Wednesday, February 25, 2009

PS3 Kids Games - Top Picks, Where to Buy

Playstation 3 PS3 LogoNext in the series of "Best Kids Video Games" is for PS3 Kids Games. There are a huge number of games to choose from, and I recently ranked them based on user experience, rankings as well as top sales.

Of all of those games - based on the info above, here are my top 3 picks, and info on where to buy each one for a good price online:

1. Little Big Planet PS3 KidsLittle Big Planet PS3 Kids Game Game - There is almost not enough that I can say about this game - it's not only very challenging in terms of the creativity and thinking involved, it's actually hysterical! Little Big Planet allows players to create their own identities within the main character "Sackboy" (yes, really) that is basically a knitted sock with button eyes, etc. Great stuff, super fun and funny too.

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Lego Indiana Jones The Original Adventures PS3 Kids Game2. Lego Indiana Jones The Original Adventures PS3 Kids Game - Another very funny one - but quite challenging too! The "levels" are based on the original Indiana Jones movies as well as the characters, using Lego pieces in the game as part of the whole strategy. Awesome. =)

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3. Wall-E PS3 Kids Game - A note about this one -Wall-E PS3 Kids Game it's been "poo-poohed" in ratings by people who say that the game is not challenging enough - however for young children the game is not only fun and challenging, but is a perfect level for their readiness (and this was mentioned in ratings as well by those who like the game). The game scenes are based on scenes from the Wall-E movie, kids can re-live those scenes and interact within them.

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Note: When researching the "where to buy" part of these games, I consistently found that the best price options were on the two resources I'm giving here. They truly are the best places to buy them.

Hope this helps you on your hunt for some great PS3 games for kids!

All for now -

Tonya B.

23 April 2009 - Error made on the "Little Big Planet" info - main character's name is "Sackboy" not "Sockboy". This was brought to my attention by one of my readers - thanks!


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Anonymous said...

Well actually the adventures of "Sackboy" not "Sockboy". I think it's an important distinction. You also didn't mention the level builder which is top notch.

Tonya Brisnehan said...

Thank you for pointing this out - I changed the main character's name on this post and made a correction note.