Monday, March 4, 2013

Razor Scooters - Traditional In Black

The color back is original, traditional, and perfect for almost any occasion. So why wouldn't it be the ideal hue for your child's mode of transportation? It's a unisex tone that can be used on anything and children are less likely to be upset by receiving a different color than everyone else, such as their sister or brother. The following black Razor scooters are lightweight, durable, long lasting, and color-neutral for kids of all ages and genders. They're easy-to-stow, ranked from beginner to advanced, and feature a wide range of safety precautions to keep your children scrape and bruise free.


Black Razor Siege Scooter

This scooter is different from traditional scooters because it features a 360 degree inclined rear caster wheel for tricks and kick-flips. The ultimate trickster scooter, it's designed for ages 8 and up with hybrid street technology for rougher, gravely terrain. The adjustable handlebars fit every height through the years, whereas the compact folding style ensures this scooter stays safely out of the way when not in use. The weight accommodated is 143 pounds with top speeds of however fast your kid can kick.


Razor Black Label Raven Scooter

Not only does this scooter have a super-cool name, it's also a great beginner mode of transport for tots of 5 years and up. With a weight limit of 175 pounds, it has the potential to outlast your child into their adult years, serving as a hand-me-down for generations of youngsters. The patented quick-fold means it's great for simple storage in-home, under a bus seat, or in a school locker. The Raven also packs a contrasting color punch of red to accompany the black, giving the whole design an edgy appearance.


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