Monday, March 18, 2013

The Best Scooters For 6-Year Olds

As the title suggests, we've short-listed some of the best scooters for 6-year olds. It doesn't matter what kind of personality your tiny tot has, as long as they have the desire to get out their energy in an outdoorsy way, any of these scooters will do. Available in a wide range of colors and styles, each scooter is built to last with varying features so your kid can decal their personalities in customizable ways.

From the little ladies to the true-blue boys, there's a scooter here for every interest, gender, and rider level.


Barbie 4-Inch Folding Aluminum Scooter

Don't let the name throw you off! The 4-inch part refers to the scooter's thick wheels, while the folding aluminum means single-handed storage is an cinch. Made from aircraft grade materials, this scooter is novice-friendly with adjustable handlebars and a grip deck to ensure height-appropriate safety at all times. Images of Barbie in all her pink and purple glory are pasted across every inch of the scooter, emphasizing a fondness for the classic doll. We know safety is your number one concern and first priority, which is why we suggest pairing this awesome scooter with matching knee/elbow pads and a cool pink helmet.


Radio Flyer Smooth Rider Scooter

Adjustable and capable of holding a weight of up to 220 pounds, this scooter is a classic in bright red with black, beige, and silver accents. The wide deck is designed to be longer than the average modern scooter, constructed out of real wood to give it a stable, secure, and smooth ride. With built-in hand and foot brakes, safety is never an issue and the extra large wheels make for ideal steering conditions. The "Radio Flyer" logo is prominently displayed on the deck, reminding parents of traditional toys and generations gone by.

The Best Razor Scooters For Tiny Tots

Parents see it happen all the time: You give your oldest child a gift and the youngest automatically wants something similar. Sibling rivalry ensues! For parents with this problem in the form of kid-friendly transportation, there are the best Razor kids' scooters.  These are scooters that aren't quite large enough for a preteen to get comfortable on but they won't dwarf your preschooler either. They're the perfect sizes for your on-the-go tots!

For example:


Razor Lil' Kick Scooter

Designed for children between the ages of 3 and 6, this scooter is toddler-size and ideal for beginners. The welded steel frame is connected to a 3-wheel design with 2 of those wheels as back support for secure riding at all times. Combine with a helmet, kneepads, and other proper safety gear, and you've got an unstoppable little force that can outrace any of his/her siblings. It's also durable and built to last, which means it can be handed down through generations of youngsters. It's also available in several cool colors!


Razor PowerWing DLX Scooter

To prove there really is something for everyone, this scooter is great for the younger ages but it's adjustable to grow as a child does. Unique in design with a double-wing platform and 3-wheel suspension, the PowerWing supports riders up to 143 pounds, following a child from age 5 and older.


Razor Jr. Folding Kiddie Kick Scooter

This scooter is one of the most stable with 2 rear wheels and a wide slip resistant deck for perfect balance. It's also the best when it comes to storage, as the entire scooter folds into a compact square to fit in any closet or drawer space. The maximum rider weight is around 45 pounds and the unique soft foam grips offer effortless steering. Unfortunately, this scooter isn't available in any colors but pink and blue; however, it makes up for the lack of vibrancy with easy-to-learn style.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Scooters For The In-Between Age

When a child turns 4, they're no longer toddlers but they're slowly making a transition into being a full-fledged, completely rambunctious kid. It's the beginning of a memorable childhood, as most of the things they've done up until this point will likely be forgotten in the ensuing years. It's the in-between age and we firmly believe scooters for 4 year old kids is the best way to prepare a child for the all-terrain rides of their youth. The following short list of scooters for your post-tot is comprised of durability, stability, safety, and amusement. We want your kids to get the most out of their independent transportation experiences in the comfort of their own driveway or on a well-worn park path.


Razor Lil' Kick Scooter (shown top left)

This scooter is a classic with a stand-alone 3-wheel design and welded steel frame to ensure the utmost safety of your little rider. The foot deck is slip-resistant with subtle grips to hold onto your child's shoes, and wide to provide enough standing space for the scooter beginner to gain his/her balance. Available in a few cool colors like pink and blue, this scooter is positioned low to the ground for a better center of gravity - the perfect way to learn!


Radio Flyer My 1st Scooter Sport

This scooter speaks for itself! It's ideal for beginners and available in several cute colors. The wide foot deck is powered by a 3-wheel design (2 in front, 1 in back) for better balance and control over brakes, speed, and steering.


Mini Kick Scooter

This award-winning scooter has an adjustable T-bar with padded handles and a steel-frame shaft attached to 2 smooth-glide front wheels. The deck is tapered and supported with a single back wheel for better control over steering and safer braking. The "stop" feature is located at the rear fender and the wheels are non-marking and no-skid, meaning your hardwood floors are safe from scuffs.

Funky Scooters For 5-Year Olds

News Flash! There are no cookie-cutter kids because all children enjoy different things with varying hues and general interests. 4 and up is when kids really start developing their own personalities, likes, and dislikes, making the task of finding cool toys a difficult one. For some parents, the search ends with our short-list of scooters for 5-year-old kids. For the post-toddlers who are always on the go, these miniature adjustable devices are perfect for learning balance and coordination with a little independence thrown in for good measure. Combine each of these scooters with a safety set of pads and a helmet for a secure ride that any freedom-loving 5-year-old can enjoy.

Our favorites are:


Razor A Kick Scooter

If you're looking for classic with a cool colored twist, this scooter reigns supreme. It features a traditional design of sturdy aircraft-grade aluminum with an adjustable handlebar and balanced double wheels of stable urethane. 5 ABEC bearings ensure a smooth glide with a single kick, whereas the whole deck and handles fold for convenient carrying and simple storage. Seven super-cool colors brightly express children's unique personality, accommodating them for years to come with a weight capacity of 143 pounds.


Razor Wild Style Kick Scooter

Colored with a funky graffiti style, this scooter features 14 spoke hubs on a double-wheeled design comprised of urethane materials for durability and a silken ride. A maximum weight of 143 pounds will follow your child through the years, providing an effortless, dependable way for your flourishing pre-teen to gain a little independence. A rear fender brake makes perfect, injury-free stops, especially when accompanied by the essential safety gear set that can be purchased separately. For instant storage in a cubby, locker, or around the house, the entire scooter has a store-footprint for single-handed folding in record time.

Character Scooters For 4-Year Olds

There's nothing that makes the best scooters for 4-year olds even better than character artwork and customizable decals. What little lady doesn't love the charm of a Disney princess in all her royal and moral glory? Who's ever heard of a little boy who wants nothing to do with Batman and his avenging protection over Gotham City? You can't go wrong with princesses and superheroes! Prepare your tiny toddler to save the world or rule it with our short-list selection of scooters for the everyday crime-fighter or tea party princess.


VMG Batman 3-Wheel Scooter

Decaled with an image of Batman from his golden days, this scooter features a durable frame with 3-wheel design. The handlebar is equipped with PVC grips and a wide footboard. 2 rear wheels stabilize the entire scooter, allowing 1 wheel to glide and steer in a smooth, effortless stride. The concept of 2 rear wheels and a single frontal wheel assists in teaching young riders how to stay balanced, resulting in fewer 'starter' injuries. More cool graphics are stuck to the sides and deck, displaying the old-school Batman in all his "BAM!" glory. This particular scooter is also able to hold up to 85 pounds, following your child well into his or her pre-teen, and even teenage, years.


Huffy Disney Princess Lights and Sounds Scooter

Conceptualized from retro designs of the 1930's, this scooter is rife with princess styles in hues of contrasting pink and purple. 2 wheels in the front add ease to steering, while the single wheel in the back provides new riders with a stable surface for effortless gliding and balancing. The construction is reminiscent of tried-and-true scooters from decades ago, with an adjustable handlebar to add a modern, kid-friendly touch. Decaled with hearts and Disney royalty, this scooter is perfect for little ladies who enjoy the glam of a princess life.


Find more great picks in scooters for 4 year old children:

Monday, March 11, 2013

Radical Reds For Razor Scooters

Color is a big deal to kids when it comes to their sports equipment, clothing, and every aspect of their personal bedroom d├ęcor. From the toy box to the television, every decision your child personally makes will revolve around their favorite hue and that can include the entire spectrum or a contrasting number of tones. With that said, if your kids are crazy for crimson, coral, or cherry, the following Razor scooters in red would be the perfect Birthday, Christmas, or just-because gift. Combine one of these scooters with a cool set of ruby safety duds and you've got a radical racer of rosy proportions.

Our favorites are:


Red Razor A Lighted Wheel Kick Scooter

In small neighborhoods or suburban communities, it's not unusual to see a child playing well after the sun has set. They're dribbling basketballs under street lamps, playing hide and seek in the darkening shadows behind houses, or riding their little scooters in circles around the loop of the neighborhood.

This scooter is lighted along the wheels with an array of LEDs hidden behind durable plastic. This causes the wheels to flash as your child ride, ensuring all passing cars and other people see them at all times. It's also great for teens or young adults who are going back and forth between college night-classes, as the weight capacity is 143 pounds with adjustable handlebars for custom height.


Red Razor E100 Electric Scooter

This scooter is super-unique because it requires a 3mph manual kick-off to get up to top speeds of 10 mph. This means the battery charge lasts longer! There's a maximum weight limit of 120 pounds on a urethane rear wheel, an 8-inch pneumatic front tire, and a high-grade aluminum shaft with shock absorbent base. This scooter packs a colorful punch of subtle power!

Razor Scooters - Pretty In Pink

Pink is a color that has forever been designated for girly girls or glamorous princesses. It's vibrant and usually bold, depending on the shade, which is one reason why pink Razor scooters are bursting with popularity. Perfect for those blush-loving cuties and rosy sweethearts, these scooters offer a super-cool, girl power touch to a typical mode of kid-friendly transportation. Little ladies are sure to lavish affection on their scooters, adorning them with custom decals to personalize the riding experience and express their love of glitter and glam.

Our favorites are:


Pink Razor E100 Electric Scooter

Sleek and shining, this coral-colored beauty is perfect for gals on the go! A single battery charge of the high-torque, chain-driven motor will last over 40 minutes at a top speed of 10mph. This is actually quite quick for kids! This scooter is also capable of supporting a weight of up to 120 pounds, which means it will last through years of use and could be passed down to the next generation of daughters. The twist-grip throttle is easy to handle and a hand-operated front brake controls a safe stop from the comfort of the padded handlebars.


Pink Razor Wild Style Kick Scooter

For the little wild child in your family, this scooter is decked out in amazing graffiti images of contrasting black and neon pink. Aircraft-grade aluminum comprises the T-tube and deck with a fold-over design that makes it simple and quick to single-handedly store or carry the scooter anywhere your child goes. It's also designed to hold up to 143 pounds, which means kids, teens, and young adults can cherish this scooter throughout the duration of their lives. With an edgy appearance that will appease your biggest tomboy, this scooter is a fashionable and safe solution to the question of outdoor activities and kid-friendly independence.

5-Year Olds & Their Scooters

Known as the in-between age, 5 years old is usually when kids are looking to push their boundaries and delve into the world of personal interests. Some children will look towards art, while others might opt for sporty fun in the great outdoors. Some kids are adept at handling both of these hobby areas with ease, alternating between the outdoors and artistic creation with the best scooters for 5-year olds. Perfect for kids who want to express themselves with a smooth ride on a decal-laden device, our short-list of scooters are colorful, expressive, unique, and ideal for allowing children a small amount of personal freedom.

Our favorites are:


Radio Flyer Style N' Ride Scooter

This scooter is super-cool because it's equipped with an array of neat color bands around the adjustable deck shaft. 70 stickers in a variety of kid-friendly patterns (such as flowers, hearts, swirls, and peace signs) are bright and shiny against a pink background. Smooth riding wheels ensure a soft glide with a smooth, effortless rear-wheel brake for quick, safe stops. It's the ultimate customizable scooter that little ladies will be most appreciative of. Plus, it's available in a wide range of contrasting blush-similar hues for the ultra girly-girls.


Y-volution Yfliker F1 Scooter

Comprised of a lightweight frame that single-handedly folds for easy twist-and-stow storage, this scooter is a different breed of cool. A weight limit of up to 143 pounds ensures your child will ride this for years to come. The innovative 3-wheel design is stretched over a double-tail deck for side-to-side carving, drifting trickery, and the ultimate smooth riding action. The adjustable handle is tilted inwards slightly to provide padded, durable steering to teach kids how to balance and turn at the same time. This scooter is ideal for on-the-go families who want to stow their modes of transportation quickly from one place to another.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Unique Scooters For Toddlers

3 years old is a tough age! Around this time, kids are blossoming into their own personalities, discovering their interests and dislikes and the complexity of what makes them original little human beings. With this knowledge comes new Christmas and Birthday lists with cool and unique toys of their generation. One example is the 2013 scooters for 3-year-old kids. These scooters are durable and long lasting, designed to handle the roughness of gravelly terrain or the smooth uphill-battle of a new park path. Some are kick-powered where others rely on pedals, but all of the listed below have the utmost in safety technology for comfortable, safe riding at all times.

Our favorites are:


YBike Kicker - My First Scooter

This scooter features a chunky concept with a wider-than-average footplate and deck for optimum control. The thick wheels are seated low to the ground, offering kids a much safer way to ride because they have more charge over steering and brakes. The best part of this scooter is the self-confidence boost it will give your kids. Children at this age are searching for a little more freedom and independence; they're longing to do and discover things on their own. With this scooter, you're ensuring their safety while providing them with a great way to have fun, bask in fresh air, and have a little travel leeway around the yard, park, or neighborhood.


Mini Kick Scooter

We love this little scooter because it's so simple! The basic design features two large front wheels that balance out a smaller back wheel. This allows kids to learn to use their body weight in steering and turning. The weight limit is up to 44 pounds, which means kids as old as 6 could have a great time gliding, riding, and rolling in style.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Pink Scooters For School

More and more children are opting to walk or ride to school because the campuses are getting larger and the neighborhoods are being placed in closer proximity to the school. This means 8, 9, or 10 year olds are regularly grouping up to make the trek more often to their classrooms. However, on chilly mornings, that little trip can turn into a long walk of icy temperatures and fogged breathing. One solution that little ladies will love is the Razor kids scooters in pink. Beautiful, shining, and glazed to perfection, these scooters are built to withstand frigid temperatures and years of everyday use.

Some models like the Pink Razor Spark Scooter are made to hold up to 143 pounds, which means kids can ride for years without having to advance to another mode of school-friendly transportation. Most Intermediate and High Schools will accept the use of scooters as long as they're storage-friendly, like the Pink Razor A Kick Scooter. This particular glider folds easily into a compact device for quick and simple storage. It's also lightweight for kids who have to carry their scooter from one class to another.

Scooters for school are a great idea because it gives children a sense of freedom and independence. Something like the Pink E100 Electric Scooter reaches speeds of 10mph and features a 40-minute runtime on a single battery charge. The charger is also small enough to fit into a backpack so kids can charge their scooter battery anywhere, providing them with a guaranteed high-store of adequate power for the ride back home.

The most important thing to remember about these pink scooters, and really any mode of transportation that kids independently use, is the responsibility that comes with having one. Your child will learn the most from you when it comes to expectations and the safety measures that are required to ensure this method of transport remains reliable and kid-friendly.


Find the current top selling Razor scooters in the color pink:

Razor Scooters - Traditional In Black

The color back is original, traditional, and perfect for almost any occasion. So why wouldn't it be the ideal hue for your child's mode of transportation? It's a unisex tone that can be used on anything and children are less likely to be upset by receiving a different color than everyone else, such as their sister or brother. The following black Razor scooters are lightweight, durable, long lasting, and color-neutral for kids of all ages and genders. They're easy-to-stow, ranked from beginner to advanced, and feature a wide range of safety precautions to keep your children scrape and bruise free.


Black Razor Siege Scooter

This scooter is different from traditional scooters because it features a 360 degree inclined rear caster wheel for tricks and kick-flips. The ultimate trickster scooter, it's designed for ages 8 and up with hybrid street technology for rougher, gravely terrain. The adjustable handlebars fit every height through the years, whereas the compact folding style ensures this scooter stays safely out of the way when not in use. The weight accommodated is 143 pounds with top speeds of however fast your kid can kick.


Razor Black Label Raven Scooter

Not only does this scooter have a super-cool name, it's also a great beginner mode of transport for tots of 5 years and up. With a weight limit of 175 pounds, it has the potential to outlast your child into their adult years, serving as a hand-me-down for generations of youngsters. The patented quick-fold means it's great for simple storage in-home, under a bus seat, or in a school locker. The Raven also packs a contrasting color punch of red to accompany the black, giving the whole design an edgy appearance.


Find a complete list of the top Razor scooters for kids in black:

Razor Scooters - Be The Green Machine

The verdict is in! Green razor scooters are awesome! Decked with the best in high-quality aluminum and Aircraft-grade materials, these scooters are colored with key lime, mean green, or grass-hued accents. Some feature decals of varying designs and contrasting tones, while others rely on being beautiful with simple emerald shading. Your kid will cruise in viridian style! In truth, the only thing separating these scooters from other Razor brands is the color. However, we think everything's just cooler and more fun when dyed in vibrant mossy tints.

Our favorites are:


Green Razor Wild Style A Kick Scooter

Recommended for kids 5 years and up, this scooter is a proverbial green machine of intense graffiti graphics and a weight limit of 143 pounds. Special edition and Razor racing ready, this little mode of transportation also features 14 spoke hubs on smooth-glide urethane wheels. The rear fender brake allows for complete, full, and quick stops, while a T-tube to the deck offers one-handed folding capabilities that are great for quick storage. Your child's friends will be positively green with envy!


Green Razor E200S Seated Electric Scooter

This scooter is designed for children 12 years and up; however, we also think it's a great gift for young adults who want to cut the time it takes to get across a college campus. The bright lime deck and frame can hold up to 153 pounds, offering a comfortable cushioned seat with a top speed of 12mph. The seat and seat post are detachable for those who prefer to stand and ride, whereas the handlebars are adjustable to grow with a child and match their height well into their late teens to early 20s and possible beyond. This is the perfect generation-worthy scooter; a mode of transportation that can be passed down through families.


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Scooters For Modern Toddlers

As a kid, are your fondest memories pedaling around the neighborhood or a parking lot on your new bicycle? Was it your pride and joy - shining and gliding as the wind whistled past your ears on a typical but wonderful summer afternoon? These are spectacular memories that should be granted to the future generations. However, bikes are no longer the most asked for on Christmas and Birthday lists. Now you have the best scooters for 3 year olds. That's right! Toddlers are pondering modes of transportation around their front yard and they want a brand new, super-cool gadget to get them there.

While it's true that scooters have been around for the better part of a century, these toddler-friendly scooters are designed specifically to cater to growing kids and their flourishing heights, weights, and interests. Scooters are the new bicycles of the modern age! They're durable, long lasting (when researched and bought wisely), affordable, and available with a list of assorted features and safety precautions.

For example, think of the best bike you ever owned when you were a tiny tot. Now set your eyes on the YBike Glider Deluxe Scooter. This scooter is the perfect beginner glider for toddlers who need to build their balance and enhance their motor development. It's equipped with a strong ribbed deck for optimum gripping of sneaker treads for a slip-resistant ride; plus, the aluminum handlebar helps keep kids balanced while teaching them how to steer and brake with ease.

For more advanced little riders who need something to last a few years, there's the VMG Batman 3-Wheel Scooter. This glider not only has an awesome image of Batman on the front handlebars, it also holds up to 85 pounds. This means your tiny tyke can start with this scooter at the age of 3 and have it with him to ride until upwards of 11 or older.

Find a great list of the top selling scooters for kids 3 years of age:

How To Choose The Best Electric Scooter

Finding the best mode of transportation for your child or flourishing teenager can be a difficult task. There are several things to consider, such as safety and speed, while trying to reassure yourself that your youngster is ready for the kind of responsibility that being mobile means. The following tips and examples will hopefully act as your guide to some of the best electric kids scooters and how to choose the perfect one for your child.

Knowing The Models

Whether you're looking for adjustable, sit-down, or traditional, each electric scooter is a little different. They're given numbers and codes (E90 through E750) direct from the manufacturers to let parents know which age range are best suited for a particular scooter. For example:

The Razor E90 Electric Scooter is designed like an original Razor scooter with a stand-only deck and T-handle bars. The maximum weight is set for 120 pounds at a recommended age of 8 years and up. The E90 represents the easy-to-operate level, meaning this specific scooter would be best for beginners and younger kids. It soars at 9mph; a perfect speed for preteens who are just starting out with this mode of mobility.

Whereas the Razor Pocket Mod Bella Electric Kids Scooter is a little more advanced with an age recommendation of 12 years and up. It's designed with a traditional Italian concept and reaches a maximum speed of 15mph. The weight limit is 170 pounds, meaning this scooter could very well travel with your child into their adult years, outlasting with durability for generations. The 12-inch pneumatic tires offer expert rear suspension, while this scooter works best on smoother surfaces and level terrain.

Each of these scooters is equipped with the most beneficial safety measures. However, it's important for parents to stress to children the responsibility aspect of owning an electric scooter and the safety precautions to be taken, granting further peace of mind and ensuring children stay as safe as possible while riding.