Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Unique Scooters For Toddlers

3 years old is a tough age! Around this time, kids are blossoming into their own personalities, discovering their interests and dislikes and the complexity of what makes them original little human beings. With this knowledge comes new Christmas and Birthday lists with cool and unique toys of their generation. One example is the 2013 scooters for 3-year-old kids. These scooters are durable and long lasting, designed to handle the roughness of gravelly terrain or the smooth uphill-battle of a new park path. Some are kick-powered where others rely on pedals, but all of the listed below have the utmost in safety technology for comfortable, safe riding at all times.

Our favorites are:


YBike Kicker - My First Scooter

This scooter features a chunky concept with a wider-than-average footplate and deck for optimum control. The thick wheels are seated low to the ground, offering kids a much safer way to ride because they have more charge over steering and brakes. The best part of this scooter is the self-confidence boost it will give your kids. Children at this age are searching for a little more freedom and independence; they're longing to do and discover things on their own. With this scooter, you're ensuring their safety while providing them with a great way to have fun, bask in fresh air, and have a little travel leeway around the yard, park, or neighborhood.


Mini Kick Scooter

We love this little scooter because it's so simple! The basic design features two large front wheels that balance out a smaller back wheel. This allows kids to learn to use their body weight in steering and turning. The weight limit is up to 44 pounds, which means kids as old as 6 could have a great time gliding, riding, and rolling in style.

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