Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Transformers Animated Activators Toys

Transformers Animated Activators - overall these toys have received great reviews and are among the top-selling Transformers toys on the market today - not by accident. Transformers Animated Activators are known to rather easily transform from robot to vehicle mode - making them simple enough for the youngest of Transformers fans to handle and play with.

They're also not toooooo simple, they're a bit of a challenge and require some "thinking power" to get them put back together one way or another - making them also fun for older kids.

And - considering that only half the fun is transforming them (the other half being playing out Transformers "live" scenarios) - these can be considered some of the more creative along the line of Tranformers toys - period.

Where to buy: I believe the most ideal places to look are the Transformers Animated Activator Toys page on the "Animated Transformers Toys" website and the Transformers Animated Activator Toys shopping page on Squidoo. Both of these resources show a couple of great resources to buy them in terms of pricing - and you can find the current entire collection of them from convenient links on the pages.

No matter where you decide to buy these toys, I highly recommend them for their "fun factor" and their creative detailing - they're very much like the characters on the "Animated" series and are great for kids of all ages - at least those that are Transformers fans. =)

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Tonya B.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Transformers Animated Voyager Toys 2009

Transformers Animated Bulkhead Voyager ToyTransformers Animated Voyager Toys are a whole new breed in the Animated Transformers toys collection. In fact, Transformers Animated Voyager Toys are taking a real "front seat" in the toy lineup for 2009.

Here's some of what's available for the Voyager Toys - several of the most popular - with a brief description of each:
  • Bulkhead (shown left) - He's a big (and actually sort of lovable) Autobot Transformer who is a powerful asset to the good side - although a bit clumsy. He transforms from robot mode to armored truck.
  • Starscream - Well, Starscream is a real bad guy - in fact he's even a bad guy to the bad guys! No one can trust him, and one never knows what he will do next! In vehicle mode he is a missile-launching jet fighter.
  • Grimlock - Grimlock is a rather fun addition to the Transformers - he's new to the characters with the "Animated" Series, and is what is called a "Dinobot". When he transforms from robot mode he is a fearsome T-Rex dinosaur. (Good thing he's one of the good guys!)
  • Megatron - Well we all know about this Transformers Animated Voyager toy - he's well known to his fellows and his enemies as one of the most powerful and fearsome forces in history. This toy transforms from the Megatron character to a powerful jet fighter.
  • Blitzwing - This Transformers Animated Voyager toy is based on a rather "twisted" and possibly the most interesting character in the Animated series. He has 3 personalities, 3 faces and 3 modes that he transforms into. He's one of the Decepticons, and is a rather dangerous kind of a guy.
There are more of the toys including characters such as Optimus Prime (of course), but the above gives a list of the currently most popular ones available

To see the entire collection of the Transformers Animated Voyager Toys for 2009, visit:

==> Transformers Animated Voyager page on the Animated Toys site
==> Transformers Aniamted Voyager - Shopping on Squidoo

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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Transformers Animated Jazz Toys

Transformers Animated Jazz ToyOK - our next stop on the Transformers Animated Toys "journey" is all about Transformers Animated Jazz Toys. If you're familiar at all with "Jazz" you might already have a good idea of what the Transformers Animated Jazz Toys might be like...

He's one of the coolest Transformers ever - and is known for being "oh so stylin"! The toys in the collection reflect this, and the ones that make sounds (talk) have a voice that is unmistakably confident, cool and - a real Autobot to reckon with. =)

Here are a couple of the current most popular Transformers Animated Jazz Toys, along with suggested places to buy them online:
 Transformers Animated Jazz Deluxe Figures - In robot mode, this Jazz toy's weapon is a pair of "chucks" (which makes sense, considering he's a master ninja). In vehicle mode, the "chucks" convert to exhaust pipes, and he's a very stylish sports car. Retail cost - about $13 or $14. Best shopping - Amazon Toys.

Transformers Animated Jazz Bumper Battler Toys - These are great for very young Transformers fans. There's nothing complex about them - if the bumper on the car gets "bumped" (a button gets pushed) then up pops Jazz out of the top of the car, and he is easily pushed back down into the car. Another button can be pushed to hear him talk - and like I said above he is smooooth and cool. =) This is a toy that would be fun for all young Transformers fans - the toys don't always have to be complicated in order to be fun. Retail price - about $14 to $15. Best shopping - Amazon Toys.

Those are the highlights for the Animated Jazz Toys available at this point in time - there will likely be more to come out in the near future - if you want to check out the most current ones, you can do a search for all current available Jazz Toys here:

You can also check here:
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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Transformers Animated Ultra Magnus Toys 2009

Transformers Animated Ultra Magness Toy - Leader Ultra MagnusUltra Magnus is one of the characters from the "Transformers Animated" cartoon series for kids and Transformers Animated Ultra Magnus Toys have surfaced as being some of the more popular toys in the entire Transformers Animated collection.

The types of Transformers Animated Ultra Magnus Toys available in 2009 (so far) include:
  • Transformers Animated Leader Ultra Magnus - this is a rather impressive toy, featuring light and sound effects and transforms from robot mode into an 8-wheeled missile transport. This is an excellent duplication of the Autobot leader from the series. Cost - $45-$50. Best shopping - Amazon Toys.
  • Transformers Animated Action Figure (10" tall) - This is known to be one of the most advanced toys in the "Animated" lineup - it has a spring-loaded hammer and heavy cannons as weapons when in vehicle mode. Cost - $80-$85. Best shopping -
Note about Ultra Magnus: For those of you who aren't familiar with the "Animated" series, Ultra Magnus is actually the leader of the Autobots at the time that the Allspark seeks out Optimus Prime as it's protector. There is a "touch" of a conflict between Ultra Magnus and Optimus Prime in that Ultra Magnus actually instructs Optimus not to fight the Decepticons without help - but if Optimus had obeyed this leader's order, the Autobots under him would have been destroyed and the Allspark would have been turned over to enemy hands.

Thank goodness Optimus Prime didn't listen to him!

However, Ultra Magnus is known as a great leader of the Autobots and is respected by those who are commanded by him.

If you are interested in purchasing any of the Transformers Animated Ultra Magnus Toys, the places I recommend above are known to have the lowest prices and a nice selection as well.

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Additional Resources:

Transformers Animated Ultra Magnus on Squidoo

Transformers Animated Ultra Magnus on the Animated Transformers Toys site


Thursday, March 12, 2009

Transformers Animated Megatron Toys | Types, Best Deals

Transformers Animated Megatron - Voyager Megatron ToyNext in the "Best Toys" installment of Animated Transformers Toys is - you guessed it, Transformers Animated Megatron Toys. Below is a list of the four most popular of the Transformers Animated Megatron Toys (figures, etc), and point the direction to the best shopping resource/s for each:
1. Transformers Animated Leader Megatron Toys - There are a couple of the "Leader" toys available, both of them very cool and scoring some very nice reviews. These are the Transformers Animated Leader and the Leader Class Shadowblade Megatron. Best shopping - for the Animated Leader - Amazon Toys. For Leader Class Shadowblade - (definitely)

2. Transformers Animated Megatron Voyager Cybertronian Toys - This is the one in the photo shown top left. The vehicle mode for this Transformer is a super sonic jet fighter, with "fusion cannons" as weapons. And - as you can see he looks pretty ferocious in robot mode as well. =) Best Shopping - it's a tossup, you'd do well with either Amazon Toys or eBay auctions.

3. Transformers Animated Megatron Activators Toys - The "Activators" are known to be a bit simpler to transform - they can convert from vehicle mode to robot mode practically in a single motion, and putting it back together in vehicle mode is a little trickier, but not overly challenging. And generally speaking the price on this toy might be a little easier to "swallow" =) Best shopping: Amazon Toys.

4. Transformers Animated Optimus Prime vs. Megatron - "The Battle Begins" - A lot of little Transformers fans not only enjoy transforming the toys, but pitting them against each other in battles. This is the ultimate for kids who enjoy this type of playing, as it features the leaders and the toughest of each side - Optimus Prime and Megatron in the same set. Best shopping: Amazon Toys.

These toys are sure to be a hit for pretty much any Tranformer toys lover, and for kids looking for Transformers Animated Megatron Toys you can't go wrong with these.

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Tonya B.


Additonal Resources:

  Transformers Animated Megatron (on the Animated Transformers Toys Website)

Transformers Animated Megatron - Shopping page on Squidoo


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Transformers Animated Bumblebee Toys 2009

Transformers Animated Bumblebee Toy Deluxe Action FigureOne of little Transformers fans' favorite toys these days is Transformers Animated Bumblebee Toys - there's actually quite a collection of them to choose from, and they're fun and interesting to say the least!

The photo to the left shows the "Deluxe Action Figure" version of the Transformers Animated Bumblebee Toys (my little one has that one) - it fully transforms from robot to vehicle mode, and is a fun challenge but not too hard. =) The weapons are called "rocket thrusters".

If you're shopping for Transformers Animated Bumblebee Toys, here's a list with some of the most popular ones:

Transformers Animated Bumblebee Deluxe Action Figure - that's the one that I just mentioned above. Best shopping - Amazon Toys.

Animated Bumblebee Power Bots - There are two versions of these, both of them are talking figures (with a very funny sort of "craaaaazy" voice) - Bumblebee enjoys bragging on his skills and taunting the enemy. (lol) Best shopping - Amazon Toys.

Legacy 3-Pack Bumblebee Toys - This is actually a set of three toys, one from each version of the Transformers (original cartoon, the 2007 movie and the "Animated" Bumblebee). This was one of the hottest-selling toys over Christmas season 2008 and is a Wal-Mart exclusive toy, but it can be purchased at either Amazon Toys or eBay. Best Shopping - eBay.

Deluxe Elite Guard Animated Bumblebee Transformer Toy - This is a unique look for the "Animated" Bumblebee - he's sort of a police character that transforms into a different looking car than usual. It has some flip-out "stingers" and rocket thrusters on the side in vehicle mode. Best Shopping - Amazon Toys.

Transformers Animated Bumblebee Activators - These are great toys, and are good ones to keep in mind for the very young Transformers fans. With a single motion it can be transformed into robot mode from vehicle mode, and it's a challenge (but not too hard) to put it back into vehicle mode. It has 2 versions, the "Elite Guard" version and the regular Action Figure. Best Shopping - Amazon Toys.

There are more to choose from, but those are most definitely the highlights of the Transformers animated Bumblebee Toys 2009 - if you don't see one that you want listed here, or if you would like to see more selection, some recommend resources to check out are:
Happy Bumblebee Shopping! =)

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Tonya B.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Transformers Animated Optimus Prime Toys

Transformers Animated Optimus Prime - Roll Out Command Optimus PrimeTransformers Animated Optimus Prime Toys are at the top of the list in terms of popularity with "Transformers Animated" fans - they're also some of the coolest toys around for kids - period!

Here are the top favorites in the lineup of Optimus Prime toys from the "Animated" collection...

Roll-Out Command Optimus Prime - This is the one shown on the left - it converts from Earth Truck (in vehicle mode) to robot mode, where he has probably one the coolest axes ever made that even has fire blasting out of it in the back. =) It has "punching" action too - making it just that much more appealing to fans.

It has a retail price of around $50, at this writing it can be purchased for about $35 at Toys.

Voyager Earth Mode Optimus Prime - OK, now this toy is toooo coooool. =) It also converts from Earth Truck to robot mode, and it has some of the best consumer reviews I've ever seen for Transformers toys - excellent choice for a little Optimus Prime fan.

This Transformers Animated Optimus Prime Toy retails for around $30 - looks like the best price will be on eBay auctions. (At least at this writing.)

Transformers Animated Optimus Prime Battle Blasters - This toy converts from a hefty 8-wheeled truck to robot mode - it also has excellent reviews for it's "fun factor" as well as it's ability to hold up well under some pretty heavy play. =)

Retail price for the Battle Blasters is around $40 - it can be found at Amazon Toys for around $18.00 (!). (This might not last for long, but I'll bet that they will sell for a nice discount in the future as well.)

Now - there are several more Transformers Animated Optimus Prime toys to choose from - the above are currently the most popular.

If you would like to see more selection and more information, there are a couple of resources you should check out:
Either of those places will allow you to see the entire selection from resources with some great discount (dare I say "best"?) prices online. =)

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Tonya B.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Animated Transformer Toys - Types, Where to Buy

Transformers Animated LogoAnimated Transformer Toys - these are among the hottest toys for kids (usually boys) in the age range of anywhere from about 4 to 12 years. (Sometimes older kids like them too.)

Since the release of the animated series approximately two years ago, the Animated Transformer Toys collection has expanded to a pretty great variety - and kids LOVE them!

Here are a couple of the most popular types of toys that I found, based on the research I did - along with suggestions on where to buy them online:

Transformers Animated Voyager Toys: These are a bit too complex for very young Transformers Animated fans, but are gobs of fun and challenging for those who are a bit older. (My little one is 6, and he is able to deal with these pretty easily - he's a little Transformers expert. =) )

Where to Buy: Toys (Great Prices, Great Selection)

Transformers Animated Activators: These are smaller, and are known to be easier to deal with for pretty much any Animated Transformers fan. They have a single motion transformation with some adjustments to be made - challenging enough to be fun, but not so challenging that they're massively frustrating like some of the toys are. (Note: There have been some complaints about the Optimus Prime Activator - too difficult and not well put together but the rest of them have received rave reviews.)

Where to Buy: (Best selection, very best prices.)

Now - these toys can also be divided up by character (and there are quite a few - very interesting ones - to choose from). And, there are more types than the above (by a long shot) to choose from including Deluxe Action Figures and Animated Leader toys - those are just the highlights.

I will be covering them all - as well as some other great "Animated" items for kids such as books, DVD's, posters, etc.

Stay tuned!

All for today!

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