Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Educational Toys to Spark a 7-Year Old's Imagination

The things that were fun for you and me as children are probably not the same amount of amusing to the kids of this generation. Which is why a short-list of the top toys for 7 year old kids is such a great idea! There are too many websites and toy manufacturers that will lead you astray because they want you to believe they’re the most amazing when it comes to dishing out knickknacks for your youngsters.

After scouring the Internet and talking with pleased parents (and their chatty children), I’ve discovered that there are 3 toys available right now among the best toys for 7 year olds that are most effective at sparking imaginations. They’re all educational, creative, and intensely focused on teaching little girls and boys about positive concepts. No junk here!


Furby Boom

This new Furby is being pushed as the best because of their BOOM factor! They’re designed to be friendlier, more talkative, and generally more interactive and amusing than their predecessors.

There are all-new adventures waiting to be unleashed, as these Furbies are equipped with codes that will lead kiddos to the Furby City (for iPad and other download-appropriate devices).

While the BOOM can be played with alone, without the app, exploring the Furby City is half the fun! There are Furblings to hatch, golden eggs to find, and thousands of things to do – all interactive with your sweetheart’s personal friend. Additionally, Furby’s entire personality is shaped by the one-on-one time with a youngster, so treat these miniature cuties well!


LeapFrog LeapPad Ultra

8GB of spacious storage for children with hundreds of app ideas? Yes, please!

This tablet is an absolute must-have for kids with learning and amusement on their minds. While there are thousands of games, movies, music, and more to download, there’s also a built-in WiFi known as Kid Connect.

This is unlike any WiFi service before, as it’s protected from the inside, allowing children to only view pre-set websites that filter out the junk of typical Internet searches.



Zoomer is SO cute! He’s a robotic sweetheart with the mannerisms and bark of a real pup.

Consider him the mechanical (albeit, probably temporary) solution to your youngster’s question of, “Can we have a puppy?” He loves belly rubs, performs dozens of tricks, and interacts with his newfound friends in much the same way an actual canine would.

However, while Zoomer doesn’t make puddles on the floor or chew up furniture, he can get into mechanism mischief if left on and unattended for lengths of time.

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