Thursday, January 16, 2014

Batman Toys for Heroic Little Boys

Over my years of researching toys and writing about what would appeal to youngsters, I’ve noticed that little boys often boast an innate sense of adventure. They’re naturally courageous and brave, lending to their self-confident, self-assured, and self-proclaimed concepts of heroism. These tiny tykes are heroes in their own rights – just as Batman was when he was a kiddo.

Batman is the type of superhero that has attained his status from defending regular, everyday people against sometimes-supernatural villains in Gotham City. But overall, he lacks super-powers, and proves that everyday bravery can make a big difference. And this will explain the following new Batman toys for little boys that are absolutely essential to every miniature hero’s repertoire.


Fisher-Price Imaginext Super Friends Penguin and Batman

Amazingly enough, this set has a dual purpose – one as a tried and true alternative to the usual, boring playthings and two as an awesome, unique bath-time toy.

The adventure takes place in Penguin’s getaway submarine as Batman is attempting to thwart the villain, yet again, from his dastardly deeds. It’s a toy designed expressly to excite a child’s imagination, as no scenario is possible without a nudge of creative spark from a young player.


Fisher-Price Imaginext Super Friends Batman and Robin

The caped crusader has always been a hit amongst superhero fans -- but with Robin, he’s unstoppable! Batman and his trusty sidekick are making their way through the imaginary streets of your child’s Gotham City, looking for villains that seek vengeance on the heroic duo.

Seated in their awesome Batmobile, the pair are dressed in costumes reminiscent of the older Batman cartoons and television shows. With a smirk and a wave of the cape, parents and grandparents will expect to hear “Bang!” “Pow!” everytime this toy is played with.


Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Super Friends Helicopter

Batman’s on a helicopter ride through Gotham City, when suddenly, there’s the Bat signal! This is the way most of the cartoons play out – minus the super-cool Chopper. This set allows kiddos to come up with their own scenarios to Batman and his opportunities to defeat the villains of Gotham.

Attached to the helicopter are grabbers for hauling up bad-guys, rotating blades to guide the Chopper effortlessly above the city, and a pilot seat for Batman. He’s also equipped with a classic cape and a protective, goggle-like sheet of see-through gold across his eyes.

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