Saturday, December 29, 2012

LEGO Galaxy Squad Sets

Does your little boy look up at the stars in hopes of seeing alien spacecrafts? Is he enamored with re-runs of Star Trek and any galactic show that presents a new race of super-humans flitting from one planet to another? The LEGO Galaxy Squad toys bring prospective astronaut dreams to life with buildable spaceships, portals into other dimensions, and alien lifeforms galore. It sparks a child's imaginative process! The leading squad sets of 2012 are...


LEGO Space Vermin Vaporizer (shown left)

All space architects know that some planets and moons are crawling with intergalactic vermin. These alien buggoids resemble scorpions with sharp tails that both stab and fire lasers for a double-dose of penetrating force. This particular set is comprised of 506 buildable pieces, inclusive of 3 mini-figurines (Chuck Stonebreaker, robot sidekick, and the alien scum); each one equipped with a vehicle and signature weapons, such as the alien sonic gun, blasters, and energy blade. There is also a constructable laboratory, complete with computer and split function missiles for a closer look the alien menace one they're captured.


LEGO Galaxy Space Swarmer

This set is known as an easily attached add-on to the larger galaxy squad play sets. The swarmer consists of 86 pieces with a completed measurement of 5" x 3'; a perfect starter for kids who need to get the hang of building space models with smaller pieces. Also included are 2 mini-figurines (alien buggoid and robot sidekick) with designated weaponry and a stealthy jet pack. The swarmer features a grabber mouth with opening cockpit, moving wings, and poseable legs for ultimate destruction.


LEGO Galaxy Space Bug Obliterator

Those pesky Cyborg bugs are at it again with one of the largest sets in the LEGO Galaxy Squad line-up. With 711 buildable pieces to assemble and bring to life, this set is multi-functional, featuring dragonfly aliens, robot soldiers, and several militant leaders to head the cause. Inclusive of weaponry, those spacial creepy crawlies don't stand a chance!


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Monday, December 17, 2012

Lite Brix Building Sets - A Bag of Cool!

Tinker toys and traditional building blocks do little to spark the imagination of children from the ages of 6 and up. While Lincoln Logs are grand and LEGO may be awesome, Lite Brix building sets are the new cool for kids who want to put extra Oomph! in their afterschool creations. We'll let a few of these popular toys speak for themselves...


Lite Brix Extreme City Lights

Inspired by some of the flashiest cities in the world, this set requires 9 AA batteries, a screwdriver, and a willing parent to bring a child's imagination to life. For ages 6 and up, adult supervision might be required for smaller children, but older kids have been known to get the hang of constructing these blocks very quickly. When fully constructed, the skyscraper stands over 2 feet tall with accompanying buildings on each side. Standing bright and bold, the city is beautifully lit from the inside, giving a 3D feel to the whole structure.


Lite Brix Star Shuttle

Get ready for a galactic blast-off! This rocket set is equipped with 4 color LEDs and special connectors to make each shuttle stand out. There are enough blocks and pieces to build a rocket, plane, and launch pad all at once, with a few pieces leftover. A mini-figurine space astronaut fits snuggly into the Shuttle place, while imagination counts down to the moment of lift off.


Lite Brix Space Trooper

You've never seen an alien quite like this. Lit from the inside with the help of a battery pack, 8 connectors and 9 lite brix, this space man is fully functional and posable. He outshines enemies, protecting your child from fearsome boogeymen that may lurk underneath a bed. Plus, his excess building parts can be used with other Lite Brix toys.


Find out what Cra-Z-Art is up to these days with their new building and other toys:


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Melissa & Doug Sound Puzzles - Pieces You Can Hear

After a certain age, traditional puzzles are boring, dull, and not engaging enough to hold your child's attention. This is where Melissa and Doug sound puzzles are helpful. These puzzles are equipped with snippets, depending on theme and design, from your child's favorite animals, vehicle noises, and recognizable sounds. Not only do these puzzle teach recognition and knowledge of certain sound bytes, they're also entertaining and educational, teaching your child hand-eye coordination through fun learning. A few family favorites are...


Melissa and Doug Alphabet Sound Puzzle

Tried and true, this puzzle features every letter in a different color with funky effects underneath. As the letters are placed back into their designated spots, a voice sings the alphabet. The speed of the song depends entirely on how quickly your child can piece back the puzzle. A great tool for early vocabulary and matching skills, this puzzle is also 100% wooden and designed to last.


Melissa and Doug USA Map Sound Puzzle

If Geography isn't your little boy or girl's strong suit, intrigue and teach them with a puzzle that relays the names of all 50 American states. As each puzzle is fitted back into the specific piece place, a friendly voice conveys the state's name and capitol. There's also a picture of an animal or object that each state is most famous for. It's not only a jumpstart lesson in geography; it's also a great vocabulary starter.


Melissa and Doug Zoo Animals Sound Puzzle

Zoo animals are some of the most fascinating and entertaining to any child. Wooden and durable, this puzzle is vivid and vibrant with color! With these knobbed examples of wildlife, kids will hear realistic animal sounds when each puzzle piece is placed on the board. From snakes hissing to lions roaring, every zoo favorite is present and accounted for.


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More on Melissa & Doug Knob Puzzles - So Puzzled!

The very act of piecing together an elaborate puzzle can leave a child feeling bamboozled and...well... puzzled! Melissa & Doug knob puzzles take the confusion out of tradition puzzle pieces, adding a touch of kid-friendly to their designs.

Each puzzle is built to be engaging and educational, attracting and keeping a child's interest while enhancing fine motor skills, and matching abilities. A few puzzles even offer a nudge in the right direction with reading, allowing little ones to get a jumpstart on the ever-important alphabet. A few popular choice M&D puzzles this season are...


Melissa and Doug House Pets Knob Puzzle (shown in left photo)

From the cute and cuddly, to the always squawking and talking, this puzzle features 3 loveable house pets for your child to get to know. They'll likely name each piece, beginning with the adorable puppy, followed by the mischievous kitty, and ending with the beautiful canary. Easy-grasp knobs make it simple for little hands to piece this puzzle together, while friendly smiles and sweet dispositions keep these natural animal enemies from fighting over slots.


Melissa and Doug Fish Bowl Knob Puzzle

If you've got a future Oceanographer on your hands, this crab, fishy, and turtle will more than satisfy their water-loving adorations. Made with jumbo knobs for easy grasping, each puzzle piece has a hidden surprise picture beneath it.


Melissa and Doug Fruit Basket Large Knob Puzzle

This puzzle prepares your learning little one for a picnic in the park, complete with all manner of fruit and a traditional basket. Extra-thick puzzle pieces are colored and shaped like some of your child's favorite food, from bananas to pears and grapes. Large knobs mean smaller hands will have no trouble grasping and piecing, while this is educational in hand-eye coordination, colors, and visual perception. 


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Knob Puzzles from Melissa and Doug - For Little Learners

There's a certain age toddlers reach where they want to pick up everything and then wedge those items in confined spaces - all to see if it fits. 9 times out of 10, the answer is "no" and parents are stuck with a tinker block forever lodged between the floor and refrigerator. Melissa and Doug Wooden Knob puzzles can help with this stage in a child's life! Each of their puzzles is designed to engage, interest, entertain, and satisfy the growing curiosity of a flourishing little learner. A few popular choices are...


Melissa and Doug Knob Farm Animal Puzzle

Perfect for pre-tots of 12 months and up, this puzzle displays farm animals in all their "Old MacDonald" glory. Fastened with extra large knobs for optimum non-slip grip, each animal (and the farmer) has their own carved slot. They also all smile out at your child, encouraging a job well done. Made from the best wooden materials, a surprise picture is under each animal, awaiting your little boy's brag-worthy accomplishment.


Melissa and Doug Jungle Friends Knob Puzzle

If farming isn't your child's fancy, he'll adore the monkeying around with jungle friends. 100% wooden with laminate overlays, this puzzle features a lion, giraffe, and elephant - each with a friendly expression of encouragement and contentment. Easy-grasp knobs make puzzle piecing no problem for little hands, while matching pictures underneath each piece let your child know where the piece best fits.


Melissa and Doug Large Shapes Knob Puzzle

This puzzle is all about early geometry! From circles and squares, to rectangles and triangles, each easy-to-understand shape is represented in an array of colors. Their names are printed clearly for an educational advantage, and the easy-grasp knobs are perfect for fumbling fingers. This allows little ones to develop fine motor, matching, and reading skills.


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