Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Should you Buy Toys from Amazon? A Note About Amazon as a Business, and Their Treatment of Partners

This is a rather unusual post for me to be making on my blog today, but I wanted to express my opinion about a recent action taken by to their partners. 

I am not a happy camper.  

For the past couple of years, I have been what is called an "Associate" with, and have been an honest believer in their company and what they offer for consumers in terms of generally lower prices than other websites, a huge stock of merchandise and an easy way to shop online. 

On Monday I (as well as over 4,000 others) received an email from Amazon that stated that since I am a resident of Colorado, and that since Colorado recently passed some legislation regarding taxation on the internet, that I was now being dismissed from the program.  No notice, no prior information on "Hey, this is coming..." - Just poof, gone.

I won't go into too many of the "gory details" of exactly what this means to me personally, but I wanted to let my readers know that this action (though still within the realms of a clause of their affiliate contract) lacks in common decency.  Why? 
  • Amazon did not provide any sort of notice on this to allow their partners the time or wherewithal to make changes in their business to compensate or somehow "ease the blow"
  • ...Which means, they are making money from my efforts, and I will receive nothing in return.  Does this sound like "something for nothing"?  It is. 
This is no small matter, and in fact has been receiving quite a bit of national attention.

Yes, I disagree with the bill that Colorado passed (HB 10-1193) and have also stated my viewpoint to the "powers that be" in my state.  However - Amazon's retaliation action on this was to "bite" their partners, rather than asking for help from them or providing them with a "teamwork" action that would effectively handle the problem without injuring those who helped Amazon to achieve their current status in the first place. This is not righting a wrong, it is making something that is wrong - MUCH wronger.  =(

This has hurt a number of people including myself, and I will no longer be recommending products from Amazon, nor will I shop there ever again.  (And goodness knows I have done a lot of shopping there in the past!)

Note:  In the past I had made the assumption that Amazon (since it is so big) was "the only fish in the sea".  That was a wrong assumption to make!  I have spent a good amount of time over the past couple of days looking around at other resources and you know what?  They're out there!  =D

Should you buy Toys from Amazon?  I can only give my own personal viewpoint on this -- I myself would never support a company that behaves in such an unprofessional and "strong arm" fashion.  (I never liked bullies on the playground either.) 

Stay tuned...

All for today -

Tonya B.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Razor Pink Scooter - Choices of Scooters in Pink 2010

The Razor company has most definitely put more than a bit of thought into their lineup of scooters for younger ladies - in fact, there is a Razor Pink Scooter for just about any age excluding of course infant ages and adults!  =)

The more I look into kids Razor scooters, the more I like them.  There are quite a number of unique designs and uses for their scooters, and the young ladies enjoy "scootering" just as much as the lads!

Here is a current list of Razor Pink Scooter models for 2010:

Folding Kiddie Kick Razor Pink Scooter:  Here is a great choice for kids toddler age!  It also folds up easily for carrying and storage purposes.

For ages:  3 to 6 years

Get More Info | Buy Online:


Razor A Kick Pink Razor Scooter:  The much loved and still most popular scooter from Razor.  It is available in quite a number of sleek looking colors, including pink.

For ages:  5 years and up

Get More Info | Buy Online


Razor Pink E100 Electric Scooter:  This is the basic model of electric scooter from Razor, with a nice quiet motor and a lot of fun for kids.

For ages: 8 and older

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Razor Pink Power Wing Scooter:  What a cool idea!  The rider propels him or herself along with motions from the feet, with caster wheels on the back.  Good for tricks too!

For ages:  5 years and up

Get More Info | Buy Online:


Razor Pink Spark Scooter:  Here is another unique idea - a scooter that causes the sparks to fly (literally) when the user steps on a special bar!

For ages:  8 years and up

Get More Info | Buy Online:


Razor Pink Pocket Mod Scooter:  Here is a ride-on Euro designed scooter for kids from Razor! The pink version is called "Sweetpea" and even features tassels on the handlebars!  Very cute, and a lot of fun for girls.

For ages: 12 years and up

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There you have it - at least as much as I could dig up!  =)  But - I can tell you that this at least comprises the list of Razor Pink Scooter models that are readily available from top and trusted merchants online for 2010.

Happy scootering!  =D

Tonya B.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Razor Scooter Pocket Mod - Fun Euro Mini Scooter for Kids

Razor has truly amazed me with their ability to create unique designs in kids scooters - the Razor Scooter Pocket Mod is no exception!  This is one of the more innovative and sleek scooters for kids available!

Basic Information on the Razor Scooter Pocket Mod:  This scooter is intended for kids age 12 and older, will travel up to 15 MPH and will run up to 10 miles when fully charged.  Based on what I read from customer reviews for this scooter, it is easily balanced and designed well for kids in order help with the aspect of safety.

Pocket Mod Colors:  There are 6 distinctly different looks/colors for the Razor Pocket Mod Euro Mini, including "Hot Mod" Red (a color that is exclusive to Amazon), "Vapor" Black, "Betty" Lavendar, "Sweetpea" Pink, "Bella" Dusty Pink and "Bistro" Aqua (the last on the list is quite a bit more tricky to come by).

Shopping for the Razor Pocket Mod Scooter:  There are a few places online that carry this scooter, but some are better than others in terms of price and selection.  I have gathered all of the best resources I found and put them in one place here:
Note: I have found that there are some of these scooters available with "minor factory cosmetic errors" that are available for a much lower price. If you don't mind a few "barely there" sticker misplacements and minor scratches - and if you are on a budget - this could be the way to go when shopping for the Razor Scooter Pocket Mod.

All for today -

Tonya B.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Top 10 Scooters - Best Kids Scooters 2010

In a couple of previous posts, I focused on either a specific brand of scooters for kids, or a specific style.  Today, I want to let all of you out there who are looking for kids scooters - of any type or  for any age - what exactly are the Top 10 Scooters for kids.  These are the best kids scooters in terms of current popularity and overall customer ranking.  

Here they are...

1.  Razor E300 Electric Scooter (For kids 12 years and older):

Here is one of the "ultra" in electric scooters in terms of its ride and features.  It has a nice, wide deck for greater balance and control, and will ride up to 15 mph, with a maximum weight of 220 pounds.  Nice choice for an electric scooter, but it also has a bit higher price than other electric scooters out there.

2.  Radio Flyer "My First Scooter":

Here is a great choice for kids who are even just at toddler age, recommended for kids age 2 to 5.  It has a great ability to help kids keep their balance with a wide deck (for standing on), and two wheels in the front, one in back.  True to form for Radio Flyer, this appears to be a great product with plenty of parent "raves".


3.  Razor A Kick Kids Scooter (For kids age 5 and older): 

This very popular scooter continues to be the highest in popularity of kick scooters from Razor.  It is actually very light, weighing 6 pounds, is known to be quite durable and folds up to make carrying and storage easy.  The weight limit for this scooter is 143 pounds.  (Shopping:  Razor A Kick @ Top 10 Scooters)

4.  Razor A5 Lux Kick Scooter (for kids age 8 and older): 

The name here seems to be appropriate - this model of scooter not only is known to give more ride with less effort, but will actually conform to use by anyone as tall and heavy as an adult!  It has features to provide an extremely smooth ride, even on more rough surfaces.   (Shopping:  Razor A5 Lux Kick Scooter @ Top 10 Scooters)

5.  Razor Pro Model Scooter (For kids age 6 and older):

Yes this one is a good choice for the "pros" out there who not only appreciate a nice ride on a scooter, but enjoy performing various stunts.  It was designed and tested by pro freestyle scooter riders. 

6.  Mini Kick Scooter (For kids age 3 to 5 years):

Here is another scooter listed among the Top 10 Scooters for kids that is just for the very young ones out there.  This particular scooter has won a couple of awards for its quality and "funnability", and is a good choice for kids in this age range.  Again, this model of toddler scooter has three wheels, two in front.  (Shopping:  Mini Kick Scooter @ Top 10 Scooters)

7.  Razor E100 Electric Scooter (For kids 8 years and older):
This is the "basic" scooter from Razor among the electric scooter lineup, having some important basic features, but with fewer "bells and whistles" than other electric models.  The motor is quiet, and it will accommodate riders up to 120 pounds.  Note:  This model of electric scooter requires a bit of a "kickoff" before the motor will start up.

8.  Razor Jr. Folding Kiddie Kick Scooter (For kids age 3 to 6 years):
Here is the toddler version of the kick scooter from the Razor company.  This scooter has three wheels also for the toddler model, but unlike the two listed above the "double wheels" are located in the back rather than the front, so may be a better choice for kids who already have some balancing skills and control.  The deck on this scooter is quite wide, and has a slip resistant feature for added safety.

9.  Razor A2 Kick Kids Scooter:

This model of scooter is a bit improved on the original Razor A Kick, with better shock absorption and an added wheelie bar.  (Fun!)  This model is also crafted with high quality and light aluminum.

10.  Razor A3 Kick Kids Scooter:
Here we are again with a step on on the kick models from Razor, with an even smoother ride and a newly designed wheelie bar for even more fun.  This scooter also features a special rear brake for faster and easier stopping.

Yes - there certainly are more scooters out there to choose from - but I am willing to bet that you can have a great scooter on your hands if you choose from one of the above Top 10 Scooters for kids, with the information that I looked at, these truly appear to be the best kids scooters 2010.