Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Kid Galaxy Morphibians RC Cars - The Diverse Shark

Heading up the list of the best R/C cars for kids this year (in 2012), here is some info on the Kid Galaxy Morphibians Shark - this is a shark that you just gotta love.  =)


These particular Kid Galaxy Morphibians RC Cars are in the form of land roaming, water paddling, and sand digging sharks. Made specifically for children ages 5 and up, adults are going to have a hard time staying away from these. They're super diverse -- capable of becoming anything from a speeding 4x4 to a stream-lining motorboat. Powerful and sleek, these remote-controlled cars are completely battery powered -- relying on 2 AAA and 3 AA batteries for their durability.

The Kid Galaxy Morphibians RC Cars aren't entirely submersible and it wouldn't be a good idea for children to hurl them down a steep flight of stairs; however, they can withstand more bumps and accidents than other remote-controlled racecars. As is always the case with these little speedsters, it's wise to limit their land function to smooth surfaces -- such as on tile or a flat concrete sidewalk.

While the Kid Galaxy Morphibians RC Cars can still drive over carpet or unmowed grass, it takes longer for these little sharks to get over rough terrain. When it comes to water, these racecars are excellent swimmers! They'll stay on top of the surface of a pool or pond, skimming along to create ripples and small waves for children to splash in.

There is no assembly required! All an adult has to do is supply the batteries and monitor playing when near water or other naturally hazardous areas. Children who love racecars will enjoy the variety of these Kid Galaxy Morphibians RC Cars. With so many different models to choose from -- such as the Killer Whale or Gator -- these little cars are reliable for as long as they're taken care of. Each RC comes with an instruction booklet and tips on how you or your kids can keep these running great for years to come.

Video - check out this cool video on the Kid Galaxy Morphibians!

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