Friday, July 31, 2015

The Three Best Ride-On Toys That Kids Will Love

2015's Best Ride-On Toys for Toddlers

Over the years, I have scoured and researched hundreds of thousands of toys in hopes of finding the very best of the best for your kiddos. This year is all about ride-ons – those that inspire confidence and creative freedom in your toddler, because those feelings are extremely important, especially at such a young age.

Giving little ones a chance to improve their coordination, increase leg strength, and gain a sense of independence, the following are must-haves that kiddos will love. They - in my opinion - are THE three best ride-on toys, perfect for keeping your youngster entertained, both indoors and outdoors, all year-around.


Prince Lionheart Wheely Bug – Bee

Oh, the love I feel for this buzzy bumblebee! This ride-on is adorable, obviously, with a couple of ball-capped antennas, and a black and yellow striped body. The design is, of course, in the fashion of a classic bumblebee, minus the wings and ouch-worthy stinger.

Available in two sizes – large or small – this buzzy bumblebee ride-on includes a rounded handlebar that connects at either end of the front base. Kids can climb on, straddling the ride-on, and then push off with their feet while holding on to the handlebar. This is a kick-starter that never stops being cute!


Step2 Pink Whisper Ride Buggy

Another favorite of mine, this adorable little car is marketed toward little ladies – hence the pink color, but I say, this is a perfect ride-on for little lads, too. Contrasting with purple accents, this ride-on features a spacious interior that toddlers can use to put their feet up and just relax.

A push handle on the back gives mom or dad control over pulling or pushing this cutie-patootie ride-on anywhere your kiddo wants to go.


VTech 3-in-1 Learning Zebra Scooter

One more of my absolute favorites – this scooter from VTech is as high-tech as it gets when it comes to toddling toddlers. Yes, it is a classic ride-on, but it also has educational elements, such as buttons, levers, and pulleys that make noise. Kids can learn how to count, say simple words, and identify letters, colors, and shapes with the simple press of one of the awesome buttons.

Additionally, the zebra shape is adorably awesome. Plus, this scooter goes from push-walker to ride-on in a few snaps. As youngsters move forward, super-cool lights illuminate the sides and front in engaging, attention-grabbing patterns and colors. This is a must-have for the tech-savvy tots of today’s world.

Video top 5 list for 2015 - ride-on toys for the tots:  

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Toys to Give Your 6-Year old Girl a Creative Outlet

After months of well-researched decisions, decisions, decisions – I finally hand-picked the superior 3 that made the cut of the best toys for six year old young ladies over the past year or so. This year, there are thousands more little ladies with their interests in arts and crafts, which means this year's picks are impressive, beautifully crafted, and perfect for serving as a creative outlet.

Kids will be happy for the challenge in the line-up this year, as each toy – in combination with being great for creative expression – is also a learning experience. From feeling the breezes of freedom and independence for the first time to creating their own stories and making the most out of active time – these 3 among the best toys for 6 year old girls are great choices.


Razor A Lighted Wheel Kick Scooter

Luminous, creative, and unique, these kick scooters are more than classics – they are innovative instant favorites. The original scooters are timeless and traditional, as everyone seemed to have one hidden away in their garage when I was growing up. Now, these scooters are even moreso enticing and appealing, as the front wheel lights up in a dazzling, sparkling display of illuminating colors.

The colors of the lights depend entirely on the colors of the scooter wheels, and there are a slew of vivid tones available to express your kiddo’s personality.


Kindle Fire HD Kids’ Tablet

My Kindle Fire is an absolute go-everywhere must-have! Which is why I was so gung-ho about the release of the Kids’ Edition. These tablets are sleek and slender, but their abilities are expansive, extensive, and voluminous. Equipped with a ring of rubber that serves as an accident-free bumper, these tablets come in a variety of cool colors that kids are likely to love.

They also store up to 5000 downloads that could include games, movies, music, and books – all kid-friendly, of course.


LeapFrog LeapBand

The LeapBand is the true meaning of innovative and revolutionary, as these gadgets are the first-ever fitness/activity trackers for kids. They promote the importance of healthy living through being active and staying fit. How? Through over 50 interactive challenges and fitness missions!

Kids can engage in exciting, challenging exercises with some of their favorite animal friends, and the activities are designed to get little hearts pumping. Plus, as exercises become easier, the challenges become more difficult to test and strengthen your youngster.


If you're interested in "jogging around" some more toy or gift ideas for a six year-old girl, here is a video with some more ideas:

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Boy Oh Boy! It’s Back to School Backpacks!

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Best School Backpacks for Boys in 2015

With the increase in schoolwork, homework, heavier textbooks, and more paperwork and need-to-have school supplies, kids are faced with a backpack dilemma. Which brings me to why the best backpacks for boys are the best.

Through heaps of research and personal experience with my own kiddo, I have narrowed down a top 10 list of awesome backpacks to a solid, reliable, awesome top 3.

These backpacks, while fantastic for school stuff, can be used for anything, regardless of whether the school year has rolled around yet. From adventurous, to preschooler cute, to funny, these backpacks are functional as well as expressive for little boys with BIG personalities.


Jurassic World Backpack

Let’s be honest – Jurassic World was an epic movie. One that your little boy probably LOVED, or is utterly bugging you to go see. This Jurassic World backpack features the JW emblem in its toothy T-Rex glory, complete with silver DNA accents on a bright blue backdrop. The material is machine-washable, ultra-durable, long-lasting polyester, and there are two zippered compartments on the front for extra roominess.

If your youngster prefers dino fight scenes, or perhaps bigger, better, badder dinosaurs from the JW movie, there are three other designs available.


Skip Hop Zoo Backpack and Lunchie

In the shape of a hoppy, happy frog – this backpack is perfect for preschoolers. Inside of the backpack, there is a matching lunch bag – soft and lightweight, of course, and big enough for ice packs to keep snacks cool. The frog is neon green with big, googley eyes and a friendly smile. His tummy is the front pocket – extra-roomy and zippered for convenience.

Inside of both the lunch bag and backpack, there are attached name tags that you can write on with permanent marker. If a frog isn’t your little guy’s style, Skip Hop Zoo also offers giraffe or puppy versions.


Despicable Me 2 Jerry Backpack

You might think all of the Minions look the same with their weird glasses, crazy strands of hair, yellow skin, and goofy demeanors…but they have totally different personalities. Jerry is quirky, kooky, and unique. He also LOVES being the center of attention, hence why he takes front and center on this Despicable Me 2 backpack.

This backpack is not only hilarious, awesome, and cute, it’s also sturdy, reliable, and padded around the shoulder straps for better weight distribution. The front zippered pocket is also super roomy.


To jog some more ideas on the perfect school backpack for a boy, here is a short little mini-vid, top 5 list:

Friday, July 17, 2015

Cute Back to School Backpacks for Girls

2015's "Best Of" Girls' School Backpacks

August is fast-approaching, which means school isn’t too far behind. However, in my humble opinion, the best school backpacks for girls are those that can be used for anything, regardless of whether school is in session.

These backpacks can be the ultimate snack holders for adventurous young ladies on trips to the park. Or, perhaps these backpacks could be carriers of your little one’s favorite books from the library during summer reading programs.

I searched, researched, and narrowed down a top 10 list of the BEST backpacks for girls, and from that bigger list, I narrowed it down again to a cute, reliable top 3.


J World New York Lollipop Kids’ Rolling Backpack with Lunch Bag

School has changed tremendously since we were kids. Youngsters today are dealing with more schoolwork, more homework, bigger textbooks, and more paperwork, which can sometimes lead to sore backs and bruised shoulders. Backpacks these days are sent home brimming.

The Rolling Backpack gives girlies a break. The backpack is on wheels with three unique locking mechanisms that keep the book bag from moving when she doesn’t want it to. There are heaps of cool colors and cute patterns, and each rolling backpack comes with a matching, lightweight lunch bag.


Leaper Casual Embroidered Canvas Backpack

Preteen and teen girls are perplexing at the best of times, as their personalities are constantly changing. This canvas backpack is a lightweight, not-too-frilly must-have for cuties with a preference for slightly colorful, but not too loud, school accessories.

The canvas used is made from recycled materials (yay for eco-friendliness), and there are over 20 different colors and patterns for cool gals to choose from. Plus, the shoulder straps are padded, the interior pocket is super-roomy, and there are two exterior pockets for extra school supplies, keys, or other essential girly-girl knickknacks.


Skip Hop Zoo Little Kid Backpack

We have covered the kiddos, preteens, and teenagers, so why not take a minute for preschoolers? This adorable backpack is shaped like a koala, complete with pink ears, friendly eyes, and a too-cute nose. It is lightweight and small enough for a toddler to carry, even when packed to overflowing with little books, toys, and homework. The shoulder straps are lightly padded, and the zippers are accented by little leaves.

However, if a koala isn’t your little lady’s style, there are tons of other animal shapes to choose from, like a hedgehog, zebra, and unicorn.


True to form (for my writing on this blog) - here is a fun new little vid that I made, to show a nice "top 5" list of girls' backpacks for the upcoming school year:

Thursday, July 16, 2015

LEGO Sets that 5 Year Olds Will Love

In my experience – 5 year old youngsters are never that hard to please. They have yet to really delve deep into that picky stage, where everything is wrong and tantrums are only a bad day away. Lucky for us – those picky years usually pass pretty quickly, replaced by the creative angst of preteens.

But I digress.

The following list is for those awesome, imaginative kiddos – the ones who have yet to develop their pickiness or attitudes. You asked and received – these are three picks among the best LEGOs for 5 year old kids.

I have handpicked and researched for you, dear readers – and I discovered a top-notch 3 that are the absolute best, delighting both girls and boys with building bricks galore.


LEGO Bricks & More Creative Bucket

For kiddos who brim, overflow, and practically burst in blooming blossom with imagination and creative thinking – the Creative Bucket is a must-have and my personal favorite. There are over 600 colorful building bricks that kids can use to make imaginative structures, utilizing their abilities as flourishing builders, artists, dreamers, and creative minds.

Additionally, there are over 300 rare, vivacious blue building bricks in each convenient, tote-around bucket.


LEGO Friends Downtown Bakery

Going through the true test of an amazing friendship, Mia & Danielle have friendship first and are business partners second. Their mutual love of baking guided them toward opening their own Downtown Bakery.

There are over 250 building bricks, each fitting perfectly within the bakery or outside as an accessory. Dozens of delicious, decadent desserts, such as pastries, cakes, and cookies, line the shelves and outdoor concessions, awaiting the many LEGO customers with a sweet tooth.

This set is THE ultimate test of true friendship for best pals and business associates, Mia & Danielle.


LEGO Juniors Batman – Defend the Bat Cave Set

Batman is a tried-and-true, ultra-classic favorite! He is inspiring as a superhero in many ways – one being that he is completely human, giving youngsters the impression that anyone can battle the evil in the world and win.

This specific LEGO must-have features Batman, his sidekick Robin, and their most villainous villain of all time…The Joker. Okay, so maybe Bane was the true evil in the saga as well, but he is NOT included – so Joker moves up in rank. Ha! There are over 150 buildable elements here, allowing kids to use their imagination to construct an impenetrable Bat Cave – complete with traps and weaponry. Also includes the amazing, epic Batmobile!


Here is a fun little vid, with some visual ideas on LEGOs for 5 year olds this year: