Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Educational Toys to Spark a 7-Year Old's Imagination

The things that were fun for you and me as children are probably not the same amount of amusing to the kids of this generation. Which is why a short-list of the top toys for 7 year old kids is such a great idea! There are too many websites and toy manufacturers that will lead you astray because they want you to believe they’re the most amazing when it comes to dishing out knickknacks for your youngsters.

After scouring the Internet and talking with pleased parents (and their chatty children), I’ve discovered that there are 3 toys available right now among the best toys for 7 year olds that are most effective at sparking imaginations. They’re all educational, creative, and intensely focused on teaching little girls and boys about positive concepts. No junk here!


Furby Boom

This new Furby is being pushed as the best because of their BOOM factor! They’re designed to be friendlier, more talkative, and generally more interactive and amusing than their predecessors.

There are all-new adventures waiting to be unleashed, as these Furbies are equipped with codes that will lead kiddos to the Furby City (for iPad and other download-appropriate devices).

While the BOOM can be played with alone, without the app, exploring the Furby City is half the fun! There are Furblings to hatch, golden eggs to find, and thousands of things to do – all interactive with your sweetheart’s personal friend. Additionally, Furby’s entire personality is shaped by the one-on-one time with a youngster, so treat these miniature cuties well!


LeapFrog LeapPad Ultra

8GB of spacious storage for children with hundreds of app ideas? Yes, please!

This tablet is an absolute must-have for kids with learning and amusement on their minds. While there are thousands of games, movies, music, and more to download, there’s also a built-in WiFi known as Kid Connect.

This is unlike any WiFi service before, as it’s protected from the inside, allowing children to only view pre-set websites that filter out the junk of typical Internet searches.



Zoomer is SO cute! He’s a robotic sweetheart with the mannerisms and bark of a real pup.

Consider him the mechanical (albeit, probably temporary) solution to your youngster’s question of, “Can we have a puppy?” He loves belly rubs, performs dozens of tricks, and interacts with his newfound friends in much the same way an actual canine would.

However, while Zoomer doesn’t make puddles on the floor or chew up furniture, he can get into mechanism mischief if left on and unattended for lengths of time.

2013 Holiday Sets for Kids That Love LEGO

Notorious for their notable seasonal releases, this season's LEGO Holiday sets are guaranteed to inspire and amaze. These stackable, buildable knickknacks are loaded with various Christmas-themed, wintery pieces that will remind youngsters of holiday happiness.

These sets, while released around the later months of the year, can be perfect for anytime play with the truest of LEGO enthusiasts. They are complex and inspiring, giving way to a child’s creative freedom and thriving imagination.

Plus, some of their favorite seasonal characters make guest starring appearances in each set – HINT HINT -- (Santa Claus)!

So-much-fun and simply awesome to play with, the following 3 LEGO Holiday sets in 2013 are instant must-haves for this holiday season:


LEGO Creator Winter Village Cottage (10229)

Adding color and cheer to your Christmas display has never been so much fun! This set is as much for adults as it is for young’uns!

The entire Winter Village is a displayed town where you can build and create your own scenarios.

Mini-figurines wander the snowy streets, greeting others with warm, holiday cheer. There’s a carousel that actually moves, rocking horses, and dozens of awesome amenities to make your townscape come to life with wintery, seasonal delight.


LEGO Santa’s Sleigh Set (40059)

This set provides youngsters with the “essentials” of their concept of Christmas! Kiddos are usually enamored with the idea of Santa and his sleigh, made mobile with the help of a trusty reindeer.

Giving them buildable memories with 77-pieces that come together to ensure Kris Kringle makes it to every house in time for the holidays. It’s an adorable miniature for before Christmas, and it’d make an even cuter stocking stuffer for the day of.


LEGO Star Wars 2013 Advent Calender (75023)

The thought behind an advent calender is that there are 24 days until Christmas; subsequently, there are 24 days to satisfy your energized youth with smaller blessings that they can unwrap on a daily basis. Kiddos can fabricate their custom Star Wars sets! Behind each entryway, on every day, there will be a mini-figurine or LEGO buildable that kids can use to make their own SW worlds.

They can reenact scenes with Starships and Droids, and invest some opportunity speaking with Yoda. There are 6 stunning miniature dolls, 5 wonderful vehicles, and a bunch of other super-cool Star Wars themed presents to make all of December an exceptional holiday.


To find the latest and greatest in LEGO holiday sets for kids and adults each year, visit:


Monday, December 2, 2013

New Stuffies & Youngsters That Love Them

There are some brand-names that achieve greatness in the kiddie world without even trying! Stuffies in 2013 is one of those names.

They’ve really hit the proverbial nail with their line of adorable, cuddly animals with matching storybooks in custom-cutesy pouches.

There are 7 secret compartments in each stuffed animal, providing children with locations to hide their most valued treasures. Plus, the featured on-the-go book is all about the Stuffie! For example, Blaze the Dragon comes with a tale all about himself. And likewise with Muddzie the Pig, Dash the Horse, and several other awesome new Stuffies!

Here is a bit of info on three favorites:


Stuffies - Bravo the Bear

Supersized and oh-so-cute, Bravo is a Brown Bear with a heart of gold!

He’s a snuggler – a bedtime buddy that will keep your kiddo’s boogeymen at bay all through the evening hours. And his overall message and moral is… it’s what inside that counts!

With 7 hidden compartments for secret-keeping, Bravo packs a wallop of cuteness on the exterior, and protect your child’s most valuable secrets and trinkets on the interior.

His 33-page tale is all about being helpful and making friends – looking on the inside rather than the outside when it comes to creating new relationships and bonding with new companions.


Stuffies – Shuffles the Turtle

Shuffles is anything but slow! He’s a turtle – so, of course, the stigma would be that he’s incredibly slow-moving, slacking, and maybe even lazy. But this reptile proves everyone wrong!

He’s super-soft, ultra-cuddly, and perfect for chasing away a child’s nightmares at high-speeds.

His story details his journey from laughed-at loner to best befriended in 33 pages of morals, lessons, and fun-filled surprises. His book is beautifully illustrated and rife with color – and there’s even a few poems for good measure!


Stuffies - Stomper the Dinosaur

Stomper is a dinosaur with massive, plush feet and a beautiful, super-sweet heart!

He’s allover purple with a pink spine (also super-soft) and orange toes.

His smile is unleashed with the Zzzzz of a zipper, and his expression is filled with happiness and excitement.

Stomper’s story describes how being different (in his case, being much larger than his friends) isn’t a bad thing! Plus, he can keep secrets like nobody’s business!

His Dino form is filled with 7 hidden compartments, perfect for keeping secrets or hiding away trinkets. Best friend material? Definitely!


Here is a video to give a good idea of what the new Stuffies toys are about:

Awesome & Super-Cool Toys for 6-Year Old Girls 2013-2014

When it comes to shopping for little ladies, it’s essential to know where to begin. For example, a quick search of the "best toys for girls age 6"will likely wield a myriad of results.

Or you could simply keep scrolling and find out which 3 are ranked the very best of the best. Ranging in different interests and concepts, each of the following "best toys for 6 year old girls" has been designed to amuse, amaze, and educate. They’re learning experiences in a convenient set!

Morals, values, and manners all rolled into one! Your kiddos can learn and have so-much-fun with these simple knickknacks. Get revved for everything ultra-awesome and super-cool!


Monster High 13 Wishes Twyla Doll

Highly fashionable and super-cute, Twyla is the daughter of a high-profile, ultra-rich Boogey Man with only the best in mind for his little girl.

She’s a ghoul to be reckoned with! Ruffled with an all purple and black skirt, this beauty is a dream-catcher come true.

Featured with her pet dust-bunny (Dustin) and an array of cool accessories, such as a doll-stand, diary, and hairbrush, Twyla packs a wallop of awesome with her sass. She’s simply the dreamiest nightmare-babe to ever walk the halls of Monster High!


My Little Pony Equestria Girls Sunset Shimmer and Twilight Sparkle Figurines

My Little Pony has morphed into the Equestria Girls! These horse-loving beauties are directly related to their MLP counterparts.

Named for different ponies, they have the style and grace of their equestrian equals – only with a keener fashion sense.

Twilight Sparkle is decked in allover purple with perky pony-ears and an assortment of cutesy decals to match as cutie-marks. By her side is Sunset Shimmer – a sassy beauty with angel-wings and a cool crown that turns her from pony peasant to princess in mere seconds.

They’re also fully-articulated and perfect in correlation with their MLP pals!


Tara Toy Barbie Color N’ Style Handbag

When I was a kid, I would constantly imitate my mother with her old purses! I would strut around town, flaunting my “big-girl purse” that was filled with toys, change, and any odds-n-ends that I found along my adventures.

Now kiddos can get more creative! The Barbie handbag allows youngsters the creative freedom to splash their custom purse with favorite colors.

Markers, gemstones, and decals are included! The bag is made of strong canvas, so toting around a little lady’s favorite accessories is no problem at all.


Need to find more toys for girls age 6?  Find them here...

Sunday, December 1, 2013

2013’s Extremely Awesome Favorite Toys for 5-Year Olds

Toys for 5-year old children in 2013 have been, and still are, extremely awesome! They’re top-notch, high-grade, tech-savvy everything with a few tried-and-true classics or instant-favorites thrown in for good measure. They’re educational AND amazing – a learning experience mixed with the kind of amusement that will have kiddos occupied happily for hours.

And out of all of those awesome, truly spectacular toys are only 3 that have really caught my eye. They’re the proverbial cream of the crop – the very best of the very best 2013 toys for 5 year olds that each brand-name has to offer. Prepare to be riveted and dubbed “BEST (insert name or kid-created title here) EVER!”


LeapFrog LeapReader Reading and Writing System

Literacy is one of the greatest gifts you can offer a child! It’s a skill that will assist them throughout their entire lifetime, and it’s a precious commodity in some parts of the world. Give your youngster a headstart with learning from the privacy of your own home. If “hooked on phonics” has never had you hooked, the new LeapReader is an innovative way to get kiddos learning about comprehension, phonics, vocabulary, and spelling. There are a series of books included in deluxe audio bundles – each different and all featuring interactive games for better, easier understanding. There’s also a nifty LeapFrog pen that allows little lads and ladies to write, erase, redo, and learn a dozen times over.


Gears! Gears! Gears! Beginner’s Building Set

Let me begin by saying that this set is comprised of 95 stackable, buildable, amazing pieces! However, they’re designed for easy assembly and easier pick-up, which means no mess, no fuss, and peace of mind for exhausted caregivers. Each piece is shaped like a gear (or cog) that will go into making your youngster’s perfect, mechanical creation – if only in their imagination. There are pillars, cranks, and connectors to make zigzags, pyramids, rows, and so much more!



Interactive and oh-so-sweet, Zoomer is a mechanical canine with realistic, puppy-like perks for a youngster’s enjoyment and a parent’s peace of mind. This robotic doggy doesn’t have to use the bathroom or teeth, which means carpeting and furniture is 100% safe, but kids still get the pleasure of having a puppy around the house. He also has built-in voice-recognition for understanding simple commands, such as lay down, roll over, shake paw, and speak. Zoomer is a 5-year old’s newfound friend, wagging tail and all.