Saturday, June 30, 2012

LeapFrog Learn & Groove Musical Table - Educate To The Tunes!

Deserving of a higher rank on the list of the best educational toys 2012, the LeapFrog Learn & Groove Musical Table is more than a toy. It's also a tool -- one that allows children from ages 6 months to 4 years learn about different sounds and essential skills needed to live a fulfilling childhood.

There are 4 ways in which this device teaches and entertains:
1. Introduces kids to colors and shapes. Instead of setting a child down in front of an instructional video or pulling out the flashcards, parents have left the LeapFrog Learn & Groove Musical Table in control of a child's recognition skills. While it's imperative for children to still learn from their parents and loved ones, this ensures kids can be educated at all times -- during play or serious home-based preschooling.

2. Teaches the alphabet and counting. These are necessary activities that will get a child engaged in learning. Rather than struggle through a boring A-Z booklet or go through the trials of going from 1-20 on fingers and toes, this toy offers children the opportunity to learn and grow on their own time. When an activity is amusing and fun, it's easier to educate because children who are having a great time are more likely to absorb a lesson.

3. Sings nursery rhymes. The LeapFrog Learn & Groove Musical Table utilizes 40 musical melodies to sing nursery rhymes and moral lessons in a way children will understand them. Kids can sing along and develop favorites while dancing and jamming out to new tunes.

4. Shows positive cause and effect. Toddlers will find that when they pull a lever or twirl a toggle, something else happens. The LeapFrog Learn & Groove Musical Table provides cause and effect games that show children all their actions will have a reaction. While parents know not all case and effects in life are good, this toy gives a child positive reaction to their initial action.


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Thursday, June 28, 2012

The 2 Best Nerf Guns - Battling & Bonding

The 2 best Nerf guns have been determined based on several factors. One is safety -- for obvious reasons. Factor two being that each gun can be incorporated into a family's together time. There's nothing quite like chasing kids around the yard as they try to shoot you with soft foam, giggling the whole time. Finally, the third deciding factor is reliability. No parent wants to invest in a toy that will break after a couple of uses. Children need strong toys -- the kind that can stand up to the normal wear-and-tear of a happy and productive childhood.

There were 2 Nerf guns that met all the criteria:

1. Nerf N-Strike Nite Finder EX-3. This is one powerful foam gun! Dad doesn't stand a chance of winning against the backyard battle that will ensue when this toy is unleashed. Designed for range, this foam-shooter can be used in the daylight or the evening -- a precision point light allows kids to easily see and shoot their targets from about 25 feet away. While the suction cups won't stick to opponents, they will adhere to near glass doors or windows -- marking the spot where the battle was almost won. 3 darts accompany this toy, but back-ups can be bought in packages of 4 or more at retail outlets or online.

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2. Nerf N-Strike Vulcan EBF-25 Dart Blaster. These Nerf guns are for the prospective snipers of the family. 25 rounds of darts are ready for rapid fire, while an ammo box features a few more rounds for quick reloads. This gun can shoot 3 darts per second at a range of 25 feet or more, depending on where the gun is used -- indoors or outdoors. Equipped with a removable tripod for accurate shooting, the term 'blaster' is used to indicate a foam-shooting reminiscent of a machine gun.

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Disney Princess Multi-Bin Toy Organizer - And They Lived Happily Ever After

Disney is rife with princesses -- role models for young children who want to grow up to be strong, passionate, and kind-hearted. Indugle your girly girl's childhood fantasies with the Disney Princess Multi-Bin Toy Organizer -- a storage container featuring the likenesses of 4 favorite Disney beauties. Even little princes can appreciate the exact depiction of these infamous animated film stars. Answering to a number 5 position on a list of the best toy boxes, this multi-bin unit can be used anywhere -- from toy rooms to vividly decorated bedrooms.

What You Get:

-- Light assembly is required for the Disney Princess Multi-Bin Toy Organizer, but this should take a maximum of 20 minutes or less. 5 high-quality fabric storage bins fit into the top and bottom tiers; each container varies in size to fit different toys and books. The very bottom tier is an encloser box for more delicate odds and ends -- such as special stuffed animals or hundreds of small building blocks. There are no sharp edges or pesky hinges, which means children's little fingers are safe from the pinches of traditional toy boxes. On the smaller side of a height of 2 feet, children can easily reach their favorite toys anywhere on the organizer. --

The Disney Princess Multi-Bin Toy Organizer has an allover tinge of pink combined with the trademark colors of each Disney princess. Your little one can happily sing a tune to the smiling face of Snow White, fall into a dreaming sleep under the watchful gaze of Aurora, or read a book of adventure seated next to Belle without her Beast. Cinderella even makes her appearance, decked out for the ball -- urging your child to come play in the land of imagination while her toys are safely guarded in little fabric cases.


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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wild Planet Lazer Tripwire - Banish Those Boogeymen!

When I was a kid, I was terrified of anything that went bump in the night -- from the house settling to the usual sounds of branches tickling my window pane at the slightest breeze. I also had numerous spy gadget toys for kids, but none quite as cool as the Wild Planet Lazer Tripwire -- a device my 7 year old has implemented as his "Boogeyman Banisher."

Instead of worrying over the imaginary monsters under the bed or in every crevice of a dark corner, we set up the 3 lazer tripwires every night -- at least 2 feet from each side of his bed. I've discovered he feels much safer and unafraid to sleep in his own room when these have been 'activated.' A nerf gun is tucked snug under his pillow in case any boogeymen get up the courage to wander across the tripwire line -- none have yet. Although, our cat got whacked with a soft pellet of foam after she accidentally wandered into his room; a mistake she hasn't repeated since.

The sound is tolerable. One of the least annoying sirens I've ever heard come out of a kid's toy -- and with a 7 year old who loves his gadgets, I've heard it all. The noise is also simple to turn off and the whole alarm system can be deactivated or moved when not in use.

One thing I have noticed about the Wild Planet Lazer Tripwire is that the lazer pointers have to be facing eachother perfectly -- if not, the sirens won't work because there's no tripwire to step on. The advertisement has the tripwire glowing red -- instead, it's invisible and you have to navigate over them; a small price to pay for a goodnight kiss and a comfortably sleeping child.


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LEGO Creationary - The Together Game

Growing up in the 80's and 90's, there were LEGO products (basically the building blocks) and then there was Pictionary -- never the two did meet. Until now. The LEGO Creationary Game is a spin on two things that brought the most families and friends together 20-something years ago. Ranked as number one in a list of the best LEGO board games, this has been dubbed the "together" game because it brings people closer. It makes those fond family memories -- the kind you look back on after decades and still get warm & fuzzy about.

The basics:

-- There is one buildable LEGO dice, 1 LEGO minifgure, and 1 LEGO microfigure -- accompanied by a rule booklet, 96 action cards, and 341 LEGO pieces for construction and creating. Between 3 and 8 people can play at one time with a recommended age beginning at 7 years old. There are 3 levels of difficulty -- therefore, game time can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

The how-to's:

-- The LEGO Creationary Game is a combination of traditional LEGO building blocks and Pictionary -- meaning others will try to guess what someone has built in order to score a point for themselves or their team. The builder will roll the dice to land 1 of 4 categories -- buildings, vehicles, nature, or things. Depending on the dice, the builder will then pick a card with a secret word on it. Don't let the others see the card! Then the building commences -- giving the non-builders the opportunity to guess what the potential LEGO master is making.


The LEGO Creationary Game is all about imagination and how well you can convey your 'secret word' through creation. On the one hand, you don't want to be too good because other players would easily guess and gain a point. On the other hand, all of your creations will be guessed based on what your team members interpret. This game is a learning experience -- albeit an entertaining and fun one.


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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

LEGO Star Wars Ewok Attack Set - Atop The Forest Moon

As the cutest but most vicious little fighters on Endor's Forest Moon, Ewoks are furry favorites of anyone who has ever watched Star Wars. The LEGO Star Wars Ewok Attack Set is just as much fun for adults as it is for children. With a recommended age range of 7-12, even the oldest kids at heart can spend hours with one of the top 10 LEGO Star Wars sets -- it's a must-have!

Imagine this:

- You're an Ewok of high-standing in Endor; a superior and advisor to your peers and loved ones. Unfortunately, your land is being threatened -- but the threat is sending a lone scout trooper ahead of the rest to assess the dangers of Forest Moon. As you prepare for battle, you let loose an Ewok battle-cry that could shake the very foundation of your community -- your followers echo your declaration of war just as the scout trooper arrives. Attack! -

The LEGO Star Wars Ewok Attack Set features mini-figurines of a scout trooper, a Logray, and an Ewok warrior -- including their weapons of choice; a spear, sling, and bow. The treetop hideout is the main event with a stone launcher, log trap, secret compartments, and escape routes to allow your Ewok army to avoid an untimely demise. There's also a retractable ladder that can be pulled up just in the nick of time -- before the scout trooper invades your Ewok fortress.

The LEGO Star Wars Ewok Attack Set is durable enough to be moved around the house. Despite the extremely affordable price, this set is constructed like something more expensive -- built to last through years of the usual toy-related abuse that children are prone to delivering. It's a great set all around, as a starter or a new piece for a hardcore, die-hard Star Wars fan.


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Saturday, June 23, 2012

LEGO Super Heroes Batwing Battle Over Gotham City Set - A Super Time For Super Kids!

Can your kids often be found running through the house with bedsheets tied around their shoulders to simulate a cape? Do they slay invisible monsters while watching reruns of their favorite super heroes on television? Give them something productive to stimulate their growing creativity and flourishing imaginations. Voted third in the top 10 LEGO sets rankings, the LEGO Super Heroes Batwing Battle Over Gotham City Set gives super kids the opportunity to live out their dreams of Batman grandeur.

Complete with everything needed to defeat a dry-humored nemesis, this set includes 3 mini-dolls (Batman, Joker, and a Henchman), a helicopter & batwing, and a slew of toy missiles to enhance the chance of Joker's demise. If kids want a fair fight between the 2 long-time enemies, Joker's mini-figure is equipped with easy-release tanks of toxic laughing gas (all pretend) and a henchman to do all his dirty work. Also accompanied with drop-down rope ladders for mid-air battles, each character's hands are in a grasping grip to hang on while combat rages in the sky. Will your kids be the ones to finally defeat the grinning muddler -- allowing the residents of Gotham to sleep peacefully once again?

All kids (and the grown-ups who are children at heart) will enjoy knocking the caped crusader's giggling goofball off his helicopter. Instructions are included with every LEGO Super Heroes Batwing Battle Over Gotham City Set, along with a Batman comic book for readers and collectors. Kids can rest assured the City of Gotham was saved thanks to their ingenius fighting methods and excellent defense against Joker and his right-hand man. For those who want to incorporate hostages and a few more bad guys, LEGO Super Heroes and LEGO Friends offer backwards compatible mini-figures and accessories that will accomodate any setup.

LEGO Friends Olivia's Tree House Set - The Charmed LEGO Life

Children can lead a charmed LEGO life with the LEGO Friends Olivia's Tree House Set; a colorful blocks set that incorporates the elements of classic LEGO products with what modern kids would enjoy -- such as building a tree house for a little girl named Olivia and her animal friends. Ranked as one of the best LEGO sets 2012, this will keep little ones (and their parents) busy for hours.

This setup is recommended for children between the ages of 6 and up; however, any child (with adult supervision) can build and play to their heart's content. For younger kids, it's highly advised that parents or guardians be in the vicinity, as these pieces are small and most children are prone to putting LEGOs in their mouth.

The LEGO Friends Olivia's Tree House Set features 191 total pieces -- including a mini-doll (named Olivia), her 2 animal buddies (a kitten named Maxie and a canary named Goldie), and a tree house full of everything that interests her. The story of Olivia and her pets is one that any child can elaborate on, but the instructions do well to give kids a backdrop into the doll's personality. Olivia is an explorer, adventurer, and inventor -- she loves all things in nature with birds and stars as her areas of expertise. Accessories include a telescope, several birdhouses, and everything a little girl could need for her thorough worldly explorations.

Made with love from LEGO friends, this tree house set is designed to accomodate any of the other LEGO friends mini-dolls. Olivia can have her friends over for picnics and nights of star-gazing; she can also visit other set-ups and explore an entire world of LEGO friends and their custom spaces. Children can also build onto the LEGO Friends Olivia's Tree House Set with pieces from other setups -- all LEGO friends pieces are fully compatible with eachother. It's a unique and impressive way for kids to build their own stories.

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LEGO DUPLO Toy Story The Great Train Chase Set - You've Got A Friend In Me!

In the beginning of Toy Story 3, Woody and his Gang are up against the evil Dr. Porkchop and his little green men. A slew of troll babies are on board a speeding train, headed towards an unavoidable death -- until the Sheriff, the cowgirl, and the spaceman save the day once again. Relive the excitement that the animated little boy, Andy, felt as he maneuvered his toys through train tunnels and adventurous scenarios. The LEGO DUPLO Toy Story The Great Train Chase Set, ranked number four on a list of the top 10 train sets for kids,  allows kids to re-enact the same scenes from the movies -- or create their own with 3 of the biggest characters from the film (Sheriff Woody, Jessie, and Buzz Lightyear).

This is a smaller set with chunkier pieces for toddlers who are ready for an upgrade from infant building blocks. Equipped with 3 mini-figures, a few flowers, an archway, and a small train -- the LEGO DUPLO Toy Story The Great Train Chase Set allows children to create their own scenes from the famous Disney classic. Steer the characters clear of the approaching cactus as the train speeds across the terrain of the weilder's bedroom floor. Watch in dazzled awe as Buzz and Jessie find themselves dancing the tango atop the train while Woody croons in the engineer room. Gather them all to sit in the train's caboose and watch the setting sun as they ride merrily into an imaginary horizon.

There are limitless possibilities available to an imaginative child when it comes to playing with the LEGO DUPLO Toy Story The Great Train Chase Set. Implement new ideas and scenarios with stuffed critters from around the room -- or have a wild western and see who the best in the west would be between Buzz and his beloved friend, Woody. Will a cowboy's plastic pistol outdraw the spaceman's beaming laser? It's all in good fun for these pals as the train takes them through unknown caverns and over rough terrain in the comfort of your own home.

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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Intex Ocean Reef Easy Set Backyard Swimming Pool - A Family's Haven

Designed with future scuba divers and prospective Marine Biologists in mind, the Intex Ocean Reef Easy Set Backyard Swimming Pool is a treat the entire family will get a kick out of. Rated fourth on a scale of ten backyard swimming pools 2012, this is the oversized kiddie wonderland for children and the adults who supervise their swimming activities.

The Intex Ocean Reef Easy Set Backyard Swimming Pool captures the scenic route of a deep-sea dive -- featuring Orcas, dolphins, numerous fish, and beautiful coral in an image that sparkles with the splash of real water. With circular measurements of 10' x 30", this swimming pool has an 80% full water recommendation -- leaving the pool's capacity at just over 1,017.5 gallons. A thick circular ring of blue polyester and heavy PVC padding keeps water in.

While there are numerous precautions you can take to keep the Intex Ocean Reef Easy Set Backyard Swimming Pool clean, manufacturers recommend the separate purchase of a small 530 gph pump. The extra churning of usually still waters will keep the pool free of debris and undesirable bugs -- much the same way a pump would clean and purge an in-ground pool. You'll have all the luxuries of spending thousands of dollars on an outside in-ground pool -- only you're spending a much nicer $76.99 plus shipping costs.

This pool can accomodate a family of 4 with ease -- throw in a few friends during the warm summer afternoons and you'll have a jacuzzi-like atmosphere. It's a swimming pool that could easily turn into the focal point and main source of entertainment at your next backyard BBQ. The Intex Ocean Reef Easy Set Backyard Swimming Pool boosts the overall happiness and morale of your guests and kids -- adding a sense of excitement to a normally boring and sweltering summer day.

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Nintendo Super Mario Mini R/C Kart - A Collector's Review

As someone who is an avid collector and enthusiast of all things Mario, I was overjoyed to find the Nintendo Super Mario Mini R/C Kart -- not just for my benefits, but also for the enjoyment of my 6 year old son. After it arrived, I discovered one thing that I hadn't considered when I bought it at the stunning low price of $24.95. What did I discover? ...That this wasn't going to be another collectable to sit on my shelf. My son wouldn't let that happen! He demanded I break the seal, at which time he proceeded to laugh and steer this little remote-controlled car around the kitchen linoleum.

Since this is a kid's toy, I wanted to write this review based on my son's personal opinion. However, when I asked what he thought of the Nintendo Super Mario Mini R/C Kart, he simply yelled, "I love it!" before running off to play in his bedroom. Therefore, I will point out exactly what he loves about this toy despite his all encompassing statement.

The Nintendo Super Mario Mini R/C Kart looks exactly like the racecar in the Mario Kart video game. Mario is perfect in his dapper red hat with matching overalls -- completed with his signature moustache. You can tell that each detail was made painstakingly accurate to hold the attention of a younger crowd. Plus, the racecar is easy to steer and runs on pure long-lasting battery power.

While it's true I'm a serious collector, I'm a devoted father first -- one that could never become upset with his kids if they played with any of the collectable toys. It warmed my heart to hear my little boy's excited giggles as the Nintendo Super Mario Mini R/C Kart raced under the kitchen table. I fully intend to get Mario's counterpart, Yoshi, so we can both bond over our Kart skills.

Publisher's note:

The Super Mario Mini R/C Kart is part of the prestigious list of the best RC cars 2012 - a list designed just for kids this year.

Video - check out the Super Mario Mini Kart and some others on the list of the best remote control cars for kids this year:

Kid Galaxy Morphibians RC Cars - The Diverse Shark

Heading up the list of the best R/C cars for kids this year (in 2012), here is some info on the Kid Galaxy Morphibians Shark - this is a shark that you just gotta love.  =)


These particular Kid Galaxy Morphibians RC Cars are in the form of land roaming, water paddling, and sand digging sharks. Made specifically for children ages 5 and up, adults are going to have a hard time staying away from these. They're super diverse -- capable of becoming anything from a speeding 4x4 to a stream-lining motorboat. Powerful and sleek, these remote-controlled cars are completely battery powered -- relying on 2 AAA and 3 AA batteries for their durability.

The Kid Galaxy Morphibians RC Cars aren't entirely submersible and it wouldn't be a good idea for children to hurl them down a steep flight of stairs; however, they can withstand more bumps and accidents than other remote-controlled racecars. As is always the case with these little speedsters, it's wise to limit their land function to smooth surfaces -- such as on tile or a flat concrete sidewalk.

While the Kid Galaxy Morphibians RC Cars can still drive over carpet or unmowed grass, it takes longer for these little sharks to get over rough terrain. When it comes to water, these racecars are excellent swimmers! They'll stay on top of the surface of a pool or pond, skimming along to create ripples and small waves for children to splash in.

There is no assembly required! All an adult has to do is supply the batteries and monitor playing when near water or other naturally hazardous areas. Children who love racecars will enjoy the variety of these Kid Galaxy Morphibians RC Cars. With so many different models to choose from -- such as the Killer Whale or Gator -- these little cars are reliable for as long as they're taken care of. Each RC comes with an instruction booklet and tips on how you or your kids can keep these running great for years to come.

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Friday, June 8, 2012

Power Wheels Ford F-150 - Ultimate Starter Ride-On

Over the past year and a half, my 4 year old son has had two other electric ride-on toys besides the Power Wheels Ford F-150; both of which failed and died out before he really had the chance to break them in. I was prepared for the same outcome with this ride-on, as well. However, we've been pleasantly surprised! My son was very adamant about having a truck that looked just like his dad's; a characteristic that I thought would be hard to find. Instead, the Power Wheels Ford F-150 popped up on my Amazon web browser and we've been enjoying it everyday for at least an hour over the last 5 months. With all kiddie vehicles, there are bound to be positive and negative points.


- The battery lasts 3 days before it has to be recharged; that's if I don't hook it up to charge every night after my son is done with it. He rides it for about an hour each day and unless he forgets to turn it off, the battery is still mostly full for the day after. It's also extremely easy to charge with a simple plug-in.

- The instructions are concise and straight forward. It took my husband an hour to put the Power Wheels Ford F-150 together and another hour to charge it completely. That's a record considering all the bad little trucks we've been through in the last year.

- This truck can go up-hills, down-hills, in reverse, and has no problem riding on our gravel driveway. My little boy has only gotten stuck once and that was because he accidentally clicked the reverse straight into our yard's fruit tree. Other than that, it goes a steady 3mph at full speed and the stop is flawless.

- There's only one negative that comes to mind and that's the color. My son's favorite color is green and I couldn't find the Power Wheels Ford F-150 in that hue. Fortunately, he's become accustomed to the silver but it'd be nice to have more color options to choose from.

Editor's Note:  The Power Wheels Ford F-150 is first on the list this year among the top 10 electric cars for kids.  =)

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Pink Princess Castle Play Tent for Kids - The Royal Experience

The Pink Princess Castle Play Tent for Kids is the perfect addition to a little girl's indoor or outdoor play area. Able to accomodate two children of royalty, this nylon pop-up tent springs to life when assembled. The instructions are concise, featuring pictures and guiding phrases so adults can navigate pieces of the tent with ease. A dome of pink is decorated with hearts to serve as the castle walls. The tent is then topped with a pointed ceiling that flies a white flag. Darker pink flooring accompanies outlines of windows and a flap-covered entrance. It's a sweet safe haven for the princess in your life!

Here's what other parents are saying about the Pink Princess Castle Play Tent for Kids:

-- "As a mother of 2, I'm no stranger to play tents and princess costumes. This cute little tent doesn't rip easily and brings a whole new world of imagination to my daughters. There are no frills and fluff -- which means this tent was far more affordable than most others. Fortunately, all my girls wanted is their own princess playhouse where they could make up stories and be safe from lurking dragons."

-- "This is one of the most durable and adorable playhouse tents I've ever seen. The Pink Princess Castle Play Tent for Kids advertisement says it can fit up to two children but my nieces and daughters squeezed in 4 -- with room to spare! The port-hole windows allow for proper ventilation so none of the kids complain about getting too hot; plus, the flapped door cover gives them some privacy from prying parental eyes (or so they think)."

Based on these testimonials, it's easy to see why the Pink Princess Castle Play Tent for Kids is the number one choice of parents who want to give their children a royal experience. It's a delightful way for kids 3 and up to enjoy their playtime!

Editor's note:  The Pink Princess Castle Play Tent ranks highly on the list of the ten best kids play tents for 2012 - for more info on this and other tents on the list, visit: