii Games for Kids (Grownups Too!)

Wii games are great for basically one thing - having lots of fun! And Educational Wii Games are not an exception to this - the games available with an educational focus are no less fun than the other games available - especially for those who enjoy mental challenges.

At this writing, the educational Wii games available are aimed toward players 8 years and older (there are no very young or "early learning" types of games available yet)- they are just as much fun to play for adults as they are for kids - making them the perfect games to play together as a family.

Here are a few educational Wii games to check out:Big Brain Academy Wii Educational Game
  • Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree - These games involve "quick thinking" along the lines of math/numbers, memory and visual recognition. This is the top-selling of the Wii educational games at this point, and has quite high consumer ratings for both challenge and "funnability". =)
  • Smarty Pants Educational Wii Game CoverSmarty Pants for Wii - This is my favorite for the kids among what is available for educational Wii games. The reason is that when the game is first started and the player creates his or her "Mii" (a personalized character for the game), the players age is given so that the questions are age appropriate and the game is not either too easy or too challenging - no matter the age. Rather than being focused on typical educational subjects, the challenges are diversified and cover a wide range of information. Adults enjoy this game as a sort of "Wii version of Trivial Pursuit".My Word Coach for Wii Game Cover
  • My Word Coach for Wii - As the name implies, this Wii set of games focuses on words and their meanings. This is a great way to increase vocabulary and have fun at the same time. There is a down-side though when kids are concerned - as the game goes on, the difficulty level increases, making the game too difficult for kids at a certain point and it can make the game pretty frustrating. One solution for this is simply to play the game to a certain level where kids are concerned and gradually have them work into more difficult words in separate game sessions.
There are a few more Wii Educational Games, but these are the highlights for what's currently available. I expect we'll see more of these in the not-too-distant future due to the fact that there is a pretty strong demand for them and a relatively low supply. I'll "keep my ear to the ground" on this subject, and will be posting more info on the Wii Educational lineup as soon as something new pops up.

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