Sunday, December 1, 2013

2013’s Extremely Awesome Favorite Toys for 5-Year Olds

Toys for 5-year old children in 2013 have been, and still are, extremely awesome! They’re top-notch, high-grade, tech-savvy everything with a few tried-and-true classics or instant-favorites thrown in for good measure. They’re educational AND amazing – a learning experience mixed with the kind of amusement that will have kiddos occupied happily for hours.

And out of all of those awesome, truly spectacular toys are only 3 that have really caught my eye. They’re the proverbial cream of the crop – the very best of the very best 2013 toys for 5 year olds that each brand-name has to offer. Prepare to be riveted and dubbed “BEST (insert name or kid-created title here) EVER!”


LeapFrog LeapReader Reading and Writing System

Literacy is one of the greatest gifts you can offer a child! It’s a skill that will assist them throughout their entire lifetime, and it’s a precious commodity in some parts of the world. Give your youngster a headstart with learning from the privacy of your own home. If “hooked on phonics” has never had you hooked, the new LeapReader is an innovative way to get kiddos learning about comprehension, phonics, vocabulary, and spelling. There are a series of books included in deluxe audio bundles – each different and all featuring interactive games for better, easier understanding. There’s also a nifty LeapFrog pen that allows little lads and ladies to write, erase, redo, and learn a dozen times over.


Gears! Gears! Gears! Beginner’s Building Set

Let me begin by saying that this set is comprised of 95 stackable, buildable, amazing pieces! However, they’re designed for easy assembly and easier pick-up, which means no mess, no fuss, and peace of mind for exhausted caregivers. Each piece is shaped like a gear (or cog) that will go into making your youngster’s perfect, mechanical creation – if only in their imagination. There are pillars, cranks, and connectors to make zigzags, pyramids, rows, and so much more!



Interactive and oh-so-sweet, Zoomer is a mechanical canine with realistic, puppy-like perks for a youngster’s enjoyment and a parent’s peace of mind. This robotic doggy doesn’t have to use the bathroom or teeth, which means carpeting and furniture is 100% safe, but kids still get the pleasure of having a puppy around the house. He also has built-in voice-recognition for understanding simple commands, such as lay down, roll over, shake paw, and speak. Zoomer is a 5-year old’s newfound friend, wagging tail and all.

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