Friday, February 27, 2009

XBox Kids Games Favorites 2009

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OK, here's my last in a series of Kids Video Games for 2009 - XBox Kids Games. =)

There's some pretty nice ones to choose from - Of all the ones I found that I found to be suitable for kids, here are my top 3, based on top sales, highest ratings (and my own personal favorites out of the "tops" list):

1. Banjo Kazooie Nuts and Bolts XBox Kids Game - This game is exclusively created for the XBox 360 and is an extremely high quality game as a result. It's the third in the cute "bird and bear" series, Banjo battles it out with the evil with, Grunty for Spiral Mountain. Rated E 10. Available from Amazon Games.

2. Lego Star Wars the Complete Saga XBox Kids Game - Want some great laughs and fun? This is an excellent game for "creative thinking" as well as being good for some giggles along the way. A good game for entire families too. The "Complete" Saga Lego Star Wars game is based on all of the Star Wars movies rolled into one game. Characters can be switched around and mis-matched to make the game even more interesting and fun. Rated E 10. Available from Amazon Games.

3. Sonic Unleashed XBox Kids Game - OK, I have to confess that Sonic is already one of my long-term favorites, but this really is an exceptional game despite my own opinion. It's got some incredible 2D and 3D graphics and a unique storyline, a game like no other Sonic game that's come along. Rated E 10. Available from Amazon Games.

There are more games to choose from - to see a couple more, plus a link to all the current most popular and "kid appropriate" kids games for the XBox 360 visit the XBox Kids Games page on Squidoo.

All for now! Have fun gaming!

Tonya B.

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