Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Kids Telescopes from Discovery

Kids Discovery Sky and Land TelescopeOne thing that stands out to me about the Discovery Channel and their branching out into children's science toys, games, etc., is the quality of the work they put into their products for kids. Discovery Kids Telescopes are excellent products - proving that it is possible to make highly technical (and interesting) products for children!

The top seller from the lineup of telescopes is the Discovery Sky and Land Telescope(shown left) it's not a "toy" in terms of what most people think of along this line - it is actually a high quality telescope that has a high level of quality magnification, making it easy and fun for kids to observe the sky above as well as fun watching of things in the world around them!

What makes this telescope different from other telescopes? There are fewer of what you might call "bells and whistles" - it's not too complicated and the controls are also easy for smaller hands to maneuver. In my book, this makes this kids telescope from Discovery absolutely perfect - or as close as one can come! Kids don't need the "bells and whistles" - they just want to see interesting things up close. =)

Recommended Shopping: Sky and Land Telescope @ price!)

As a note, there are other Discovery Kids Telescopes (this one - in my opinion is the best, and also provides the best value). To find out more, visit the Kids Telescopes from Discovery page on Squidoo.

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