Tuesday, December 17, 2013

2013 Holiday Sets for Kids That Love LEGO

Notorious for their notable seasonal releases, this season's LEGO Holiday sets are guaranteed to inspire and amaze. These stackable, buildable knickknacks are loaded with various Christmas-themed, wintery pieces that will remind youngsters of holiday happiness.

These sets, while released around the later months of the year, can be perfect for anytime play with the truest of LEGO enthusiasts. They are complex and inspiring, giving way to a child’s creative freedom and thriving imagination.

Plus, some of their favorite seasonal characters make guest starring appearances in each set – HINT HINT -- (Santa Claus)!

So-much-fun and simply awesome to play with, the following 3 LEGO Holiday sets in 2013 are instant must-haves for this holiday season:


LEGO Creator Winter Village Cottage (10229)

Adding color and cheer to your Christmas display has never been so much fun! This set is as much for adults as it is for young’uns!

The entire Winter Village is a displayed town where you can build and create your own scenarios.

Mini-figurines wander the snowy streets, greeting others with warm, holiday cheer. There’s a carousel that actually moves, rocking horses, and dozens of awesome amenities to make your townscape come to life with wintery, seasonal delight.


LEGO Santa’s Sleigh Set (40059)

This set provides youngsters with the “essentials” of their concept of Christmas! Kiddos are usually enamored with the idea of Santa and his sleigh, made mobile with the help of a trusty reindeer.

Giving them buildable memories with 77-pieces that come together to ensure Kris Kringle makes it to every house in time for the holidays. It’s an adorable miniature for before Christmas, and it’d make an even cuter stocking stuffer for the day of.


LEGO Star Wars 2013 Advent Calender (75023)

The thought behind an advent calender is that there are 24 days until Christmas; subsequently, there are 24 days to satisfy your energized youth with smaller blessings that they can unwrap on a daily basis. Kiddos can fabricate their custom Star Wars sets! Behind each entryway, on every day, there will be a mini-figurine or LEGO buildable that kids can use to make their own SW worlds.

They can reenact scenes with Starships and Droids, and invest some opportunity speaking with Yoda. There are 6 stunning miniature dolls, 5 wonderful vehicles, and a bunch of other super-cool Star Wars themed presents to make all of December an exceptional holiday.


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