Sunday, March 15, 2009

Transformers Animated Jazz Toys

Transformers Animated Jazz ToyOK - our next stop on the Transformers Animated Toys "journey" is all about Transformers Animated Jazz Toys. If you're familiar at all with "Jazz" you might already have a good idea of what the Transformers Animated Jazz Toys might be like...

He's one of the coolest Transformers ever - and is known for being "oh so stylin"! The toys in the collection reflect this, and the ones that make sounds (talk) have a voice that is unmistakably confident, cool and - a real Autobot to reckon with. =)

Here are a couple of the current most popular Transformers Animated Jazz Toys, along with suggested places to buy them online:
 Transformers Animated Jazz Deluxe Figures - In robot mode, this Jazz toy's weapon is a pair of "chucks" (which makes sense, considering he's a master ninja). In vehicle mode, the "chucks" convert to exhaust pipes, and he's a very stylish sports car. Retail cost - about $13 or $14. Best shopping - Amazon Toys.

Transformers Animated Jazz Bumper Battler Toys - These are great for very young Transformers fans. There's nothing complex about them - if the bumper on the car gets "bumped" (a button gets pushed) then up pops Jazz out of the top of the car, and he is easily pushed back down into the car. Another button can be pushed to hear him talk - and like I said above he is smooooth and cool. =) This is a toy that would be fun for all young Transformers fans - the toys don't always have to be complicated in order to be fun. Retail price - about $14 to $15. Best shopping - Amazon Toys.

Those are the highlights for the Animated Jazz Toys available at this point in time - there will likely be more to come out in the near future - if you want to check out the most current ones, you can do a search for all current available Jazz Toys here:

You can also check here:
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