Monday, March 4, 2013

Razor Scooters - Be The Green Machine

The verdict is in! Green razor scooters are awesome! Decked with the best in high-quality aluminum and Aircraft-grade materials, these scooters are colored with key lime, mean green, or grass-hued accents. Some feature decals of varying designs and contrasting tones, while others rely on being beautiful with simple emerald shading. Your kid will cruise in viridian style! In truth, the only thing separating these scooters from other Razor brands is the color. However, we think everything's just cooler and more fun when dyed in vibrant mossy tints.

Our favorites are:


Green Razor Wild Style A Kick Scooter

Recommended for kids 5 years and up, this scooter is a proverbial green machine of intense graffiti graphics and a weight limit of 143 pounds. Special edition and Razor racing ready, this little mode of transportation also features 14 spoke hubs on smooth-glide urethane wheels. The rear fender brake allows for complete, full, and quick stops, while a T-tube to the deck offers one-handed folding capabilities that are great for quick storage. Your child's friends will be positively green with envy!


Green Razor E200S Seated Electric Scooter

This scooter is designed for children 12 years and up; however, we also think it's a great gift for young adults who want to cut the time it takes to get across a college campus. The bright lime deck and frame can hold up to 153 pounds, offering a comfortable cushioned seat with a top speed of 12mph. The seat and seat post are detachable for those who prefer to stand and ride, whereas the handlebars are adjustable to grow with a child and match their height well into their late teens to early 20s and possible beyond. This is the perfect generation-worthy scooter; a mode of transportation that can be passed down through families.


Find the current top selling Razor scooters in green:

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