Monday, December 17, 2012

Melissa & Doug Sound Puzzles - Pieces You Can Hear

After a certain age, traditional puzzles are boring, dull, and not engaging enough to hold your child's attention. This is where Melissa and Doug sound puzzles are helpful. These puzzles are equipped with snippets, depending on theme and design, from your child's favorite animals, vehicle noises, and recognizable sounds. Not only do these puzzle teach recognition and knowledge of certain sound bytes, they're also entertaining and educational, teaching your child hand-eye coordination through fun learning. A few family favorites are...


Melissa and Doug Alphabet Sound Puzzle

Tried and true, this puzzle features every letter in a different color with funky effects underneath. As the letters are placed back into their designated spots, a voice sings the alphabet. The speed of the song depends entirely on how quickly your child can piece back the puzzle. A great tool for early vocabulary and matching skills, this puzzle is also 100% wooden and designed to last.


Melissa and Doug USA Map Sound Puzzle

If Geography isn't your little boy or girl's strong suit, intrigue and teach them with a puzzle that relays the names of all 50 American states. As each puzzle is fitted back into the specific piece place, a friendly voice conveys the state's name and capitol. There's also a picture of an animal or object that each state is most famous for. It's not only a jumpstart lesson in geography; it's also a great vocabulary starter.


Melissa and Doug Zoo Animals Sound Puzzle

Zoo animals are some of the most fascinating and entertaining to any child. Wooden and durable, this puzzle is vivid and vibrant with color! With these knobbed examples of wildlife, kids will hear realistic animal sounds when each puzzle piece is placed on the board. From snakes hissing to lions roaring, every zoo favorite is present and accounted for.


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