Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Discovery Video Games!

Dolphin Discovery Video Game Cover
Hey kid shoppers - you may or may not have heard about Discovery Video Games - they are a relatively new product from the Discovery Channel, specifically for children.

There are four games in all - all for the Nintendo DS, including Dolphin Discovery (shown left), Puppy Playtime, Kitten Corner and Pony Paradise.

When I looked into these games, one thing that stood out to me as being special is the fact that there are some pretty nifty "twists" - for example in the Dolphin Discovery game, kids learn how to train a dolphin to be a star performer (teaching the dolphin various types of tricks to perform in front of audiences). Puppy Playtime is a game where kids learn how to bring up a puppy, raise the pup into a dog - but also to teach it how to serve as a rescue dog!

The products from the Discovery Channel have consistently impressed me as being high quality and more fun than average toys and games - Discovery Video Games is no exception! These are not only educational but could very well be some of the most entertaining games for young kids on the Nintendo DS.

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Tonya B.

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