Monday, March 9, 2009

Animated Transformer Toys - Types, Where to Buy

Transformers Animated LogoAnimated Transformer Toys - these are among the hottest toys for kids (usually boys) in the age range of anywhere from about 4 to 12 years. (Sometimes older kids like them too.)

Since the release of the animated series approximately two years ago, the Animated Transformer Toys collection has expanded to a pretty great variety - and kids LOVE them!

Here are a couple of the most popular types of toys that I found, based on the research I did - along with suggestions on where to buy them online:

Transformers Animated Voyager Toys: These are a bit too complex for very young Transformers Animated fans, but are gobs of fun and challenging for those who are a bit older. (My little one is 6, and he is able to deal with these pretty easily - he's a little Transformers expert. =) )

Where to Buy: Toys (Great Prices, Great Selection)

Transformers Animated Activators: These are smaller, and are known to be easier to deal with for pretty much any Animated Transformers fan. They have a single motion transformation with some adjustments to be made - challenging enough to be fun, but not so challenging that they're massively frustrating like some of the toys are. (Note: There have been some complaints about the Optimus Prime Activator - too difficult and not well put together but the rest of them have received rave reviews.)

Where to Buy: (Best selection, very best prices.)

Now - these toys can also be divided up by character (and there are quite a few - very interesting ones - to choose from). And, there are more types than the above (by a long shot) to choose from including Deluxe Action Figures and Animated Leader toys - those are just the highlights.

I will be covering them all - as well as some other great "Animated" items for kids such as books, DVD's, posters, etc.

Stay tuned!

All for today!

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