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Three Top-Notch Train Sets for Kids This Year

Best Kids' Train Sets for Christmas 2015 and into 2016

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For me, the best children's train sets are those that make lasting childhood memories. 

Some of my fondest memories focused on playing trains with my dad. Or, walking down to the train tracks near our home to watch the real trains go by when the sun was setting. Those were the best times ever! Not only because trains are awesome, but because I got to spend quality bonding time with my dad—therefore, I associate train sets with love and family. 

The following three are my own top picks among the best train sets for kids because they allow multiple people to play together at once. 

These are the ultimate toys for bonding and spending time together as a family.


This set is a combination of classic train station and cool learning toy—perfect for little train lovers. Since this is a VTech Go! Go! gizmo, you can expect smart sensors and intelligent technology that makes learning easier for toddlers. 

There are actually Smart Stops throughout the track where kiddos can learn about counting, colors, and shapes. These pinpoints are interactive, and the track is customizable in ways that allow kids to use their creativity and imagination to enhance and personalize their fun and learning experience. 


KidKraft is AH-MAZING—no doubt. 

This train set comes with a play table for easier customization of the tracks, trains, and surrounding environment. The tabletop has heaps of room for playing and is big enough for multiple people to play at once—perfect for family bonding. 

The components are constructed from solid wood, giving both the station and table a long-lasting edge to combat the usual wear and tear that comes from lots of play time. 

Plus, there are three storage bins for organization of trains, tracks, and other accessories. 


Melissa and Doug have always been favorites of mine and their train set is no exception. 

This beautifully constructed railway is designed to be long-lasting for years of play time, and perhaps even a generational hand-me-down. 

It would be so cool if kids could give this train station to their kids—and so on. 

Anyways, as one of the most loved toys of the year, this wooden railway comes with plenty of fun accessories, including a customizable track, railway must-haves (signs and such), and a long, colorful train.


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