Saturday, January 19, 2013

Wooden Desks For Kids - Classic & Contemporary

Kids wooden desks have been around from the beginning, further back than we can remember. While the first desks that were made this way weren't the most comfortable, manufacturers have designed new wooden desk concepts for modern kids who need something to cushion their school-bound bottoms. Whether you're buying in bulk for a classroom or getting your child an authentic desk to make games of "school" more intriguing, the following desks are among the top rated in 2013 thus far.


Lipper International Child's Desk with Chalkboard Top and Chair Set

Grandparents will delight at these traditional and classic desks made from the finest wooden materials and stained an appealing espresso brown. Crafted for durability and lifetime strength, these desks offer a flat chalkboard surface (chalk not included) where play lessons and colorful drawings can be freely drawn then wiped clean away. Dubbed the modern version of a contemporary idea, the top flips up for additional storage space, while grooves around the wooden surface offer shallow compartments for erasers and chalk.


Alex Super Art Table with Paper Roll and Two Benches

Siblings and friends will benefit most from the artistic desk, which is dotted with multiple colors against a contrasting black base. Two long benches fit under the table when not in use, while compartments offer storage for paint cups and a wide range of artsy materials and supplies. A roll of thick paper attaches to the table's spinner underneath, offering a seemingly endless sheet of coloring potential to creative tots and their buddies.


Guidecraft Jr. Roll-Top Desk

For the future writers and creative spirits in your family, this desk is an allover white with a traditional roll-top and storage compartments. A wooden chair fits comfortably under the desk, as the desk's surface reveals plenty of space for a batch of finished stories and kid-friendly manuscripts.


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Desks For Toddlers - The Best 3

Toddlers have a natural sense of wonder! They're easily awe-inspired and mostly adopt a "monkey see, monkey do" attitude about the world around them. For example, if Daddy has a big desk where he doodles and does his work, your child will likely be asking for something similar on his or her Christmas list. This is where toddler desks come in handy! Below we've compiled the best 3 of the recent toddler desk releases, thus far. Research and take your pick!

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Crayola Color Wonder Lap Desk

Perfect for long car rides or even the short trip to preschool, this little desk is 100% mess free and worth hours of entertainment. A soft bottom cushions the desk against your child's legs, while a convenient zippered compartment and pouch allows for marker-storage. The built in handle makes this option ultra-transportable, and a beginning batch of color wonders paper allows kids to create anything, anywhere.


Alex My Art Desk with Paper Roll

Keeping your little artist in a constant supply of paper can get expensive, but the manufacturers of this desk have thought ahead, providing your toddler with an entire thick roll of built-on paper. This desk comes with a little seat and is decorated with dots and stars in a rock star motif that speaks volumes of creativity. The chalkboard surface can be used as a flat desk or at an angle (like an easel) and utilizes a child-safe paper cutter for snipping into refrigerator-worthy sizes.


Crayola Creativity Play Station

Traditional and cute, these desks are multi-colored with 4 wedge legs and a small stool to fit underneath the table. 3 paint cups, paint brushes, fabric pockets for storage, and a flat painting surface are all included. While adult assembly is required, the entire desk takes less than an hour to put together and it comes with a 60 day warranty in case unexpected wear and tear occurs.


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