Monday, December 2, 2013

Awesome & Super-Cool Toys for 6-Year Old Girls 2013-2014

When it comes to shopping for little ladies, it’s essential to know where to begin. For example, a quick search of the "best toys for girls age 6"will likely wield a myriad of results.

Or you could simply keep scrolling and find out which 3 are ranked the very best of the best. Ranging in different interests and concepts, each of the following "best toys for 6 year old girls" has been designed to amuse, amaze, and educate. They’re learning experiences in a convenient set!

Morals, values, and manners all rolled into one! Your kiddos can learn and have so-much-fun with these simple knickknacks. Get revved for everything ultra-awesome and super-cool!


Monster High 13 Wishes Twyla Doll

Highly fashionable and super-cute, Twyla is the daughter of a high-profile, ultra-rich Boogey Man with only the best in mind for his little girl.

She’s a ghoul to be reckoned with! Ruffled with an all purple and black skirt, this beauty is a dream-catcher come true.

Featured with her pet dust-bunny (Dustin) and an array of cool accessories, such as a doll-stand, diary, and hairbrush, Twyla packs a wallop of awesome with her sass. She’s simply the dreamiest nightmare-babe to ever walk the halls of Monster High!


My Little Pony Equestria Girls Sunset Shimmer and Twilight Sparkle Figurines

My Little Pony has morphed into the Equestria Girls! These horse-loving beauties are directly related to their MLP counterparts.

Named for different ponies, they have the style and grace of their equestrian equals – only with a keener fashion sense.

Twilight Sparkle is decked in allover purple with perky pony-ears and an assortment of cutesy decals to match as cutie-marks. By her side is Sunset Shimmer – a sassy beauty with angel-wings and a cool crown that turns her from pony peasant to princess in mere seconds.

They’re also fully-articulated and perfect in correlation with their MLP pals!


Tara Toy Barbie Color N’ Style Handbag

When I was a kid, I would constantly imitate my mother with her old purses! I would strut around town, flaunting my “big-girl purse” that was filled with toys, change, and any odds-n-ends that I found along my adventures.

Now kiddos can get more creative! The Barbie handbag allows youngsters the creative freedom to splash their custom purse with favorite colors.

Markers, gemstones, and decals are included! The bag is made of strong canvas, so toting around a little lady’s favorite accessories is no problem at all.


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