Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wild Planet Lazer Tripwire - Banish Those Boogeymen!

When I was a kid, I was terrified of anything that went bump in the night -- from the house settling to the usual sounds of branches tickling my window pane at the slightest breeze. I also had numerous spy gadget toys for kids, but none quite as cool as the Wild Planet Lazer Tripwire -- a device my 7 year old has implemented as his "Boogeyman Banisher."

Instead of worrying over the imaginary monsters under the bed or in every crevice of a dark corner, we set up the 3 lazer tripwires every night -- at least 2 feet from each side of his bed. I've discovered he feels much safer and unafraid to sleep in his own room when these have been 'activated.' A nerf gun is tucked snug under his pillow in case any boogeymen get up the courage to wander across the tripwire line -- none have yet. Although, our cat got whacked with a soft pellet of foam after she accidentally wandered into his room; a mistake she hasn't repeated since.

The sound is tolerable. One of the least annoying sirens I've ever heard come out of a kid's toy -- and with a 7 year old who loves his gadgets, I've heard it all. The noise is also simple to turn off and the whole alarm system can be deactivated or moved when not in use.

One thing I have noticed about the Wild Planet Lazer Tripwire is that the lazer pointers have to be facing eachother perfectly -- if not, the sirens won't work because there's no tripwire to step on. The advertisement has the tripwire glowing red -- instead, it's invisible and you have to navigate over them; a small price to pay for a goodnight kiss and a comfortably sleeping child.


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