Monday, May 18, 2009

Discovery Kids Games 2009

Discovery Kids Games! These are games that are not only entertaining for kids - but provide more mental challenge and incite more creativity than "the average kids game".

FYI: Most "Discovery Kids Games" are actually games produced by other manufacturers that are recommended for kids by Discovery and sold via their website.

However - (fairly) recently there have been some games for the Nintendo DS released by Discovery that are a fun and refreshing change for kids - to challenge them and help them learn more about the animal kingdom.

Rather than give a lot of information about each game available, I will refer you to a page that shows the top-selling games (non-video, as well as video) for kids that are also getting decent reviews - the Discovery Games for Kids page on Squidoo. If you visit that page, you will probably save some time in finding exactly the right game, since it lists out the top sellers, gives info on each one and none are listed there that have poor ratings or have proven to have poor quality.

I also highly recommend the DS games for kids - here's the current list available:
These are some fun learning games for even young children that also offer rather fun and unique challenges such as raising puppies into rescue dogs - not just a regular "feed 'em, play with 'em" scenario! Pretty nifty.

If you're interested in looking into those games, the links for them above can take you to Amazon Games where more information is provided, and you can buy the games right from there - for a decent price too!

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