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The Best 3 Pillow Pets Dream Lites 2014

When I was a little girl, I slept with a nightlight that was shaped like Mickey Mouse. And that suited me at the time – but looking back, I think I would have much preferred one of these Pillow Pets available in 2014.

I was a tomboy, sleeping beside my teddybear (lovingly named G.I. Teddy) and camouflage blankets. Therefore, I think I can relate to the adoration that youngsters of the male persuasion would have for the following trio of Dream Lites.

Carved into the plastic atop each of these Pillow Pets is a collection of stars, moons, and smiling faces. They’re snuggly, cuddly, and stave nightmares for as long as your baby-boy’s imagination is soothed into slumberland. Plus, Mom and Dad might save on the electric bill – unlike a plug-in nightlight.

And those awesome, nightmare-chasing Pillow Pets for boys are:


Dream Lite Pillow Pet Penguin

In the words of the 7-year old in my household… “Pillow Pets are so much fun – but I wish the lights would stay on longer.” But she stays up longer than most!

Each Dream Lite has a timer that stays on for 20-minutes, anticipating when a youngster will fall to sleep.

This miniature penguin is plush and adorable – minus the frigid, freezing temperature and fishy smell that would accompany real penguins.


Pillow Pet Dream Lites Snuggly Puppy

This puppy would make the perfect bedtime buddy for your little boy! Why? Well, because every kiddo seems to want a canine. And this one won’t pee on your rug, poop in the hallway, and leave hairs allover your best sweater.

Instead, he lights up, keeps your kiddo company during the wee hours, and is one of the best snugglers EVER. Plus, his fuzzy body is super-soft and the lights go out after 20 minutes of blazing bright (just like our aforementioned Pillow Pets pal, Penguin).


Pillow Pets Dream Lites – Blue Camo Puppy Dog

It’s another doggy, but something’s a little different. This super-cuddly canine is designed with varying shades of blue in camouflage patterns. The plastic across his back is glowing with starry cut-outs, planetary wonders, and a smiling face in the likeness of a cute, fuzzy puppy. And when he shuts-off after 20-minutes, if your youngster is still awake, the press of a button turns those beautiful blazes back on for another 20-minutes.

Additionally, his batteries can be replaced and last for hours through continual looping colors.


Here is a cute commercial for Pillow Pets Dream Lites:

One-Stop Shop for Boys - LEGO Creator Sets 2014

The new sets in 2014 among the LEGO Creator lineup are like the one-stop shop of the modern toy world. Especially the triple-threat of knickknacks that I’m about to mention. They’re diverse, creative, and unique – giving youngsters the nudge toward building something from almost nothing.

A few handfuls of connectors and blocks will make high-flying eagles, ready-to-strike scorpions, a robot that can convert into a helicopter, and a jet plane that transforms into an intergalactic defender.

All of these are only 3 of the new LEGO Creator sets for boys, but those sets are also 3-in-1. This means kiddos receive 3 designs of construction awesomeness in every box!

And those 3 proverbial gems are:


LEGO Creator Fierce Flyer Set

This set is comprised of 166 pieces that combine in 3 unique ways to make a high-flying Eagle, venomous Scorpion, and adorably vicious Beaver. The instructions are detailed and concise, allowing amateur builder’s the opportunity to replicate exactly what they see on the pictures.

Each animal’s limbs are fully articulated, and their arsenal of natural abilities makes youngsters want to learn more. Afterwards, kiddos are encouraged to create their own fascinating creatures!


LEGO Creator Construction Hauler Set

Think of everything you’ve ever seen on a construction site that could effortlessly haul mounds of cargo. Now envision that as a LEGO set for little builders, and you’ve got this toy.

Over 100 pieces make 3 construction vehicles that kiddos would normally have to admire from afar. Wheels move, joints are full-functional, and the only thing missing is a miniature conductor to tell the machines where to go and what to do. But I assume your youngster would be more than happy to assume that in-charge role!


LEGO Creator Power Mech Set

Robots have always been top-notch on the list of cool toys that little boys love to receive. And this set is no different! However, instead of 1 buildable action-figurine, there are 3 – all with articulated limbs and unique functions to make any mech-savvy youngster swoon.

There are over 110 stackable pieces that connect and build-upon other segments, creating towering, mechanical devices for kiddos to play with. And while they all have a function that is different than the predecessors, imagination is really what drives each creation.


Video - review of one of the Creator sets listed above on the page:

Brilliant Building Ideas with Mega Bloks for Boys

As a little girl, I was constantly creating and crafting to stave-off boredom and utilize my overwhelming artistic urges. While it was rough to be a girly-girl kiddo, I can only imagine what the built-up creativity is like for the younger males of this new generation.

Luckily, there are toy-makers that understand! The new release Mega Bloks sets are designed to battle boredom and provide a buildable, connectable, amazing outlet for little lads.

And out of all of their new releases, 3 new Mega Bloks toys for boys have made the grade to be featured on the following short-list. The bonus? They’re ride with super-cool, always neat-o building ideas to amuse, educate, and entertain those thriving, brilliant minds.


Mega Bloks Halo Cauldron Clash

This set is offering life to what the videogame establishment of Halo is about! From Halo 4, young'uns and mega-devotees have a constructable, multilevel guide called "Requiem" – a genuine scene from a video-game fight in Halo. Spartans are securing the Cauldron from the Prometheans, joining them with other Battle capes to make a superior arsenal for alien-blasting combat.

What's more the perfect is the Clash can be coupled, with different sets to make epic maps that aren't on the Halo video-games. Rather, these consolidations will be all your own, and it’s like reinventing the entire franchise.


Mega Bloks Skylanders Giants Dark Castle Conquest

Taken from the universe of beasts, knights, and bejeweled princesses, this set accompanies several build-able pieces to make the most out of overcoming winged serpents, climbing tower dividers, and sparing a damsel in distress from a horrifying outcome.

A working sling tosses toy sheep over the fields to bait animals far from the manor, while a ch√Ęteau ring vortex is said to house unspeakable malevolence.


Mega Bloks Skylanders Crusher’s Pirate Quest

Roused by the prevalent Skylander Spyro's Adventure movie set, players might appreciate building the 328-piece, 2-in-1 play set, seeing it spring up as a small dock and a privateer ship.

Totally remake your privateer ship into a little dock, propelled by the Cutthroat Carnival! The play set accompanies miniature action-figurines incorporating Crusher, Axecutioner, Cynder and Chompie.


Here is a fun video for the first of the Mega Bloks toys on this page:

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Batman Toys for Heroic Little Boys

Over my years of researching toys and writing about what would appeal to youngsters, I’ve noticed that little boys often boast an innate sense of adventure. They’re naturally courageous and brave, lending to their self-confident, self-assured, and self-proclaimed concepts of heroism. These tiny tykes are heroes in their own rights – just as Batman was when he was a kiddo.

Batman is the type of superhero that has attained his status from defending regular, everyday people against sometimes-supernatural villains in Gotham City. But overall, he lacks super-powers, and proves that everyday bravery can make a big difference. And this will explain the following new Batman toys for little boys that are absolutely essential to every miniature hero’s repertoire.


Fisher-Price Imaginext Super Friends Penguin and Batman

Amazingly enough, this set has a dual purpose – one as a tried and true alternative to the usual, boring playthings and two as an awesome, unique bath-time toy.

The adventure takes place in Penguin’s getaway submarine as Batman is attempting to thwart the villain, yet again, from his dastardly deeds. It’s a toy designed expressly to excite a child’s imagination, as no scenario is possible without a nudge of creative spark from a young player.


Fisher-Price Imaginext Super Friends Batman and Robin

The caped crusader has always been a hit amongst superhero fans -- but with Robin, he’s unstoppable! Batman and his trusty sidekick are making their way through the imaginary streets of your child’s Gotham City, looking for villains that seek vengeance on the heroic duo.

Seated in their awesome Batmobile, the pair are dressed in costumes reminiscent of the older Batman cartoons and television shows. With a smirk and a wave of the cape, parents and grandparents will expect to hear “Bang!” “Pow!” everytime this toy is played with.


Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Super Friends Helicopter

Batman’s on a helicopter ride through Gotham City, when suddenly, there’s the Bat signal! This is the way most of the cartoons play out – minus the super-cool Chopper. This set allows kiddos to come up with their own scenarios to Batman and his opportunities to defeat the villains of Gotham.

Attached to the helicopter are grabbers for hauling up bad-guys, rotating blades to guide the Chopper effortlessly above the city, and a pilot seat for Batman. He’s also equipped with a classic cape and a protective, goggle-like sheet of see-through gold across his eyes.

Super-Cool Pillow Pets for Pee Wees

The following trio of Pillow Pets toys are not only just for Pee Wees (as in tiny toddlers and youngsters), they’re also named Pee Wees. These smaller-than-average must-haves are cuddly, super-soft, super-cool, and oh-so-snuggly. They’re designed to give bedtime a dose of excitement, as kiddos will likely run, jump, and skip with delight on their way to between the sheets.

I’d love to guarantee that there will be no more arguments or stubborn yelling over a designated bedtime – but there are those young’uns that would prove that guarantee wrong. Some kids simply hate bedtime THAT much! But I can totally guarantee that your little ones will absolutely love cuddling, snuggling, and whispering secrets to one of these new Pillow Pets with a sweet expression and ultra-plush figure.


Pillow Pets Pee Wees – Rexy the T-Rex

Oh-my-gosh! This plush T-Rex is the cutest dinosaur I’ve ever seen! Like all Pillow Pets, he’s super-soft and cuddly, folding with a Velcro-strap across his belly to become a snuggly, supportive pillow. When the strap is unleashed, he expands to resemble a flattened cuddle-buddy with splotchy designs in green, brown, and contrasting white. As one of the favorites in a long-list of Dinos from the prehistoric period, this Tyrannosaurus Rex is more kid-friendly. He has the sharp teeth, but lacks the fierce bite!


Pillow Pets Pee Wees – Puppy Dog

Have you ever seen a cuter canine? I envy you if you say yes! I adore dogs, but this one is probably the most adorable I’ve ever laid eyes on. AND he doesn’t make messes in the floor, chew-up high-heels, or leave drool strings on everything (like my bulldog). But those aren’t his only good points – this miniature Pillow Pet is also super-soft, cuddly, snuggly, and makes the perfect bedtime companion for adults and kiddos alike.


Pillow Pets Pee Wees – Sharky Shark

When I was in college, I wanted to be a Marine Biologist, and this Pillow Pet brings back memories of why. Sharky is a plump, plush cutie with the beady eyes, sharp teeth, and coloring of a Great White. However, he’s got the demeanor of a cuddly kitten or a well-trained pup! His expression is sweet, and his purpose is simple – Sharky drives away those big, bad nightmares with his cuddly snuggles so kiddos can get some much-needed, refreshing shut-eye.


Here is a fun video for Pillow Pets Pee-Wees, to give an idea of what they are about, and why kiddos like them so much.  =)

A Little Boy's Guide to VTech Toys 2014

Dinosaurs have always been a fascination with kiddos, especially little boys with a heart for destruction and super-cool history. This next short-list accumulates the best, Vtech dinosaur toys released in 2013 and popular in 2014, detailing every aspect of mechanical jaws, transforming figures, and tech-savvy weaponry.

These Dino-themed VTech toys for boys were designed to evoke a Jurassic era, coupled with an already-there passion for technology and electronics. However, much to the pleasure of parents everywhere, these toys also require pretend-play and imagination. Little lads are encouraged to feel inspired! Instead of waiting on a tech gadget to “do it all,” youngsters can create scenarios involving their fearsome creatures and fascinating conversions from the prehistoric periods.


VTech Switch and Go Dinos – Quiver the Stygimoloch

Quiver will make you quake! He’s a fierce dino with a blazing beam atop his forehead, which turns (conveniently) into headlights when this dinosaur transforms into a speedy racecar. Kids can create stories about Quiver to match modern times and satisfy their need for a super-cool, unique scenarios. He roars, speaks in electronic tones, and expresses his dismay or approval with snapping teeth, a lashing tail, and low growling grumbles.


VTech Switch and Go Dinos – MC Roar the Giganotosaurus

He's little in stature, however enormous in energy, with 2 modes for tweaked, customizable playtime. His phrases and sounds will teach kiddos fascinating, engrossing certainties about distinctive dinosaurs. Also, he converts from a jaw-snapping mammoth to a super-cool machine. The transformation from animal to vehicle takes seconds with 4-5 clicks that include wheels and auto-themed attributes. The same moves can be quickly reversed, resulting in Gigantosaurus in monstrous, bestial form.

In my opinion, the best part about this Jurassic favorite is his coloring! Purple, silver, and orange combine to create a vintage appearance in his classy car form.


VTech Switch and Go Dinos – Attila the Ankylosaurus

Comprehensive of a wrecking ball, tow snare, and dump trailer, this twist on the Ankylosaurus turns a primitive predator into a super-cool car! Kiddos can finish up the change of this ultra-amazing dinosaur in seconds, clicking him into his vehicular mode with 4-5 straightforward steps. Obviously, definite guidelines are included! When he changes, he's a mechanical machine of with the advantageous systems of a work truck or development vehicle. Children can construct their pieces and wreak extreme demolition with over 70 sounds that are regulated from a development site – minus the chit-chat of laborers.


Here is a cool video for the cool new releases in VTech Switch and Go Dinos:

Friday, January 10, 2014

New Hot Wheels Toys as Go-To Gifts

Dear caregivers buying for other people’s children,

I understand how difficult it is to buy for someone else’s youngsters – even if you’re around them nearly 24/7. There’s no other panicky feeling that compares to thoughts of – Will they like it? Will they play with it? Do they even like this kind of toy?

However, set your nerves at ease with a go-to gift that’s perfect for all children of all ages. The new Hot Wheels toys are great for instant presents for little boys and girls that love playing cars, dolls, and a wide variety of other make-believe games.

Kids can utilize their imaginations, creating cool scenarios that involve crashes, races, and rolls through the plains of their minds. And I’ve come up with 3 of these amazing toys that will put you forever in the good graces of those kiddos you’re caring for.

You’re welcome!  =)


Angry Birds Green Pig Hot Wheels Car

This neon-green porker is one you may recognize from the famed Angry Birds video games! But he’s been combined with Hot Wheels, creating a unique, egg-thieving car that’s ideal for fanatics of both brands.

Classic and modern collide to make a lime-colored automobile with a King Pig twist!

The construction is simple, but the impact on a kiddo’s imagination could be massive. It’s all about make-believe, and while this is considered a collectable, it would be best to buy double – 1 for play and another for showcasing.


Hot Wheels T-Rex Takedown Play Set

Primitive and prehistoric meet the modern generation with a classic Hot Wheels add-on!

There’s a single HW car included with this set, and an entire set that’s based entirely on luck and a child’s creative energies.

The old adage rings true here – “send positive thoughts and hope for the best!” In other words, kids can send their automobiles out onto the track and hope with all their might that the hungry T-Rex doesn’t take an interest.


Hot Wheels Lightbox Design Set

This is my personal favorite! It’s an artistic way for Hot Wheels fanatics to get their daily dose of the brand-name without the usual make-believe sessions. Instead, the box is ablaze from within, casting an awesome light to backdrop and trace a child’s thriving creations.

There are stencils, decals, and numerous stickers – along with colored pencils and markers – that allow young’uns to explore their creative freedoms, making their perfect Hot Wheels automobiles with custom-drawn sketches.


Here is a fun video for the Hot Wheels T-Rex Takedown set (one of the toy sets mentioned above) - awesome!

Super-De-Duper Gadgets for Creative 9-Year Olds

Best Creative Toys for 9 Year Old Kids 2013-2014

Too often the holiday season rolls around and parents are left panicking, wondering frantically what to get their excited youngsters. Take a deep breath and relax!

There’s still time, and the following 3 gadgets have been deemed the best toys for 9-year olds (and a little older).

These toys pack the flair of creativity and imagination that kiddos of this age will enjoy! They’re designed specifically to spark a child’s imaginative sensors, giving them the creative freedom to make something that they can feel accomplished about. It’s all about achievement and fun! There’s nothing quite like watching your child’s face light-up with pride over something they made and perfected.


Crayola Create 2 Destroy Dino Destruction Metropolitan Mayhem

Dinosaurs and cityscapes are a mixture that we usually only see on the Sci-Fi channel. However, it’s a concept that’s super-cool for kiddos with a build-and-destroy streak!

This set includes an ultra-awesome T-Rex with snapping jaws and a strong roar that terrorizes the imaginary citizens of your cutie’s custom city. Colorful clay mashes and molds to create a personalized town scape that is the focal point for ultimate destruction!

And for a parent’s peace of mind, the clay is also non-toxic and made from a blend of Morphix dough – which means no crumbles or irritating mess to clean up after playtime has ended.


Crayola Marker Maker

There are 16 markers to make with this new Crayola set!

Colorful and vivacious hues swirl and mesh in your youngster’s favorites – all with the help of a safe ink-machine for secure marker making.

The machine injects the mixture of inks into each marker felt, and then kids can cap off their new drawing utensils for hours, days, even weeks of coloring fun. Plus, when kiddos run out of ink capsules or colors, parents can purchase refill kits that are absolutely perfect for starting the Crayola marker-making process all over again.


LEGO Chima The Lion CHI Temple (70010)

Crocodiles and Lions? Awesome! This combination isn’t something that’s typically seen in the world of stealthy ninjas, but LEGO has opted for an alternative to the black-clad Martial artists.

These animals have been trained for battle, but the lions are doing the hardest work!

The good-guy mission is protecting the CHI Temple from an all-out Crocodile invasion. While the bad-guy motives are overwhelming and destroying the Lions and claiming the temple as one for the fiercest Chima reptiles. It’s a war that begins with your youngster’s imagination!


Find more great gadgets for 9 year olds during the current year:

LEGO Star Wars Set for Kids - Advent Calendar for 2013

There are hundreds of LEGOs sets available in the world right now – but few combine the magic of an award-winning franchise with the vintage classics of original LEGOs. These new LEGO Star Wars sets for kids make short-work of introducing youngsters to another side of the intergalactic war between good and evil.

Rather than make simply collectable toys for hardcore SW enthusiasts, LEGO has brought together the aspects of construction with amusement, playtime, and imagination. Kids are encouraged to reenact their favorite Star Wars moments with mini-figurines, hundreds of stackable blocks, and an inspiring picture with guiding instructions booklet.

I’ve picked out one of the best that this brand-name has to offer from one of the most popular franchises in the world.

LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar (75023)

The idea behind an advent calendar is that there are 24 days until Christmas; therefore, there are 24 days to sate your excited youngster with miniature gifts on a daily basis. Kiddos can build their custom Star Wars sets with this calendar! Behind every door on each day, there will be a mini-figurine or LEGO stackable toy that children can use to make their own SW world.

They can reenact scenes with Starships and Droids, and spend some time conversing with Yoda. There are 6 amazing mini-figurines, 5 awesome vehicles, and a slew of other super-cool Star Wars themed gifts to make the entirety of December an extraordinary holiday. Additionally, there’s a special present that’s both Star Wars themed and centered on the Christmas season, but kiddos will have to wait to find out what that is!