Friday, January 17, 2014

The Best 3 Pillow Pets Dream Lites 2014

When I was a little girl, I slept with a nightlight that was shaped like Mickey Mouse. And that suited me at the time – but looking back, I think I would have much preferred one of these Pillow Pets available in 2014.

I was a tomboy, sleeping beside my teddybear (lovingly named G.I. Teddy) and camouflage blankets. Therefore, I think I can relate to the adoration that youngsters of the male persuasion would have for the following trio of Dream Lites.

Carved into the plastic atop each of these Pillow Pets is a collection of stars, moons, and smiling faces. They’re snuggly, cuddly, and stave nightmares for as long as your baby-boy’s imagination is soothed into slumberland. Plus, Mom and Dad might save on the electric bill – unlike a plug-in nightlight.

And those awesome, nightmare-chasing Pillow Pets for boys are:


Dream Lite Pillow Pet Penguin

In the words of the 7-year old in my household… “Pillow Pets are so much fun – but I wish the lights would stay on longer.” But she stays up longer than most!

Each Dream Lite has a timer that stays on for 20-minutes, anticipating when a youngster will fall to sleep.

This miniature penguin is plush and adorable – minus the frigid, freezing temperature and fishy smell that would accompany real penguins.


Pillow Pet Dream Lites Snuggly Puppy

This puppy would make the perfect bedtime buddy for your little boy! Why? Well, because every kiddo seems to want a canine. And this one won’t pee on your rug, poop in the hallway, and leave hairs allover your best sweater.

Instead, he lights up, keeps your kiddo company during the wee hours, and is one of the best snugglers EVER. Plus, his fuzzy body is super-soft and the lights go out after 20 minutes of blazing bright (just like our aforementioned Pillow Pets pal, Penguin).


Pillow Pets Dream Lites – Blue Camo Puppy Dog

It’s another doggy, but something’s a little different. This super-cuddly canine is designed with varying shades of blue in camouflage patterns. The plastic across his back is glowing with starry cut-outs, planetary wonders, and a smiling face in the likeness of a cute, fuzzy puppy. And when he shuts-off after 20-minutes, if your youngster is still awake, the press of a button turns those beautiful blazes back on for another 20-minutes.

Additionally, his batteries can be replaced and last for hours through continual looping colors.


Here is a cute commercial for Pillow Pets Dream Lites:

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