Friday, July 13, 2012

LEGO Ultimate Building Set - The Time-Honored Toy

Hitting the list of the best toys for boys 8 years of age this year - The LEGO Ultimate Building Set is a time-honored tradition through households across the world. Why? Because it's simple, combining basic building blocks with the complex power of a child's constructive imagination. While painful for parents with bare feet, these LEGOs are meant for children with creative urges, encouraging them to build what they see in their daydreams.

Is this a starter set?

Yes! Complete with 405 LEGO pieces of varying shapes, colors, and sizes, this is name the LEGO Ultimate Building Set for a reason. It also includes a nifty container, capable of storing all loose LEGOs when they're not being played with -- which creates less of a hazard zone for those aforementioned bare-footed parents. There are also a building plate (flat green surfaces), numerous minifigures, several windows & doors, and a few wheels. Then there are the building instructions for at least 5 structures, and construction instructions for over 20 more -- just in case your little boy needs a jolt to his creativity.

The LEGO Ultimate Building Set is rated as a 5 star toy on all aspects, including durability, assembly, ease of clean-up, educational value, and fun factor. As kids becomes more adept at creating from this set, they can add to their collection; afterall, LEGOs are designed to be collected with the ability to match and fit other similar LEGO sets.

The downfall? The LEGO Ultimate Building Set isn't cheap. However, when taken care of, these building blocks will last decades. There are some people who still have their LEGO sets from the 1970's! Considering how much use and amusement kids will get out of this set, the price isn't really a downfall -- more like a slight annoyance that goes away with every imaginative structure built.

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