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The Best & Biggest Dollhouses for Multiple Kids to Play

2015-2016's Best Large Dollhouses for Kids

It is easier to find a dollhouse for an only child than it is to find one big enough to accommodate several youngsters—either siblings or friends—at once.

Some dollhouses have been dubbed the "best of the best" because they are big enough for multiple kiddos at once.

These are dollhouses that are long-lasting because, while one youngster produces lots of wear and tear, several youngsters produce twice that, which means sturdier, better dollhouses are in high demand.

These three picks from a longer list of the best dollhouses for kids are must-haves for multiples, encouraging kids to learn how to share, communicate, and cooperate—all while having tons of fun playing and designing an awesome place for their dolls.


KidKraft Sparkle Mansion

The Sparkle Mansion is a shimmering dollhouse decked out in neon pinks, light pinks, and contrasting silvers and blacks.

The exterior is luxurious and hints at the lavish interior, complete with at least 5 rooms and over 30 pieces of furniture for awesome interior décor.

Some of the furnishings include kitchen appliances, living room essentials, bedroom must-haves, and patio seating for around the swimming pool.

Accommodates dolls up to 12-inches in height.


Calego Modern Doll House

This dollhouse is a solid 10 on the WOW scale. It is decked out in beautiful neon colors with a unique interior design that features background décor in each room.

The design is also high on eco-friendliness, as the sides and roof fold up and over for tote-around anywhere fun and stow-away storage.

The portability makes this one great for classrooms and sleepovers, as multiple kiddos can play at once, which is why this is a definite number two on this list but a number one in the hearts of thousands of doll-loving youngsters.


Melissa and Doug Classic Heirloom Victorian Doll House

Antiquated and classic in a beautiful way.

This dollhouse boasts tons of cool stuff, such as a gorgeous interior, a lovely exterior, and a heap of awesome furnishings.

The furniture is mostly handcrafted and some of the pieces are specialty made, which (of course) means extra décor for some of the rooms can be purchased separately.

I love the checkered roof and beautiful shingled patterns of this dollhouse. The interior is accommodating to larger dolls (around 12-inches in height), and while this is great for kids, it would also be perfect for doll-loving adults with a passion for vintage toys.


Toys for Boys that Will Make a Splash from 2015 to 2016

This year more than ever before, the choices in boys' toys are creative and imaginative, encouraging kiddos to use their minds to build, learn, and play.

One of two of the following three toys might be artsy, indulging a kiddo’s creative side while giving him something to do for hours and hours at a time. Then again—one or two of these toys could be adventurous, inspiring a tyke to search inside himself for a bit of courage to brave the depths of imagined lands.

These three among the list of "best of" 2015 and 2016 toys for boys are what I would consider the best—however, if you are still at a loss for what to snag your kiddo after reading through, then perhaps one of these will give you an idea of what your youngster would love.


Fisher-Price Imaginext Ultra T-Rex

One of the latest releases from Fisher-Price, you can mark the Ultra T-Rex down as one of the best toys for boys this year.

This dinosaur is all bones and gnashing teeth with a few mechanisms thrown in for good measure.

He stands at almost 3-feet tall and features 3 separate power pads for interactive fun.

Some of his accessories include three miniature figurines—also known as prehistoric warriors—and several missiles and projectiles that launch from his chest and arms.


NERF N-Strike Modulus ECS-10 Blaster

This blaster is a customizable must-have for classic NERF fanatics.

Sure, it fires just fine on its own, but there are awesome customizations that kiddos can use to personalize their rapid-fire experiences.

For example, the blaster can be outfitted with a red dot sight for accuracy and long-range shooting, as well as an additional clip for more power.

Plus, there is always a need for more foam darts when dealing with serious backyard battlers.


LEGO Minecraft the Snow Hideout

LEGO releases Minecraft playsets on a pretty regular basis and the Snow Hideout is one of several this year.

Ranked as the most popular, this set takes place in the snowy world of Minecraft when Steve is trying to erect a hideout before the worst of winter falls on the land.

Safety from Snow Golems and Creepers is the ultimate goal.

Using a pickaxe and 327 building bricks, kiddos need to build a new hideout for Steve before the ghouls of Minecraft find him.

Of course, this set is compatible with other LEGO Minecraft playsets.


Only the Best Toys for Boys in 2015

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The biggest challenge when tracking down the "best of" boys' toys is finding a single toy that meets the criteria of every little gent. Which is impossible, actually. However, based on kid and parent reviews, it IS possible to get a list of toys that are considered the best of the best because of general consensus.

These three picks are among a longer list of the best toys for boys for the Christmas holiday season of 2015 and into next year.

If you cannot find what you are looking for when it comes to your unique youngster, perhaps these handpicked playthings will inspire and jog your imagination.


Zoomer Chomplingz Z-Rex Interactive Dinosaur

This is one stellar dinosaur! Small in stature but big in attitude—this tiny Z-Rex is the next generation of robotic awesomeness.

He is equipped with several sensors that allow him to interact and play games with kids.

Chomplingz comes with a small dinosaur bone that he can play fetch with, as well as chomping teeth, a swinging tail, and powerful back legs.

His eyes glow red from the inside, and this awesome dino can learn new habits and phrases from regular interaction.


VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Ultimate RC Speedway

Designed by VTech, approved by parents, and built by kiddos. This interactive speedway uses a remote control to power the cars. The track includes 8 pieces and can be built a number of unique, cool ways that use Smart Stops to teach kids about numbers, colors, shapes, and letters. Plus, the tracks are colorful to keep kiddos entertained and engaged.

For youngsters who need a little more sensory stimulation, each of the cars emits real vehicle sounds, like beeps, honks, back-up rumbles, and revs. Kids can also remote control the cars off of the speedway by simply moving the vehicles onto a flat surface.


LeapFrog Epic Kids Tablet

The new Epic is a one of a kind concept that has flourished into this year’s must-have. The latest in tech-savvy awesomeness for kiddos, this tablet is a faster, sleeker gadget that features kid-safe Internet capabilities, enhanced parental controls, and heaps of space for games, books, music, and movies. A few learning games are pre-loaded so kiddos can play immediately.

Of course, this tablet has all of the good stuff of the other LeapFrog tablets, too. Plus, there are cool customizations that let your tablet get to know your youngster, growing in educational value as they grow in age and development.


The Best NERF Guns from the Zombie Strike Collection

2015-2016 Best NERF Zombie Strike Blasters

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I am a total advocate of everything zombie-related—and even moreso an encourager of all things NERF. Combine these two awesome elements and you have the Zombie Strike collection, which has contributed three of the best NERF guns to backyard battles this year.

Sure, when you are a kid, you are told not to whack your siblings and friends with foam darts…but what kid really listens? Ha!

These three blasters are some of the best because they encourage imaginative playtime between friends and loved ones.

The foam darts are super-soft, yet firm enough to launch long-range at intended targets. One suggestion for kids who are at a loss for an imaginative scenario is to assign zombies and zombie hunters…then let the chaos and giggling fun begin.


NERF Zombie Strike Doominator Blaster

Quick—the zombies are coming!

Prepare yourself to fight against the hordes of undead with the Doominator—a unique zombie-whacking blaster that launches 24 foam darts in rapid succession.

No reloads until your clip dries up. There are four flipping drums for quick-fire action, each containing six darts apiece, and all attached to a 3-position handle.

For smoother operation, and even a few customization tips, a handy-dandy instructions manual is included.


NERF Zombie Strike Crossfire Bow Blaster

Okay…so I might have a problem when it comes to having too much fun prepping for an impending zombie apocalypse. Or, maybe I have watched too much Walking Dead because I would totally rock this Crossfire Bow like Daryl Dixon. Ha!

This real-working crossbow must-have is an instant NERF classic that packs a wallop with four zombie-smashing foam darts.

To operate, backyard battlers pull the string and squeeze the trigger to unleash a barrage of hardcore combat on approaching brain-eaters.


NERF Zombie Strike Hammershot Blaster

This is one of the only NERF blasters from the Zombie Strike collection that allows battlers to customize their weapon.

Inclusive of stencils, this blaster is a ferocious, zombie-blasting machine that launches 5 Zombie Strike foam darts in rapid-fire succession. Or, you can set the Hammershot to single shots, allowing you to control where the darts go.

Think of it like a last resort weapon for when the undead are closing in.

The design is so cool. From watching tons of zombie movies and television shows, you probably know that survivors’ weapons are well-worn. This blaster mimics that apocalyptic, put-together appearance with “duct tape” around the handle and a rugged barrel.


Three Spy Gadgets that Super Sleuths Will Love

2015-2016 Best Spy Gadget Toys for Kids

Super sleuths and young spies have it so easy these days. I remember being a spy wannabe when I was a kid. My little sister and I would set up scenarios where the people around us were in cahoots, attempting to steal our gold and hidden gemstones. Which, of course, were really candy bars and LEGOs.  =)

We would hide around the house and play some harmless pranks to snag who we dubbed the villain of the day. Oh—the memories.

Nowadays, there is a rather extensive collection of the best spy gadgets for kids. From that bigger array, I handpicked three spy gadgets that I would consider the best of the best—the ones that would have made my super-sleuthing days ten times easier and more fun.


Spy Gear Ultra Range Walkie Talkies

Walkie talkies have been around for a very, very long time, but you usually have to shell out some serious moolah to snag a good pair with a strong connection.

That is no longer the case!

These talkies are long-range, covering up to 2 miles of open space and allowing super spies to stay in touch with other spies, and are unlike your usual made-for-kiddos walkies because the click-and-hold buttons are high-tech, requiring a bit of operational finesse to learn and master.


Spy Gear Ultimate Night Vision

There are some seriously high-tech gadgets on the list of spy gear this year. This night vision scope is a one-size-fits-all with an adjustable headband that works with both kids and adults.

The goggle is shielded with a low-sitting hood for optimum viewing in the dark, and kids can see up to 50-feet away with a single glance.

Of course, since it is night vision, all of the views are light green and there shouldn’t be any light on when using the scope.


SmartLab Room Defender

The Room Defender is a popular one for preteens. Acting as a personal security system, this programmable gizmo alerts kiddos to trespassers in their private space.

The door alarms are customizable with personal greetings that allow specific people to enter a room, using special sensors for detection. When privacy is violated, the lights and sirens sound with startlingly loud BEEPS, letting super sleuths know when someone is intruding their personal space.

This is quite a high-tech gadget and not just for spies. Teens and young adults would probably love the sensors and stealth of this little security system.


The Best Transformers Toys for Kids and Collectors - 2015-2016

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Transformers have been around for quite some time, but the last few years have launched these ever-changing robotic aliens into hyper-drive where popularity is concerned. New fans are discovering the awesomeness of the most recent Transformers every day, while collectors have known about the coolness of these knickknacks for years.

2015 has seen the release of a few new Transformers toys—some great for the purpose of collecting and others perfect for kiddos of almost all ages.

The following three among the best Transformers toys have been handpicked by yours truly to cover the spectrum between youngsters and hardcore action figure collectors. Plus, these three are from the Age of Extinction collection—which happens to be my personal favorite from the Transformers series.  =)


Transformers Age of Extinction Generations Deluxe Class Bumblebee

There have been numerous polls performed to determine who the most popular Transformers character is, and it has always been a draw between Bumblebee and Optimus Prime. At least it was always a draw until Age of Extinction—then Bumblebee reigned supreme.

This version of Bumblebee is decked out in his after-the-revamp transformation from regular sports car to 2015 Camaro. He transforms in a few clicks, but the quality of this figurine makes him a top-shelf must-have for collectors and kiddos alike.


Transformers Age of Extinction Optimus Prime One Step Changer

Toddlers are Transformers fanatics, too! This one is perfect for the younger crowds, as Optimus Prime changes in a single shift from his robotic form into his truck form. There is an entire collection of One Step Changer Transformers, and Optimus Prime carves a path as their leader.

What makes this great for younger kids is the chunkier elements that are easier to grasp and transform with minimal effort.


Transformers Age of Extinction Generations Deluxe Class Snarl

I absolutely loved the dinosaurs in Age of Extinction and Snarl is a definite favorite of mine. He looks super-cool in his dinosaur mode, which is a neon green Stegosaurus with a battle-tough hide and spikes from head to powerful tail. Then, in under 15 shifts, Snarl changes into a combat-ready robot—prepared to defend the Transformers and their human friends with his signature sword and armored, spiky shoulders.

Of course, there are other Age of Extinction dinosaurs floating around on the retail circuit, but Snarl has ranked as a favorite of kids and collectors alike. Those who snag the set can reenact their own scenes from the epic 2014 movie.


The Best, Most Unique RC Helicopters This Year

2015-2016 Best Remote Control Helicopters for Kids and Adults

When it comes to the most unique RC helicopters this year, Syma and Air Hogs dominate the competition.

I have handpicked a select few from an extensive list of remote controlled helicopter must-haves—both for kids and adults. Or, in other words, casual high-flyers and serious collectors.

The following three among the best RC helicopters for kids and "big kids" meet the criteria for coolness and function. Plus, there are some cool designs, sleek streamlines, and nice colors to choose from—and all of these helicopters are operated with a single remote for optimum control on multiple frequencies.

So…without further ado...


Air Hogs Star Wars Remote Control Ultimate Millennium Falcon Quad Copter

Sure, the name is a mouthful, but this remote controlled helicopter is probably the coolest on the entire list…but of course I would say that since it draws inspiration from one of the greatest film series of all time. STAR WARS. Yes!

This Quad Copter captures the awesomeness of the Millennium Falcon to perfection. There are four motors that work together to send the Falcon soaring to new heights—around 200-feet up to be exact.

True, it isn’t outer space, but you can always use your imagination. Plus, the Falcon uses Star Wars quotes and song snippets for authentic effect.


Syma X5C Explorers 6-Axis Gyro RC Quadcopter with HD Camera

There is a line between beginners and experts for high-flying pilots, for sure, even when it comes to remote controlled helicopters. This RC favorite brings a whole new level of tech-savviness to these awesome choppers with an HD camera that is centered on the front.

While soaring above the skylines, the camera gives the controller the chance to take pictures and videos, then transmit them to a nearby computer for storage.

This is a great way to look around neighborhoods and check out weather conditions without ever leaving the comforts of your own backyard.


Air Hogs Shadow Launcher RC Car Copter

I love the idea of the Shadow Launcher—it is all about stealth and being mysterious.

Camouflaged in deep greens and blending yellows, the RC helicopter doubles as an RC car.

The control switches off between the car and the chopper, as the copter is hidden within the car’s interior. When drivers get to their designated locations, they release a button to deploy the chopper, sending it soaring in covert style over the treetops.

When your high-flying fun is finished, simply stow away the copter inside the car again.


The Three Best RC Cars with the Coolest Themes in 2015

Image credit:  Toy RC Cars @ Amazon
2015 is a great time to be a youngster! There are an over-abundance of super-awesome toys, such as remote control cars that have come out for kids in the past few years.

These remote-controlled vehicles are fun for all ages, but some do boast an age-specific design that allows toddlers to get in on the motorized action. There are even RC cars for adults—but I digress.

This handpicked list of three among the best RC cars for kids combines the fun of a classic remote-controlled contraption with the skills learned from playing with such a cool toy, such as coordination, fine motor skills, and concentration. One of the following three even teaches sharing since two racers can play at once.

Without further ado, here they are:


Maisto Rock Crawler RC Vehicle

The Rock Crawler gives a whole new meaning to the term MONSTER truck.

This remote-controlled must-have is a ferocious all-terrain vehicle with thick, rugged tires, complete with traction-friendly tread.

The traditional truck core makes for a fierce appearance that little boys will love, and the front and rear suspensions are awesome for both low gearing and off-roading fun.

I love how the Rock Crawler is decked out in contrasting neon greens and sleek black.


Little Tikes Tire Twister

Using a traditional remote control for ultimate steering power, the Tire Twister is situated inside a smooth-rolling tire that spins and spins and spins while the car spins. This makes for a super-cool effect!

Kiddos can move the car to other surfaces for classic racing. Or, they can leave the car inside the tire for hours of rocking and rolling fun.

The remote control is simple with chunkier, easier to press buttons—great for toddlers.


Kid Galaxy Bump ‘n Chuck RC Cars

Bumper cars are the best! I remember going to amusement parks with my little sister, where we would chase each other around with bumper cars. Of course, we giggled the whole time!

For kiddos who have yet to experience the fun and laughter of real-working bumper cars, these remote controlled, scaled-down versions are just as awesome.

Great for both indoors and outdoors, these bumper cars require strategy and quick reflexes.

Players are pitted against each other as opponents. To win, one opponent has to chuck the other from their car with a fierce BUMP that knocks the driver out of their seat.


Three Top-Notch Train Sets for Kids This Year

Best Kids' Train Sets for Christmas 2015 and into 2016

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For me, the best children's train sets are those that make lasting childhood memories. 

Some of my fondest memories focused on playing trains with my dad. Or, walking down to the train tracks near our home to watch the real trains go by when the sun was setting. Those were the best times ever! Not only because trains are awesome, but because I got to spend quality bonding time with my dad—therefore, I associate train sets with love and family. 

The following three are my own top picks among the best train sets for kids because they allow multiple people to play together at once. 

These are the ultimate toys for bonding and spending time together as a family.


This set is a combination of classic train station and cool learning toy—perfect for little train lovers. Since this is a VTech Go! Go! gizmo, you can expect smart sensors and intelligent technology that makes learning easier for toddlers. 

There are actually Smart Stops throughout the track where kiddos can learn about counting, colors, and shapes. These pinpoints are interactive, and the track is customizable in ways that allow kids to use their creativity and imagination to enhance and personalize their fun and learning experience. 


KidKraft is AH-MAZING—no doubt. 

This train set comes with a play table for easier customization of the tracks, trains, and surrounding environment. The tabletop has heaps of room for playing and is big enough for multiple people to play at once—perfect for family bonding. 

The components are constructed from solid wood, giving both the station and table a long-lasting edge to combat the usual wear and tear that comes from lots of play time. 

Plus, there are three storage bins for organization of trains, tracks, and other accessories. 


Melissa and Doug have always been favorites of mine and their train set is no exception. 

This beautifully constructed railway is designed to be long-lasting for years of play time, and perhaps even a generational hand-me-down. 

It would be so cool if kids could give this train station to their kids—and so on. 

Anyways, as one of the most loved toys of the year, this wooden railway comes with plenty of fun accessories, including a customizable track, railway must-haves (signs and such), and a long, colorful train.


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3 LEGO Sets for 2015-2016 That Little Girls Will Love

2015-2016's Best Girls' LEGO Sets

It can be challenging to pinpoint which might be the best LEGO sets to pick for girls because every little lady is different with different hobbies, different interests, and different ways of playing.

So, based on parent and kid reviews, I have handpicked a few great sets that can be considered SOME of the best. While there are certainly thousands of other LEGO sets out there that could be considered equal in coolness to the following three, these are the ones that were most liked and well-received by parents and little girls alike.

From adventurous, to pop-star fabulous, and fantastical, these three among the best LEGO sets for girls are ones that I am predicting the young ladies will love.


LEGO Elves – The Elves’ Treetop Hideaway (41075)

Elves are a new concept for LEGO and this one is anticipated to make quite a splash during Christmas 2015.

I have seen the television series a handful of times on Netflix and it is awesome based on the few episodes that have been released.

Think of this set as an Elves introduction.

These adorable creatures are bustling about their Treetop Hideaway, complete with wisteria, vines, and beautiful forest-themed furnishings.

There are secret passages, hidden doorways, and mystical findings galore.


LEGO Classic Medium Creative Brick Box (10696)

One of the traits I absolutely adore about kids is their imaginations. Little ladies and gents have a knack for making something amazing out of nothing at all and the Creative Brick Box proves it.

There are over 450 colorful LEGO bricks, including other building elements, such as wheels, windows, and a mini-figurine here and there.

For kids who need a jog to their imaginations, the Brick Box comes with an inspirational booklet, showcasing past designs that kiddos can use to get new ideas for their own awesome creations. There are even a few how-to design ideas for building LEGO cars, houses, monsters, and animals.


LEGO Friends Vet Clinic (41085)

This one is an instant classic from the LEGO Friends collection. Featuring Mia as the beautiful caretaker of all the LEGO animals—this set is a miniature Vet Clinic, complete with all of the necessities for veterinarian care.

While there are only a dog and cat with this set, kiddos can use other LEGO animals from different sets to fill up Mia’s clientele list. This is the perfect gift for little animal lovers, vets-to-be, and anyone who simply adores a great LEGO playset.


Three of the Best LEGO Sets for Boys in 2015

2015 and into 2016 -- Best Boys' LEGO Sets

Just the phrase—best LEGO sets—is enough to send most parents reeling because there are literally hundreds, maybe even thousands of them that could fall into this category.

Who decides which sets are the "best" anyways? In this case, that would be me, but I merely handpicked three sets that I would consider must-haves for little gents who might have a plethora of interests and hobbies.

The following, while awesome, can be paired with any other set to create a SUPER-awesome playtime for little boys who simply love building cool stuff. These are just three of the best of the best LEGO sets for boys, but rest assured, there are dozens more out there that you could get an idea for when it comes to finding LEGO perfection for your youngster.


LEGO Scooby-Doo the Mystery Machine (75902)

Scooby Doo has been around for decades, so it comes as no surprise that this awesome Dane and his Mystery Inc. gang continue to gather new generations of great fans on a regular basis.

This new LEGO must-have proves that Scooby Doo and his mysterious adventures are still alive and well.

There are a few major elements to this set of 301 building bricks, including the Mystery Machine and a spooky tree with a hidden gemstone.

Of course, Fred, Shaggy, and Scooby are included, as is a creepy Zombie.


LEGO City Deep Sea Submarine (60092)

I associate LEGO sets with imagination and creativity.

There is something magical about building something from nothing, then using your imagination to give it life.

This set is a deep sea diving adventure that starts with 274 building bricks for a moving submarine.

Other accessories include a treasure chest, whale bones, and heaps of gemstones—plus three mini-figurines.


LEGO Classic Medium Creative Brick Box (10969)

Sure, the new LEGO sets are awesome, but there will always be the classics.

The Brick Box is a creative play on a true classic with over 450 building bricks in a plethora of rainbow colors.

This box is nothing but the bricks and a few other building elements, such as little windows, doors, wheels, and a miniature figurine or two.

The great thing about this building set is how helpful and inspiring it is. If a kiddo is lacking an idea of what to create, the inspirational instructions booklet gives them a proverbial leg-up on deciding what to make.


The Coolest Bikes for Toddlers This Year

2015-2016's Coolest Bikes for Toddler Boys and Girls

I have heard a few parents wonder out loud why someone would get their toddler a bike. After all, most toddlers are still learning how to walk and run well—so why give them something they have to use more coordination to operate?

Well, in my humble opinion, toddlers (and kids in general) are more capable in their abilities than we give them credit for.

Most toddler bikes are actually balance bikes that help build a sense of self-confidence and independence, while helping youngsters learn how to balance, coordinate, and maneuver.

With this in mind, there is definitely a coolness factor when it comes to the best bikes for toddlers. The following three bikes make the grade of being THE coolest for toddlers this year.


Strider 12 Sport No-Pedal Balance Bike

Balance and coordination are two of the most essential elements of bike riding. This bike is balance specific, featuring no pedals and a sleek, streamlined design that teaches toddlers how to use their weight to counterbalance the weight of the bike.

Essentially, it teaches them the must-have skills for riding and balancing on a real bike—sans training wheels.

The no-topple wheels are extra-stable and wider for better support, while the kick-off method gets kiddos rolling at their own pace.


YBike Balance Bike

For better balance and fine motor skills, this balance bike is the epitome of a good choice for toddlers. It has a unique design that mimics a classic ride-on—only the front tire is much bigger and the back tires are hidden beneath the seat.

Toddlers can sit and kick-off to get themselves moving—all while learning how to balance and coordinate their movements from a low-sitting, kid-safe position.

Available in tons of cool colors, too!


Huffy Disney Frozen Bike

Frozen was the epitome of Disney movies in 2014, spawning tons of memorabilia, such as this awesome Frozen bicycle.

The decals are gorgeous in sparkling blues and purples with shimmering snowflakes and depictions of Anna, Elsa, and Olaf. The bicycle itself is constructed from an all-steel frame for strength and durability, meaning it will last longer with tons of TLC.

Whereas the other bikes on this list are mainly used for balance and coordination, this one uses traditional training wheels to get toddlers rolling on the path to becoming a bike-riding pro.

Some of the cool accessories include an adjustable seat, Frozen-themed messenger bag, and gleaming handlebar streamers.


The Best Bikes for Improving Balance and Coordination

2015-2016 Best Balancing Bikes for Little Kids

Secret-telling time… I never learned how to ride a bike. Gasp! I was always afraid of falling. My childhood home had a gravel driveway, which would tear my knees to shreds when I tried riding a bike (and failed)—but instead of getting up, dusting off, and retrying…I quit.

Sad, I know.

However, it is for this reason that I totally encourage kiddos to snag a balance bike to improve their balance, coordination, and confidence before advancing to a bigger, more traditional bicycle.

The following three bikes are some of the best bikes for kids who want to learn how to balance, while gaining a stronger sense of self, before attempting to ride a classic bike.


Strider 12 Sport No-Pedal Balance Bike

Balance bikes are the new cool.

This one mimics the look and feel of a sports bike, meaning tougher tire treads, an adjustable seat, and foam grip handlebars with a cool number-one center sticker.

The smooth-rolling wheels are a little wider than usual, giving kids the chance to move fast without toppling over.

Of course, the brakes are their feet, and there are no pedals—perfect for practicing great balance and coordination.


Radio Flyer Glide and Go Balance Bike

Radio Flyer has been in the bike and wagons game for quite some time, but their new balance bike is one of the most top-notch gadgets that they have come up with thus far.

There are, of course, no pedals, and kiddos move forward by kicking off with their feet. They can adjust the seat and the handlebars to their liking, then get comfortable for a smooth-rolling ride at their own pace.

The all-terrain wheels have a rough-and-tumble tread on extra-wide, traction-friendly tires for a smoother glide-and-go experience.


Schwinn 12 Inch Balance Bike

Awesome in pink, green, red, or blue—this balance bike might be pedal-free, but all of the other elements of a traditional bicycle are present and accounted for.

The tires are classic and air-filled with smooth treads for easier, smoother rolling traction on flat terrain. Think sidewalks and garage pavement. The frame is comprised of strong steel for long-lasting durability—perhaps a bike that can be passed down from one generation to the next.

Over time, this balance bike will help kiddos improve upon their balance and coordination. When they are ready, youngsters can advance to a classic bicycle—maybe a Schwinn with the same features but with pedals.


Edited 18 November, 2015 - Adding this video below - more of a look at bikes for kiddos for 2015 and into 2016: