Friday, July 13, 2012

Uncle Milton Moon In My Room - For All Ages

The Uncle Milton Moon In My Room is advertised as one of the best toys for boys 6 years old and up -- but quite frankly, I'm 28 years old and still think this is really cool! It's captivating for people of all ages, especially if you grew up with those little glow-in-the-dark stars plastered across your ceiling. It's remote controlled and goes through the phases and cycles the real moon does. 

Admittedly, I originally bought the Uncle Milton Moon In My Room for my nephew on his 6th birthday, but it's a present he never received. Instead, curiosity got the better of me and the moon now hangs on the wall above my bed. It's become my calming focal point and meditation device in the dark evenings, after a long and stressful day at work.

It flows through the 12 phases with a glowing brightness that lights up my bedroom like the real moon outside the curtains would. The light is artificial but the appeal is real. Or I can push a button to see it sit on my favorite phase for hours -- the batteries aren't drained quickly and are easy to replace from any retail store. The phase it's set most on is crescent because it reminds me of my favorite movie, Alice in Wonderland -- it perfectly resembles the Cheshire Cat's grin!

While my nephew didn't get this birthday present (and doesn't realize it was initially intended for him), he loves to sleep in my room to watch the moon when he stays over. I'm thinking about purchasing a second one just for him -- one I promise to actually give to him this time -- because we've told the most outrageous and creative stories under the false light of the Uncle Milton Moon In My Room.


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