Friday, January 10, 2014

New Hot Wheels Toys as Go-To Gifts

Dear caregivers buying for other people’s children,

I understand how difficult it is to buy for someone else’s youngsters – even if you’re around them nearly 24/7. There’s no other panicky feeling that compares to thoughts of – Will they like it? Will they play with it? Do they even like this kind of toy?

However, set your nerves at ease with a go-to gift that’s perfect for all children of all ages. The new Hot Wheels toys are great for instant presents for little boys and girls that love playing cars, dolls, and a wide variety of other make-believe games.

Kids can utilize their imaginations, creating cool scenarios that involve crashes, races, and rolls through the plains of their minds. And I’ve come up with 3 of these amazing toys that will put you forever in the good graces of those kiddos you’re caring for.

You’re welcome!  =)


Angry Birds Green Pig Hot Wheels Car

This neon-green porker is one you may recognize from the famed Angry Birds video games! But he’s been combined with Hot Wheels, creating a unique, egg-thieving car that’s ideal for fanatics of both brands.

Classic and modern collide to make a lime-colored automobile with a King Pig twist!

The construction is simple, but the impact on a kiddo’s imagination could be massive. It’s all about make-believe, and while this is considered a collectable, it would be best to buy double – 1 for play and another for showcasing.


Hot Wheels T-Rex Takedown Play Set

Primitive and prehistoric meet the modern generation with a classic Hot Wheels add-on!

There’s a single HW car included with this set, and an entire set that’s based entirely on luck and a child’s creative energies.

The old adage rings true here – “send positive thoughts and hope for the best!” In other words, kids can send their automobiles out onto the track and hope with all their might that the hungry T-Rex doesn’t take an interest.


Hot Wheels Lightbox Design Set

This is my personal favorite! It’s an artistic way for Hot Wheels fanatics to get their daily dose of the brand-name without the usual make-believe sessions. Instead, the box is ablaze from within, casting an awesome light to backdrop and trace a child’s thriving creations.

There are stencils, decals, and numerous stickers – along with colored pencils and markers – that allow young’uns to explore their creative freedoms, making their perfect Hot Wheels automobiles with custom-drawn sketches.


Here is a fun video for the Hot Wheels T-Rex Takedown set (one of the toy sets mentioned above) - awesome!

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