Friday, July 13, 2012

Uncle Milton Moon In My Room - For All Ages

The Uncle Milton Moon In My Room is advertised as one of the best toys for boys 6 years old and up -- but quite frankly, I'm 28 years old and still think this is really cool! It's captivating for people of all ages, especially if you grew up with those little glow-in-the-dark stars plastered across your ceiling. It's remote controlled and goes through the phases and cycles the real moon does. 

Admittedly, I originally bought the Uncle Milton Moon In My Room for my nephew on his 6th birthday, but it's a present he never received. Instead, curiosity got the better of me and the moon now hangs on the wall above my bed. It's become my calming focal point and meditation device in the dark evenings, after a long and stressful day at work.

It flows through the 12 phases with a glowing brightness that lights up my bedroom like the real moon outside the curtains would. The light is artificial but the appeal is real. Or I can push a button to see it sit on my favorite phase for hours -- the batteries aren't drained quickly and are easy to replace from any retail store. The phase it's set most on is crescent because it reminds me of my favorite movie, Alice in Wonderland -- it perfectly resembles the Cheshire Cat's grin!

While my nephew didn't get this birthday present (and doesn't realize it was initially intended for him), he loves to sleep in my room to watch the moon when he stays over. I'm thinking about purchasing a second one just for him -- one I promise to actually give to him this time -- because we've told the most outrageous and creative stories under the false light of the Uncle Milton Moon In My Room.


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Snap Circuits Jr. SC-100 - For Blossoming Brainiacs

The best toys for 10 year old boys will nourish their flourishing need to learn how things function. The Snap Circuits Jr. SC-100 is for those scientific genuises in training -- the kids who have taken all of their electronics apart and put them back together, just to see how everything works. There are 101 DIY projects (with over 30 parts) to be made with the help of instructions and a child's creative imagination.

How does it work?

The great thing about the Snap Circuits Jr. SC-100 is that it's not intimidating, so children won't feel pressured into making something perfect on the first try. The little snaps create circuits similar to what can be found in telephones, stereos. and speakers -- among other things. 2 AA batteries are all that is required, and kids can work for hours on one project at a time. It teaches little boys the importance of patience and concentration, giving them a feeling of ultimate accomplishment when their circuit system does what it was intended to do.

This isn't just an amusing method to build new things, it's also a kit rife with educational value. Kids will lbe educated in the basics of electricity, giving them the knowledge to regale their friends and families with what they've learned. There are no screwdrivers, soldering irons, or electric tape required!

One recommendation for the Snap Circuits Jr. SC-100 was made by a mother of a son with ADHD -- which is considered a brand of high-functioning autism. She insists this scientific kit is the ideal way to keep kids occupied, so those with autism or other childhood disorders won't become destructive. It vies them something to focus on -- something to feel proud of. With that in mind, the creators of the Snap Circuits Jr. SC-100 have released several other similar kits with more intricate projects for kids who need a bigger challenge.

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Melissa & Doug Wooden Shape Sorting Clock - The Ultimate Educational Multi-tasker - For Boys 4 Years

It can be a trick to buy good toys for 4 year old boys. They're at the age where something needs to be both educational to enhance their life-skills and entertaining to hold their attention. Which are two of the main reasons why the Melissa & Doug Wooden Shape Sorting Clock is one of the best M & D toys on the market. It's the ultimate educational multi-tasker -- able to teach numerous essential lessons while immersing toddlers in hours of fun.

What can a child learn from the Melissa & Doug Wooden Shape Sorting Clock?

The Melissa & Doug Wooden Shape Sorting Clock is also available for more traditional venues of education and amusement. One such method is the obvious telling of time on the wooden clock. The removable blocks count up from 1 to 12 around a clock face, all while being followed by an hour and minute hand that extends from the center of the circle -- just like a real clock. There are also seconds counted from 5 to 60 with indicators to let a toddler know when it's half past, a quarter past, and a quarter before a certain hour.

The M & D sorting clock packet comes with a list of extended activities printed on the back. Some include learning colors, counting higher than 10, improving motor skills through finding the correct hole for the wooden shapes, and making up games to encompass the colorful wheels.

Children, especially little boys, learn in different ways -- sometimes surprising the parents who observe their playtime. For example, once the child thinks certain activities (such as counting) has gotten boring, they might create a game where the numbered shapes are fish, people, mythical creatures, etc. This allows them to learn further from the Melissa & Doug Wooden Shape Sorting Clock, only in a more imaginative and creative way that best suits their needs.

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LEGO Ultimate Building Set - The Time-Honored Toy

Hitting the list of the best toys for boys 8 years of age this year - The LEGO Ultimate Building Set is a time-honored tradition through households across the world. Why? Because it's simple, combining basic building blocks with the complex power of a child's constructive imagination. While painful for parents with bare feet, these LEGOs are meant for children with creative urges, encouraging them to build what they see in their daydreams.

Is this a starter set?

Yes! Complete with 405 LEGO pieces of varying shapes, colors, and sizes, this is name the LEGO Ultimate Building Set for a reason. It also includes a nifty container, capable of storing all loose LEGOs when they're not being played with -- which creates less of a hazard zone for those aforementioned bare-footed parents. There are also a building plate (flat green surfaces), numerous minifigures, several windows & doors, and a few wheels. Then there are the building instructions for at least 5 structures, and construction instructions for over 20 more -- just in case your little boy needs a jolt to his creativity.

The LEGO Ultimate Building Set is rated as a 5 star toy on all aspects, including durability, assembly, ease of clean-up, educational value, and fun factor. As kids becomes more adept at creating from this set, they can add to their collection; afterall, LEGOs are designed to be collected with the ability to match and fit other similar LEGO sets.

The downfall? The LEGO Ultimate Building Set isn't cheap. However, when taken care of, these building blocks will last decades. There are some people who still have their LEGO sets from the 1970's! Considering how much use and amusement kids will get out of this set, the price isn't really a downfall -- more like a slight annoyance that goes away with every imaginative structure built.

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LEGO The Lord of the Rings Urak-Hai Army - Defend and Conquer!

One of the top ten toys for ten year old boys is the LEGO The Lord of the Rings Urak-Hai Army; a LEGO set featuring all the shock and awe of a LOTR battle as the people of Rohan defend their fortress for the last time. Can the Urak-Hai win this fight? Or will the people of Rohan prevail again, with the help of their beloved friend, √Čomer? It's too soon to tell as the fight rages on, controlled by the imagination of your little LEGO master and his creative combat skills.

What's included in the set?

This LEGO set contains 6 minifigures, a horse, pieces for a rolling hook shooter, the LEGO bits for the fortress wall, and a slew of weapons & accessories. For those who aren't savvy to the LOTR lingo, the Urak-hai are a legion of super orcs -- meaning they're the huge, extremely ugly, and moreso hateful bad guys. The Rohan are the last of their breed -- soldiers who rely on their might and less on their magic. It's all brute strength when fighting the Urak-Hai Army and your little soldier needs to be prepared -- that's where the minifigures of √Čomer and a fellow Rohan friend come in, helping to save the day.

The best part about the LEGO The Lord of the Rings Urak-Hai Army is, like in the movies, LOTR doesn't end here. There is a whole LEGO world of LOTR gadgets, conveying specific scenes from the films and books -- the most epic moments. Kids or hardcore LOTR fans can collect them all to create their own festive memories in the Shire, or delve into the mounds of Moria. It all begins with this single step towards indulging your inner dork or your child's flourishing mental capacity for fantastic stories.

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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Razor A Kick Scooter - For Mobile Kids

Most parents believe the perfect toys for 5 year old boys would be something technological or scientific -- something that would keep them indoors and out of trouble. They don't consider the fact that it's a fast world we live in, constantly changing and evolving in both negative and positive ways. It's very easy for children now to become addicted to indoor adventures on their new XBox games and interactive cellphone apps. Instead of giving kids the fickle gift of technology too soon, encourage them to enjoy the outdoors a little longer with the Razor A Kick Scooter.

What makes the Razor A Kick Scooter the better alternative to a video game?

Scooters have been around for decades, but the Razor A Kick Scooter is the souped up version of what adults had as children. Some kids become pros overnight, while others will find it's a trick to balance and scoot at the same time. Fortunately, since little boys are always on their feet when it comes to these types of scooters, there is almost no possibility of fall-related injuries. If their balance fails or the scooter gets caught on a rock, kids are left still standing. Albeit, helmets and the usual scooter gear is always a good idea.

The Razor A Kick Scooter is considered a transition -- taking kids from their preschool trikes and toddler bikes to their big boy toys. Children can't get that kind of genuine feel of accomplishment and entertainment from an indoor video game, especially one that is meant for adults or teens, and doesn't provide anything educational to the value of a child's mind. These scooters are great for little boys who rely on walking to get the 5 minutes to school -- or just casual small trips to a friend's house in a trusted neighborhood. It's the ultimate independent appeal for mobile kids.

Angry Birds: On Thin Ice Game - No App Required

The Angry Birds game has been made popular through an application that's available for download on most IPad systems. Unfortunately, technological gadgets like those don't make the best toys for boys 5 years old and younger. The Angry Birds: On Thin Ice Game is more stable for child use -- and it would fare much better if it were ever accidentally dropped, stepped on, or thrown haphazardly down a flight of stairs. This automatically makes it a greater toy over an IPad, because no one can guarantee Angry Birds would function after the normal abuse a child can dish out to their toys.

How does it work?

The Angry Birds: On Thin Ice Game includes 2 Angry Birds, 3 green pigs, 1 slingshot catapult with launcher, and several structure pieces. There are also mission cards that instruct children how to set up the green pig's fortress, all so the Angry Birds can free their friends and knock the structures down again. There are the usual additions to make the game harder, as well. For example, construction helmets might make the pigs a littler less easy to demolish, while an exploding TNT box could prove fatal and send the blocks tumbling down.

This game is best played with 2-4 players of 5 years of age and older. Little boys will find it especially fun because they can make sounds as the blocks fall, imitating the reverberating BOOM! of the dynamite as it sends the malicious green pigs flying to oblivion.

The downside of the Angry Birds: On Thin Ice Game would be that younger children might find it difficult to play without parental supervision. The mission cards might display complex structures, making it harder as the game wears on. It also takes a great deal of patience to hit anything with the catapult; therefore, this could also serve as a lesson on good gaming sportsmanship to normally impatient kids.


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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Star Explosion Glow In The Dark - Super Nova!

I'm a writer; an imaginative and creative person with the desire to weave daydreams and tales of wonder for passionate people. This also means that my children are treated to new stories every night for bedtime -- some of them involving the stars and myths surrounding certain constellations. The Star Explosion Glow In The Dark has made that an easier task! Originally purchased based on the top 10 science toys rating, my children and I are making memories every evening based on what we see on their ceiling. It's like looking at the clouds and wondering what shapes they make -- except my kids haven't lost their ability to imagine; therefore, the stories we create are outrageous and always full of adventure. All because of a few glow-in-the-dark additives to their bedroom decor.

What is included in the Star Explosion set?

There are 700 pieces in the Star Explosion Glow In The Dark package! It's like having a planetarium delivered to your doorstep; an entire universe purchased for just under $15. There's everything you could imagine when it comes to celestial stickers -- from galaxies with huge loops and spirals, to comets trailing glowing plastic tails.

How does it work?

The planets and stars have special adhesive on their backs, making it easier to secure them to the ceiling or anywhere else. Each time the shapes are exposed to light, the surfaces will recharge so when the lights go out, they'll glow! There's no order to where you have to stick them and no particular design. You and your kids have free reign over what constellations are made and where all the asteroids are headed -- just use your imagination. The Star Explosion Glow In The Dark can be as much a delight to adults as it is for children.


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Melissa & Doug Deluxe Magnetic Responsibility Chart - To Chore, Or Not To Chore

Fast forward -- it's the weekend, and there are chores to be done. Your mission today is to get your children motivated enough to help you around the house, but they're not buying the whole act of "a clean home is a happy home." What do you do? Break out the Melissa & Doug Deluxe Magnetic Responsibility Chart! One of the most educational and best Melissa & Doug toys you could invest in, kids can watch the act of everyday chores develop into accomplishments that could earn them a prize when their goals are reached. Afterall, the average child won't care how much dust has collected on the curio cabinet -- or how many grease splatters there are on the stove-top; unless, you make it a task that can benefit everyone.

How does it work?

The Melissa & Doug Deluxe Magnetic Responsibility Chart is equipped with a dry-erase boards and 90 chore magnets. Each one is different -- some of them are harder than others, like load or unload the dishwasher and some focus more on good manners and habits, like "no teasing!" or brush your teeth. All 7 days of the week are represented and when a child completes a chore successfully, they get a little colorful smiley-face next to their responsibility. Kids can have up to 7 chores per day -- that's 7 chances to earn rewards for doing things that build their sense of competence and self-confidence.

Each "chore" is necessary to the fundamental growth of your child. This may lead you to ask, "How does taking out the trash help my child's essential life skills?" As adults, we're expected to be clean, organized, and well-balanced with good hygeine -- the Melissa & Doug Deluxe Magnetic Responsibility Chart gives children a head-start in the right direction. While adults get treated for their efforts with clean homes and chore-free weekends, children can gain other rewards -- such as monetary values per chore that add up at the end of the week for the just-for-fun toy of their choice. It's a win-win way to teach kids how to be responsible; a lesson that will stick with them through the rest of their lives.


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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Crayola Window Markers with Crystal Effects - DIY Prism Pretties

I was an artistic child -- always drawing and finding new things to mark on. It drove my mother crazy! So much so that she wished the same on me -- and thus, over 2 decades later, I have an imaginative little artist of my own. However, I've used what I learned to do and not to do artsy-wise to educate my daughter on the best methods for her painting and creating. The Crayola Window Markers with Crystal Effects is one of those ways. It's the best Crayola toys purchase that I've made since my 10 year old princess was a toddler.

When I was 15, I got the bright idea to paint on my bedroom windows with acrylics and normal brushes -- a good idea when it was night-time and cooler weather, but all the paint started to run, peel, and melt as soon as the glass heated up the next day. With the Crayola Window Markers with Crystal Effects, I don't have to worry about cleaning colorful puddles off the windowsills.

These are better than any paint I've ever tried on windows, even the kind made specifically for stained glass. I don't know who enjoys them more -- me or my daughter! The colors are more vibrant and bold than featured on the packet, complete with 8 different hues that turn into dimensional prisms as you draw.

Luckily, we have plenty of windows in the house! The only complaint I would have for the Crayola Window Markers with Crystal Effects is they don't magically refill after every use. *laughs* While that would be a great additive (although impossible), I've already sent off for 2 more packets. One for myself and one for my daughter -- the 2 artists of the house are marking their domain with bright and beautiful artwork!


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Monday, July 2, 2012

Transformers Rescue Bot Heatwave Firebot - The Appropriate Summer Gift

Every June, I try to give my son something that represents summer because that's obviously when his birthday is. With the recent sweltering conditions of the southern U.S., I figured the Transformers Rescue Bot Heatwave Firebot was an appropriate gift. At 6 years old, he meets the age recommendation for this toy -- however, I was concerned for the bot's well-being since my boy can be a little rough with his belongings. He's got one other Rescue Bot toy in the form of Bumblebee, but so far this has been better. I would consider it the whole line of these bots to be the best transformers toys for kids.

When June 26th arrived, the Transformers Rescue Bot Heatwave Firebot was wrapped lovingly and my son's reaction was priceless. He grinned so big that I thought his cheeks would stick that way! It warmed my heart -- plus, he caught the meaning of the 'heatwave' toy in our own Floridian heatwave; symbolism that made him giggle with appreciation and understanding.

What makes the Transformers Rescue Bot Heatwave Firebot so great?

The Transformers Rescue Bot Heatwave Firebot starts out as a firetruck -- completed with a ladder and side hose entries. He transforms into a robot with glaring silver eyes and it's completely effortless. He literally flips from one position to the next with one movement -- ideal for kids who need a little work on their motor skills, particularly perfect for children around 2-3 but good enough to keep my 6 year old entertained.

It's been almost a week since my baby's birthday and he's already asking for the other Rescue Bots -- some of which I hear are rare and extremely hard to find. When it comes to Transformers Rescue Bot Heatwave Firebot, I think it was a good decision but I also think children older than 7 might become bored with the simple flip action of the bot. After awhile, they don't want to use their imaginations as much as they want a toy that whirs and does things for them.


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Transformers Rescue Bot Bumblebee - The Clueless Mother's Review

To be honest, when my 5 year old twin boys asked for matching Transformers Rescue Bot Bumblebee action figures, I had no idea what they were talking about. After doing a bit of research, I discovered these toys are number 3 on a list for the top 10 Transformers toys in the U.S. Unfortunately, that information still left me questioning what a Transformer really was -- a fact that was met with eye rolls from my sons when I would ask, followed by the obligatory sigh and exasperated "Mooom!" So for parents who are in the same boat I was, below is exactly what you need to know about this particular action figure -- based on personal experience.

Bumblebee is a vehicular hero in a series that's been around since 1984 (surprise, surprise!) The Transformers Rescue Bot Bumblebee is modeled in his likeness -- which means he's black and yellow and can transform into a nifty BMW "bug" car.

Although what he transforms into with this toy seems like a far-cry from the traditional "bug" cars on the roads these days. It looks more like a sports car with black stripes and a red Transformers logo on the car's top. He folds out into this fighting machine, to stance that seems prideful and dignified -- kind of like he will do anything to protect his 'driver.'

I know this is a strange way for me to be describing the Transformers Rescue Bot Bumblebee, but it's based on my impressions of these toys so far. There are several others just like this one (that my sons are currently asking for constantly) and it's exactly like a typical action figure. The sounds and actions come strictly through a child's imagination. It's for this reason that I think these toys are an overall 8 on a sliding scale of 1 to 10. They're engaging and spark creativity in my boys.


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Kazam Balance Bike - Not Your Typical Trainer

Ranked in a line-up of the revolutionary new-age list of the best bikes for kids, the Kazam Balance Bike is a unique alternative to traditional bikes & trikes. With many of the amenities of classic bicycles but none of the complexities, this bike is friction-free and made from high-quality, easily balanced materials. At first, it may seem like an odd way for a child to learn to ride a bicycle -- there are no training wheels and no pedals or chains.

There is also no uncomfortably huge seat -- kids ride the Kazam Balance Bike like they would a classic scooter, with their foot planted firmly on a support beam at the bottom of the bike -- pushing along like on a skateboard. This enstills a firm grasp of balance and allows children to focus on steering and keep upright; the act of pedaling will come later when a kid upgrades from a balance bike to a traditional bicycle. A raised, molded seat offers children the opportunity to sit and learn while training their bodily core.

While the recommended age on the Kazam Balance Bike is for kids 3-6, it can be used for any chlid who needs a little extra training time when it comes to how well they maintain balance. The old adage of "it's second-nature, like riding a bike" is true for most things in life -- however, first kids have to get through the difficult part of actually learning how to ride the aforementioned bicycle.

Some people might shake their head in frustration when hearing the old adage because not everyone has the best sense of balance. Not everyone knows how to ride a bicycle. The Kazam Balance Bike is for those kids with the desire to learn -- the ones who would have been overlooked a decade ago when they wouldn't have been able to get the knack of training wheels.


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Diamondback Girls' Mini Della Cruz Cruiser Bike - The Princess Classic

Little girls often consider themselves princesses -- decked out in pink with glittered toys and a love for all things super-cute. The Diamondback Girls' Mini Della Cruz Cruiser Bike is no exception. Considered a classic because of the vintage design coupled with a modern touch, this little cruiser has ranked as one of the best kids bikes since it's release a couple of years ago. There are no defining marketing logos on the bike -- save for a decal with flourishing floral patterns around the small brand name.

Pink and blue mesh well in a vibrant color scheme, shining in the sun as the aforementioned little princess pedals her way through the neighborhood. Since there are no logos to worry about and no interests to outgrow, this is a bike that can age as your child does. The hues are always in style and the training wheels can be removed when kids are ready to rely on their own sense of balance.

After scanning hundreds of reviews and testimonials related to the pros and cons of the Diamondback Girls' Mini Della Cruz Cruiser Bike, the most prominent disadvantage seems to be the lack of instructions. The bike has to be assembled and without instructions, it could be more difficult to put together if an adult has never arranged a child's bicycle before. While instructions can be found online, most parents were miffed by the fact that there wasn't a clear-cut instructional packet within the bike's box.

Overall, this little bike has been described as a "hip ride for youngsters." Most children can expect to find the Diamondback Girls' Mini Della Cruz Cruiser Bike under the Christmas tree -- or in a pile of presents for their outdoor birthday party. Described as comfortable, affordable, and light-weight but not easily tipped over, these bikes are the ideal gift for little princesses with big expectations.


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