Friday, July 13, 2012

Melissa & Doug Wooden Shape Sorting Clock - The Ultimate Educational Multi-tasker - For Boys 4 Years

It can be a trick to buy good toys for 4 year old boys. They're at the age where something needs to be both educational to enhance their life-skills and entertaining to hold their attention. Which are two of the main reasons why the Melissa & Doug Wooden Shape Sorting Clock is one of the best M & D toys on the market. It's the ultimate educational multi-tasker -- able to teach numerous essential lessons while immersing toddlers in hours of fun.

What can a child learn from the Melissa & Doug Wooden Shape Sorting Clock?

The Melissa & Doug Wooden Shape Sorting Clock is also available for more traditional venues of education and amusement. One such method is the obvious telling of time on the wooden clock. The removable blocks count up from 1 to 12 around a clock face, all while being followed by an hour and minute hand that extends from the center of the circle -- just like a real clock. There are also seconds counted from 5 to 60 with indicators to let a toddler know when it's half past, a quarter past, and a quarter before a certain hour.

The M & D sorting clock packet comes with a list of extended activities printed on the back. Some include learning colors, counting higher than 10, improving motor skills through finding the correct hole for the wooden shapes, and making up games to encompass the colorful wheels.

Children, especially little boys, learn in different ways -- sometimes surprising the parents who observe their playtime. For example, once the child thinks certain activities (such as counting) has gotten boring, they might create a game where the numbered shapes are fish, people, mythical creatures, etc. This allows them to learn further from the Melissa & Doug Wooden Shape Sorting Clock, only in a more imaginative and creative way that best suits their needs.

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