Monday, July 2, 2012

Transformers Rescue Bot Heatwave Firebot - The Appropriate Summer Gift

Every June, I try to give my son something that represents summer because that's obviously when his birthday is. With the recent sweltering conditions of the southern U.S., I figured the Transformers Rescue Bot Heatwave Firebot was an appropriate gift. At 6 years old, he meets the age recommendation for this toy -- however, I was concerned for the bot's well-being since my boy can be a little rough with his belongings. He's got one other Rescue Bot toy in the form of Bumblebee, but so far this has been better. I would consider it the whole line of these bots to be the best transformers toys for kids.

When June 26th arrived, the Transformers Rescue Bot Heatwave Firebot was wrapped lovingly and my son's reaction was priceless. He grinned so big that I thought his cheeks would stick that way! It warmed my heart -- plus, he caught the meaning of the 'heatwave' toy in our own Floridian heatwave; symbolism that made him giggle with appreciation and understanding.

What makes the Transformers Rescue Bot Heatwave Firebot so great?

The Transformers Rescue Bot Heatwave Firebot starts out as a firetruck -- completed with a ladder and side hose entries. He transforms into a robot with glaring silver eyes and it's completely effortless. He literally flips from one position to the next with one movement -- ideal for kids who need a little work on their motor skills, particularly perfect for children around 2-3 but good enough to keep my 6 year old entertained.

It's been almost a week since my baby's birthday and he's already asking for the other Rescue Bots -- some of which I hear are rare and extremely hard to find. When it comes to Transformers Rescue Bot Heatwave Firebot, I think it was a good decision but I also think children older than 7 might become bored with the simple flip action of the bot. After awhile, they don't want to use their imaginations as much as they want a toy that whirs and does things for them.


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